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Prophecy: What’s Coming to the World 2019-2029

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Prophecy Main Headlines includes Putin – Russia & the Nations of the Earth – Wars – World War III. God’s Judgments upon the world are upon us: Famine, New Pandemics, V^xcines, Nuclear War … The return of the Lord and the establishment of His kingdom upon the earth which is at hand! A call to everyone: Prepare to meet your God now!

Summary of this Prophecy: This is a prophetic word whose timeline spans through 10 years, from 2019 – 2029. Putin is on a mission to destroy the world. He has been raised up for such a time like this to destroy the world. We are in a midst of a war, ahead of us are wars, WWW III, God’s judgements and wrath are upon the world as it was prophesied in the book of Revelation. The judgement that is coming upon the whole world is like nothing the earth has experienced before. But why will a loving God allow Putin to destroy the world? The prophet gives the answer: that it is because of the shedding of lots of blood on earth; excessive injustice; oppressing and torturing the helpless.

Short Bio About the Prophet: His name is Jean Claude Nshimyumukiza. He is a 21 years old Rwandan. He started hearing the voice of God since he was little but like Samuel, he could not understand what that meant. At age 14, the angel of the Lord appeared to him and gave him a Bible. From then on, the angel would come and teach him to read the Bible and to understand it. So it happened that everything he read would engrave itself on his mind so that he would never forget it again. Today, Jean Claude was given the grace of God to memorize over half of all the Bible scriptures not by his own effort but it is the gift God gave him. God also built in him his cloak so that when he preaches, he does not wear a clock; but more than a dozen times, he would give the order of the prophecy by the hour, minutes and seconds. For example, while prophesying he might say “Now it is 10:14min 15sec, we will talk such and such prophecy.” Those who are present report that when they look at their watches, the time is accurate as he says. So it is his habit to mention the time more than a dozen time for example in one of his preaching. The young prophet does not have a cell phone so it is hard to get hold of him. He is always on the move going through different places in Rwanda. He seems to be staying out of technology.

His Platform: Trees are his platform. At the moment, God sends him on mission about once a week. God gives him a prophetic word to share and He sends His angel to go with him. The young man follows the angel to the tree God chooses. He is supernaturally skilled in climbing the trees that this prophecy you will read herebelow, was given from 8 to 10 meters high into the tree. For this reason, it is hard to catch everything he says because below is a crowd of people who are responding to the message. Many people are saved and healed.

Protection: Heaven protects him. Like the 2 witnesses, anyone who comes to harm him is dealt with by God. The young prophet says that however, he has been imprisoned multiple times inside Rwanda. He has been stoned numerous times and there are always warfare against him but He keeps going because heaven goes with him. He walks with God like Moses walked with God.


Prophecy Given in Rwanda by Jean Claude Nshyimyumukiza Muyumbo, Rwanda - Beginning of May 2022


People run after time, but times moves faster. God gives time. But even with the time God gives to people, they are not paying attention, they waste time. “Thus says the LORD, In a favorable time I have answered You, And in a day of salvation I have helped You; And I will keep You and give You for a covenant of the people, To restore the land, to make them inherit the desolate heritages; Saying to those who are bound, ‘Go forth,’ To those who are in darkness, ‘Show yourselves.’ Along the roads they will feed, And their pasture will be on all bare heights. “They will not hunger or thirst, Nor will the scorching heat or sun strike them down; For He who has compassion on them will lead them And will guide them to springs of water.” Isaiah 49:8-10

God wants people to give value to the time He gives them. People should use this time to know God. This word shows us that God’s good news is being shared to many people but there are people who disapprove the word of God. A time is coming, when people will want to buy salvation, though they give a million dollar, they won’t be able to buy this salvation nor find this salvation which they have rejected. The good news is being proclaimed to the whole world today.

Awake, awake, Clothe yourself in your strength, O Zion; Clothe yourself in your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city; For the uncircumcised and the unclean Will no longer come into you.

