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Taken to Heaven & Vision of End Times

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Taken to Heaven

It was a Monday night and my parents and I had come to church for evening prayer. I was so discouraged of late because everywhere I looked I saw so many lost souls and so much evil in the world. I couldn’t believe how many “Christians” that are on the path to hell, I was heart broken. But, I knew that the more I came to church and prayed the further the Lord would grow me. I knew if I was faithful, He would encourage me. So, for the first half hour of prayer I just pressed in, I prayed with everything I had. I poured out my broken heart before the Lord; I laid out everything at the feet of Jesus, and asked him to take it all. I asked the Lord to give me strength. I pleaded with him to give me discernment so I won’t be deceived. I have been told, over and over again by so many people to protect my gift and to not be deceived. Satan was trying to use those loving warnings against me, he was trying to make it so that I doubted what the Lord had shown me, and I was falling for it.

When my vision began, I was skeptical to say the least. I saw a hand stretched out to me; it was so incredibly beautiful and bright. I was so paralyzed with the fear of having a false vision that I just kept praying in tongues. After about ten minutes, when the vision didn’t go away or change, I asked the Lord for a sign. I asked that if the vision was from Him, to have someone say “follow him”. Immediately after I asked, everyone’s praying increased in volume by a substantial amount. Suddenly there was a voice; it was soft, but strong, and exceedingly rich. It had so much depth and tone to it, as it said “Follow Me”.  There was no doubt in my mind after that. The devil may be the king of lies, but he isn’t capable of giving the awe-inspiring peace and calm that Jesus brings. He can’t impersonate the vast and true beauty of Christ, which is outside the realm of human understanding.

After I heard that, I reached out my hand and took the hand of Jesus. He is so far past being just beautiful; He is so awe-inspiring, so stunning, and so exquisite. Above all, He radiates an implausible light. He is so elevated, and majestic. His shoulders are broad, and his hair is long but only to about his shoulders. His robe is made out of the most extraordinary fabric; it was smoother then silk. And it is so intricately designed, yet is still inconceivably simple and humble. Once I took his hand we were directly taken to heaven. I’m just going to pause and say, Wow, it is so incredible. Heaven was the most extraordinary place; it just to my breath away, literally I stopped breathing for a moment.       The streets gleam! When people say that the streets are made out of gold, that doesn’t even begin to describe them; they glisten and sparkle. They are polished to perfection, and they just flicker, flash, and glitter in the light. In the distance, there was a colossal tree; it looked exceptionally strong, and strikingly beautiful. As we started walking down the streets of gold, I saw these marvelous mansions. They were made out of dazzling stones and precious metals. They were wonderful! By far they were the most incredible structures I have ever seen, nothing on earth can even compare.

Lake of Tears

He then took me to the lake of tears. This wasn’t just a minute pond, it was massive; and it extended out into the far distance. It didn’t even resemble water; it almost looked like a lake that was made out of fire. Yet, it didn’t give off any heat at all and wasn’t red, yellow, or orange. Liquid mercury is the best earthly substance that it even resembles; but it is still more like a swirling and flaming silver fire. It was hauntingly beautiful. I gazed up at Jesus; and though I only saw the outline of His face, you can’t comprehend how beautiful and majestic He is. I then looked down at the sand, and reached out to touch it. It was the softest thing I have ever felt. It was smoother than silk, and when it ran through my fingers it seemed so light that it almost felt like air. I glanced back at Jesus, and He pointed out at the lake and scenes from my life appeared. They were the hardest parts in my life, the moments of hardship, the moments of sadness, the moments when I felt the most alone. Moments when I felt hopeless, moments when I almost gave up, and moments when I just didn’t know how I was going to go on. When I was far from happiness and hope; He showed me how in every moment He was there. He showed me how He intervened and helped me. He showed me how He picked me up and carried me; how I was never alone. He showed me how close I came to giving up, and how He just picked me up and cradled me. How He protected me from so much, how He saved me. It was the most humbling and amazing thing.

You Are Never Alone

I had never realized how much of a presence the Lord had in my life. I felt like I was weeping, so I reached up to dry my eyes. There were no tears, my eyes where totally dry. I was so confused so I looked to Jesus, and before I could even ask Him, He answered my question and said, “My child, there are no tears shed in heaven.”  Wow, just wow, I can’t even wrap my head around that. How is there a place with no tears, a place with no sadness? A place of complete joy and happiness; a place of perfect peace?

