Our Face-to-face Encounte​r Testimonies

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In 2013, 12 faithful prayer warriors who met at the church had deep encounters from the Lord that has changed our lives forever. It all began when the youngest prayer warrior in our midst - a teenage at the time who fell deeply in love with Jesus after undergoing through a powerful deliverance in which she was baptized in the Holy Spirit and Fire. Though she was taking summer school, she committed to wake up early in the morning and spend 2 hours with the Lord in prayer before going to school. As even she started attending nightly church corporate prayers, Jesus began to manifested Himself to her, took her to the throne room in heaven, giving her a message for the church and all the members. From then on, Jesus started coming every night in His manifest presence and spoke to the 12 sometimes as a group but mostly one on one. The Lord took us to heaven and hell every night and shared with us great and mighty things. He kindly spoke to us and trained us for a period of over one year.


One of the prayer warriors whose spiritual eyes the Lord had opened received a revelation about angelic activities while the church was praying. She witnessed angels carrying the prayers and praises to the Throne of God and spiritual warfares with demons while the warriors were praying in the Spirit.


Testimony from a Prayer Warrior Who Was Taken to Heaven

"Heaven was the most extraordinary place; it just to my breath away. The streets gleam! When people say that the streets are made out of gold, that doesn’t even begin to describe them; they glisten and sparkle. They are polished to perfection, and they just flicker, flash, and glitter in the light. In the distance, there was a colossal tree; it looked exceptionally strong and strikingly beautiful. As we started walking down the streets of gold, I saw these marvelous mansions. They were made out of dazzling stones and precious metals..."


Testimony from the Place of Eternal Torments

"I could see all sorts of different abuse and torture taking place; so many different people being punished. It was horrible; everywhere I looked there was suffering. Jesus showed me the place where sexual predators, rapists, and sexual abusers of every kind go. The Lord also showed me where Christians who refused to obey Him, and knowingly went; those who went against the will of the Lord. They were bleeding out of their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. They were chained down and were being branded over and over again with the name of their particular sin or sins. It was so horrifying..."


A Message from Jesus to Repent and Give Your Life Fully to Him

"I saw so many people in a crowd, all standing there looking oblivious, sad, hurt, depressed, and mostly hopeless. I saw a huge gate behind which creatures of nightmare shrieked and shook the gates. These demons and monsters were excited to torture and attack the crowd of lost souls. Once you enter hell, there is no way out..."


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