Shake yourself from the dust, rise up, O captive Jerusalem; Loose yourself from the chains around your neck, O captive daughter of Zion. How lovely on the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news, Who announces peace And brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” (Isaiah 52:1-2; 7) Today the good news is being proclaimed to you. This good news should heal many wounds. The wounds that people have, are the wounds caused by sin but they do not seem to hurt as much as physical wounds – God has answers to all problems and questions we have in our hearts. But people think God does not have the answer and they think that they should find the answer on their own. People cause problems. The answer comes from God and God has answers to all those who obey Him. Today the good news is being proclaimed to you and it is getting closer to the end times as it is written by former prophets. Today, let us choose to do the will of God. Today, let us choose to obey God.

REGARDING PROPHECY The time is coming to an end for prophets who prophecy about money and prosperity, having money and lots of money. Those who prophesy telling people that they will immigrate to USA, beautiful places; own lots of money and beautiful cars... The time has come when prophets who prophesy thus, it will just end in talks. True prophets will not just prophecy peace… peace. Yes, peace is real and peace comes from God; but peace comes only when people obey God. A bruised reed He will not break And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish; He will faithfully bring forth justice.

“He will not be disheartened or crushed Until He has established justice in the earth; And the coast lands will wait expectantly for His law.” (Isaiah 42:3-4)

It is to hear and to obey the Word of God. Those who hear and obey will be blessed, however their blessings will come when they were expecting it the least.

Say it now, the earth is coming to an end. The time has come when the Kingdom of God comes and only God alone will rule.



An inflation out of control is taking place in the world today. Prices are hiking and will continue hike more and more. In Rwanda right now, rice which sells at 2,850RWF/kg will soon be selling 7,500-8,000RWF/kg. Where sugar sells for 3,500 per kg, it will soon sell for 9,500 to 10,000/kg. This famine will affect the whole Africa.

October 2019: A command was issued, “Famine is coming to Africa from October 2019 to December 2029.” This famine will kill 25 million of Africans.

Africans will receive some help from European nations even though Europe herself will also have shortage of food and going through a severe war which was already started by Putin.

As it was said, 25,000,000 people will die from the famine in Africa. This number must be reached. When the number has been reached, the famine will end. When that number is about to be reached, the price of food will begin to lower down for example in Rwanda, gradually by 1,000RWF/kg.


There shall be new pandemics which will be severer than COVID 19. No v^xcines will work to stop them, even those who v^xcinate will die so that people learn to not trust in chariots and horses but in the power of God because God alone is powerful enough.

June 1, 2022: Earlier, I was shown about a pandemic in Rwanda, the one detected also in South Africa even in other countries like China and USA. In Rwanda, by the month of June, it will be discovered and they will wonder why it is happening because not many people were congregating. This will trigger new lockdowns. This new pandemic will be contracted within 3 hours, then within 36 hours, the pandemic would have already killed the victim. Even those who v^xcinate will die from it so that people learn to not trust in chariots and horses but in the power of God.

July 2022: New lockdowns will be implemented in Rwanda. They will start locking down people for 6 months. Churches will be closed again. You will see this.

CHOLERA AND DYSENTERY WILL BE REVIVED: These diseases that we have not heard in a long time will have a comeback. Cholera and dysentery will kill people again. People will no longer die of diabetes because of too much sugar nor die because of some sicknesses which are caused by consuming too much salt – the new pandemics will be the ones ravaging among people and causing death. Various cancers will be diagnosed in other ways that have not yet been mentioned.

NEW AIDS: There shall be a new AIDS plague that will kill many. In Rwanda alone, 750-800 people will have already contracted it by December 2022.

This plague will be more deadly than regular AIDS. It will kill people within 24 hours.

- Same sex partners will be affected by this disease. Homosexuals and the lesbians will contract this new AIDS.

- People will lose their male and female genitals.

- Two partners will go sleep together, in the morning, instead of people waking up, you will just hear that they only saw dead bodies. There will be wailing and mourning everywhere.

- Remember the law that said there won’t be a cure or v^xcine against these new pandemics.

01/01/2022: A command was issued about a new pandemic. It is a severe pandemic. It has no cure and no v^xcine against it.