All of a sudden we where no longer at the lake of tears, we were in a storage room with thousands of shelves that were stacked full of vases. I had seen vases like these before in a vision; these vases are shaped like tear drops, and are made out of a fantastic crystal. They shimmered and twinkled with the rainbow, almost like the stars do. All of the walls were lined with vase filled shelves, and they reached up into the sky so far that I couldn’t even see a roof.

As I was looking around me in awe, the Lord spoke, “I am showing you this so that you will know that you are never alone. I made you, and I love you more then you could ever know. You are my child, and a father never leaves his children alone, neither shall I. Every tear you cry, I catch and store forever. I know the number of how many tears you have ever shed; I know every story behind you. I know every heartbreak, and every sorrow. I know the number of heart beats that make up your life. I know how many breaths you will breathe, I am here with you through it all. I have never left you alone, and I never will. The world will hurt and betray you, as they did me, but I will never harm you. If you follow me, I will stay with you all the days of your life, because I love you. I know everything, I am there always; you are never alone.”

Jesus took me to see the gardens of heaven. They are so majestic and bursting with life. Never before had I seen such lush plant growth, and never have I seen such green. The colors were so vivid and so bright, it was hard to not just run and roll in the velvet grass. But I stayed next to Jesus, holding His hand and walking side by side with Him. We walked through the most thriving green fields, and we entered an orchard full of unbelievable trees that where heavy laden with fantastic fruits. I reached out to try and touch the fruit, it was peach like, but then I hear His voice, “No. Not yet, it’s not your time yet to partake in the pleasures of heaven.”  We kept walking until we entered a meadow area, and I saw so many children running, laughing, and playing. Then we entered the beginning of the forest; and I saw birds of many different colors that sung the sweetest songs. I saw monkeys swinging in play throughout the canopy. And when we turned around, there was an enormous lion, just sitting there. I wasn’t afraid at all though, so I reached out my hand and touched its soft mane. It didn’t even seem to mind, it almost seemed to like it.

All of a sudden the view changed and I was no longer standing right next to Jesus, I was off to the side lines, watching. Physically I was lying flat on my face at this point, but in the vision I was standing off to the side. I was in the throne room of God, and it was phenomenal. There was no roof; you could see the clouds in the sky, and stars shining in. The floors to the throne room were made out of an incredible crystal, and it shimmered with every beautiful color imaginable. The main light was coming from the figure of Christ sitting on the throne; which was great in size and beauty. He was so vivid; I can’t even describe how brilliant and pure the light was. It was an extensive and vast hall. It was full of souls worshipping, praising, and bowing down to the Father. At the feet of Jesus, below his throne, you can look down and see hell through the floor. You can see people falling into the bottomless pit and the people being horrifically punished in hell.  The people nearest Him, were lying prostate before His feet. The farther away from Christ the people were, the higher they could knee or stand.  In the back there were so many people and angels dancing in pure joy. The sound of the praise! It was tremendous; yet is like nothing you can even imagine. It was so innocent, and so magnificent. Lining the great hall, there are seven angels carrying exquisite trumpets. These angles looked even larger than most, and has a fierceness about them. The whole place was so glorious and divinely perfect.

Then my vision changed dramatically. I was taken to the end times during the last three and a half years of the tribulation. It was horrible. The Christians and anyone who refuses to take the mark of the beast is beheaded. Some have there heads chopped off, some have their heads ripped off by other humans, or demon like creatures. I saw how after the person is beheaded, they take a dull knife, or a dull pointed object, and carve the mark of the beast into the foreheads and hands of the dead. Then they eat the meat of the dead person, and drink their blood. Then they dance on the bones and celebrate, it was so sad. They trample the bodies so much that the bones are crushed into dust.

I saw how there was no clean water on the planet; it was so polluted with dead bodies and blood that it was undrinkable. The streets are riddled with corpses and reek of death, blood, and rot. The air is so polluted with stench, smoke, and chemicals that everyone is sick and dying from it. The people who took the mark aren’t even really human anymore they act like they have no souls, they are more like wild bests and demons. The humans flesh is grey and sickly, and many are covered with welts and wounds that ooze black slim.

Then I saw children being killed in the most horrible ways, being shot, or being beheaded too. There seemed to be so many dead people, and so many demonic creatures.

