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Word of the Lord to BHF Family

To the brave soldiers – You who are fighting a good fight of faith enduring to the end; you who are earnestly praying and evangelizing: “Be strong and courageous! Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!” On August 7, 2014 - The Lord came and shared with me “Good will not begin to describe the things that I wish to bring to my children in this ministry.  Glory to glory! Not from good to good. Glory to glory!”

The flyer that introduces people to the Real Jesus is reaching to the end of the earth. The good news is being spread and people are being saved in many places! Even some governments have contacted our ministry talking about this flyer which they keep finding in different places! Well done, brave soldiers! Thank you for spreading the Good News, keep up the good work till every soul hear this Good News! Thank you for reaching out for Jesus!

The Lord had also had a word to say regarding those who stood up to oppose His work, visitations, slander on internet or in person. Remember, the devil is a liar and the father of lies! Do not let your ears hear anyone who say negative things about other people’s walk with Jesus – Do not let anyone counsel you from not following our teachings that have touched you to the core! Do not let anyone cause you to doubt what God is doing in our midst – even if they are from the fire ministry, do not listen to them! God is not the author of doubts or confusion. Have you ever wondered, ‘Why would so many people come against a small church? Why are they picking on the little guy?’ Jesus said that people will realize the truth of this ministry. He added, “I turn around satan’s work and I use  it for My glory”. Actually, we have two walking testimonies of  those who came to our ministry after reading / hearing the negative! They have become faithful members of the church because they have encountered the Real Jesus in our midst and they have received what they have only been dreaming of! (John 4:42!). When you see a church / ministry being attacked, it might be as well the one that the Lord is pleased with! The first century church was no exception  “For concerning this sect, it is known to us that it is spoken against everywhere.” Acts 28:22

The Lord told me “Send out this to my people; remind the people in this ministry, far and near, north, south, east and west online in your ministry.  Tell them to proclaim the love of God.  Tell them that no matter what people say, that God was mocked by the religious leaders.  Tell them that I was told to leave the temple.  Tell them that I was told that I was a drunkard and glutton, that they did not realize I was the son of God!  Tell them that no matter how many people mock you, it does not matter, because when you stand on the truth, the ground will shake, everything will fall around you, the mountains will crumble, but you will stand strong, because you stand with Me.  Tell them to proclaim it from the rooftops of their love for Me.  That’s the only thing that matters.

How many other churches have government from foreign countries contacting them? People may mock, but people get saved.  At least people are reading about Me.  Even when reading about the negative, they still have to find out what the negative is about. I turn around satan’s work and I use  it for My glory”

God's Words to You Who Are Being Tested and Tried

Jesus wants you to smile, to laugh and to rejoice regardless of what you are going through! The joy of the Lord shall be your strength! He said, “Remember that your foundation is not the shifting cement.  Your feet are planted on the mountains, on the rock of Me, of God, of My Father, of generations who have gone before you, of fire that does run through the veins of My church, of My body.  That is what fuels you.  The joy that has kept my shoulders from slumping, the joy that even I paid on the cross! My heart smiled because I knew I was going to be alright.  I knew I will rise again. It was great! It is great, because I understand.  Remind them that I am a God, who understands every emotion, every tear drop, every testing, I have been through.  The feelings, I know, I can relate.  That’s why I am their strength. I have been through it.  I am their Mentor. I am their Friend, their Father, their Lover, their Brother. I am the One who will pick them up and save them. ‘’ I AM THE I AM’’. I am everything to them, I am everything to you!

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