2025 LAST PANDEMIC: There shall be a last pandemic in 2025 - It is a pandemic that will kill so many people. This pandemic will kill 5 million people/ week, worldwide. In Rwanda alone, this pandemic will kill 10,000 people /day.

  • New Strategy

In May 2022 – God is implementing new strategy for Rwanda and the world in a great measure.

  • Death of a Dear Son

May 1, 2020: The prophet was shown that there is a man in whom God takes great delight. He delights in him very much. He passes away for political reasons. This is none other than John Pombe Magufuli (the former president of Tanzania).

God shakes hands with him as He says, “Come into the bosom of Abraham and rest for a little while and enjoy the pleasures thereof. Leave behind those who plotted against you and watch while I pour out my great wrath upon them, to the degree that they will desire to die your death and they would not find it. ” The prophet continues, “they got rid of him for political reasons because He puts God first. This dear son is the one who was called to set a good example for earth and to be a role model for many leaders.”

The prophecy of his passing away was fulfilled on March 17, 2021.

At the time when this prophecy is released, Wikipedia says this about president Magufuli, “Contrary to leaders elsewhere in the world, Magufuli ordered COVID-19 testing to stop and resisted calls to implement public health measures during the COVID-19 pandemic in Tanzania. He also expressed distrust of American- and European-developed v^xcines, preferring to rely on faith to protect his nation. Magufuli's approach has been characterized as COVID-19 denialism.”

After Magufuli went beyond to the other side, there followed radical measures to mandate the COVID19 v^xcines.

The word of God is holy! Let everyone show reverence to the word of God. It is an authentic word that tells the truth to everyone and it is the duty of everyone to recognize its value and worthiness.

  • V^xcines

Regarding v^xcines, according to the law, the African country with highest COVID-19 cases was Uganda; next was Rwanda [these are not the official numbers you will see but it is according to what God has shown the young prophet]. But I see that now Rwanda moves to be the number one country with highest COVID cases and even other new pandemics. But why these highest numbers? This is because they say, “the law is the law, v^xcines are mandatory. Whether you like it or not, we will give you the v^xcine. They have made it mandatory.” The following African countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi will be among the nations of the world who will have fewer people who will die from the pandemics because these countries though are for v^xcination but they do not force people to take the v^xcines like others. Those countries give equal rights to everyone whether v^xcinated or not v^xcinated. The young prophet prays to God who is holy… Then he talks about the Gideon army – He says that in the end times, few will be walking that way of righteousness.

  • World War III

June 1, 2022: The prophet says, “Let the whole earth hear and feel the power from heaven. So that people prepare, so that people know that the end is about to come. It is near.”

January 1, 2019: On this day, an order from heaven was issued that all the wars in the world will cease for a brief moment. Let the people be given time to prepare because the end they heard about is coming speedily. The end is near. Let the war cease in Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan … September 9, 21 – May 1, 2022: It has been decided by heaven that during this time, there is a war which is the beginning of all wars to come upon the earth. This war is a severe war.

Let us remember 1915 when there was World War I and 1945 when there was World War II.

  • 2022: There shall be a third world war

When the command was shown and discussed, it was proven that the earth will be destroyed. Let us remember that earth was destroyed before by the flood but, if necessary, the means to destroy the earth this time could be by fire, by a destroying nuclear bomb. Now it is humans who will destroy the earth while they were the ones who sought to make it beautiful. The ones who sought to decorate and dress earth beautifully will destroy it to fulfill the word of the Lord. So, with this, I saw that the war ceased in Congo, in Rwanda, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan … in preparation also to start World War 3, which will involve many per-selected nations.

  • World War 3 has been started. It has been started by Putin.

This war will start in Ukraine. The command was issued that Putin will start the war. This is not happening by accident but it is all carefully planned from on high. This will be World War III.

  • Putin and the War

Putin has become igiharamagara (a Kinyarwanda word which means someone who put himself in harm’s way to accomplish his goal even if the people he is fighting with are stronger than himself and even if he could die). Putin is given a mission to start World War III and to destroy the earth.