The worst part of the vision was when I was a man, who didn’t take the mark; he was being eaten alive by some demon creature. The thing had enormous black wings, and blood red eyes. It looked like it had once been human, because it had human like features, but it wasn’t human. It had two incredibly long and not very sharp fangs on the top of its mouth, and the rest of its teeth were almost all gone because they had rotted away. Its hands where deformed and its fingers where molded together and had long claw like nails. It was devouring the mans chest area, and he was still alive, he was reaching out to me, and begging me to help him, and I couldn’t. I begged the Lord to let me help him somehow, but I knew I couldn’t but I still tried to reach out to him. Then the vampire creature looked at me and tried to shove bloodied meat down my throat, it was disgusting. I immediately cried out that I was covered in the blood of Jesus; and it, I think it was female, ran away shrieking. I was able to cough and breath, I knew that the Lord was keeping me safe. Then my view changed and I saw a huge battlefield that was riddled with dead bodies, it had been a battlefield in which a war between believers and the marked had fought. There were millions of birds, and they were picking apart the flesh of the dead. I saw a huge tank like vehicle, driving over the still alive people, and crushing them to death. My view changed again, and I saw a whole village that had been burned to the ground, and I saw bones of humans that demon dogs were fighting each other over, and killing each other and eating them. Then I looked around, and I saw a water wheel that had women’s heads tied to it. The women had been beheaded, and their heads where tied to the water wheel by their hair. I then cried out to the Lord in sorrow and just yelled out in heartbreak. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was just too horrible.

The Path to Heaven and Hell

My vision changed again. I saw the path to heaven and the path to hell. The path to heaven is straight, and extremely narrow, one person barely fits on the path. It is going uphill and has a steep slope, but you can see the gates of heaven in the distance, and angels line the sides of the path. These angels are cheering you on, praying for you, and watching over you. The path is bright and well lit. If you look in the soil on the path in front of you, there are many sets of footprints; they are the footprints of the believers who went before you. The path of hell is completely opposite. It is dark and has many turns. The path to hell is wide, and there are many people on it. Most of the people on the path to hell, aren’t even walking, they are crawling because the burdens of their sin is just too heavy. Most of the people don’t even know where they are going, because you can’t see that the path ends at hell. This path is going down hill and is incredibly large.

What really broke my heart, and made me weep even harder then I had in my whole life, was that Jesus was walking on the path to hell. He was walking and trying to get the attention of the souls who are going to hell, but very few even saw him because they had literal scales over their eyes and they were blinded. But, there were some who reached out for him, but they couldn’t touch him. There was an invisible wall between them and Jesus, and even as hard as they tried to touch him, they couldn’t. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t touch him, so I asked the Lord “Father, why can’t they touch you? Why can’t you reach out to them, I see them reaching out to you. What is stopping them from being rescued by you?”  And Jesus answered me, “They cannot reach me because they refuse to repent. They are still holding onto the world, and to their sin. They won’t let go of their burdens and just reach out to me wholeheartedly, so I cannot save them. Repentance is the key that unlocks the door that is blocking them from me.”

My vision immediately ended, and I just laid there weeping. I can’t tell you how much it hurts the Lords heart, when He can’t reach out to you, because you refuse to repent. All it takes is letting go of your sin, of giving up the world and turning to Him, and He will pick you up and rescue you. But, so many refuse, and they will burn in hell because of it. I can not explain to you, how horrible life will be for those who are left behind after the rapture. They will die for their faith, and it will be a painful and horrible death. But, the Lord is merciful and He loves us so much. Please, I am begging you, turn and repent to the Lord, for He will forgive you, but you have to repent. No sin is worth holding onto and going to hell for, no earthly temptation and pleasure is so great, that you should abandon Jesus for it. The end is coming soon, very, very soon, time is precious and there is very little of it. Turn and repent, for the time of the Lord is here.

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Delphine Collins
Delphine Collins
Sep 23, 2021

Taken to Heaven & Vision of End Times

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Taken to Heaven It was a Monday night and my parents and I had come to church for evening prayer. I was so discouraged of late because everywhere I looked I saw so many lost souls and so much evil in the world. I couldn’t believe how many “Christians” that are on the path to hell, I was heart broken. But, I knew that the more I came to church and prayed the further the Lord would grow me. I knew if I was faithful, He would encourage me. So, for the first half hour of prayer I just pressed in, I prayed with everything I had. I poured…

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