May 1, 2022 the prophet prophesy, “It has been said that missiles will be shot [here it is not clear whether it is missiles that will be shot to Russia from the coalition nations. It seems like he says that these missiles will be sent to Russia but by the time they reach there, they will be so weak like water falling, they will be neutralized so that when they hit people there, it will feel like an avocado fruit falling from the tree, that may hurt a little but cannot kill them.]

Putin is given a mission to start a war, to destroy the earth. Putin will only die after he has destroyed the earth. Until he has destroyed the earth, Putin will still be around even if it means many more years. Even if nations make a coalition, USA and all the powerful nations, even when they make a coalition to fight against Putin in Russia, they will not win. Putin will succeed because he has a mission from God.

The order which allows this war to happen was adopted, and the reason why God has commanded such judgments (wars, pandemics, hunger) to happen on earth is because mankind have violated God’s laws and done the following

1. They have shed so much blood

2. They have inflicted so much torture on fellow humans

3. Oppressing fellow humans, stepping on them and threatening them to not dare say a word. They confiscate what belongs to others. They oppress the poor.

4. They have chosen injustice over justice. There is so much injustice on earth today

  • Prophecy on May 1, 2022 at 6pm

The prophet says, “The angel of the Lord will soon be shutting down the doors to heaven’s gates. The heavens will be opened again towards the end of 2029 into 2030. There is coming a time when no prayers coming from earth will pass through the heavens.

“Seek the LORD while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.” (Isaiah 55:6)

  • World War III will last 3 ½ years.

September 2025, the angel of light will come down from heaven to see if Putin has done as commissioned by God. The angel will verify it has been done and he will put his seal on it. Soviets and Italians will be the ones to stop WWIII and this will be in September 2025.

The prophets prays and praises God, sound was not very clear but the following translation was given The highest rule of the Highest God is coming God who is mighty and holy… I see that Pharaoh’s chariots and horses are gathering, they are gathering by the sea, they will start to move. Oh, Lord our God, let your people know everlasting peace. Let all creation give you glory.

July 2022: The prophet says, “Pope Francis comes in and involves himself in the war. The government of Rome and Italy will follow in his step and they are the ones who will put an end to this war in September 2025.

  • Earthquakes

USA, Canada and other powerful nations … they will send their missiles into Russia, but heaven will also respond by sending earthquakes. When the earthquakes are felt on earth, then there will follow great signs. During that time

1/3 of earth construction will fall down

¼ of the mountains will also fall down.

When this happens, it will be that one person could stand in Rwanda and see what is in America. Or one stands in Rwanda and call by mouth those who are in Tanzania.

  • Earth’s Wisdom / Earth’s Knowledge will crumble

The wisdom and knowledge of men will then crumble. There is an anti-block which they are going to implant in the minds of people so that a man will not know how to drive a car, airplane or setting up a bomb etc.… Once anti-block has been implemented in the minds of people, they will not even know how to set up a bomb. Technology will be non-existent.

In 2025, wisdom and knowledge and understanding will begin to depart from men. There are plots to seek to reset the human minds, it has already begun through some v^xcines. But God has already set up great plans. When the knowledge of man is being destroyed, it will be that even the sparrow and the ants will have more wisdom than that of mankind. Animals will be wiser than men.

  • Judgment in the Midst of Prophecy

The prophet calls out a man from the crowd of people below and say, “There is a man here, an informant who has come with an evil agenda to hinder this message. He is using dirty politics using his phone by which he makes a phone call. He will die – He needs to ask for forgiveness. The crowd of people below shout, ‘Repent now’ (People shake and tremble, a few weeks before, the prophet had called out again someone who threw rocks at him. The punishment by heaven was death. Within 3 days, the man died and was buried.”

  • The Angel of the Wrath of God

“Hosanna” Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. The one who comes in the name of the Lord will be preceded by the angel of the wrath of God.

The angel of the wrath of God will come to strengthen the army of Putin.

The 6th angel will sound the trumpet and say, “Hosanna,” after Putin finishes to destroy the world.

The 7th angel will also proclaim and say, “It is finished,”

“The seventh angel pour out his bowl of wrath into the air and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne saying, “It is finished.”

The End –

Prophecy translated from Inzozi Zacu TV:

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