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USA: Is It Over For This Once-Great Nation?

May 6, 2016

At this hour, Where many are embracing ungodliness,

Siding with satan who will end them, God is asking His righteous children, To boldly stand up for the Truth;

To boldly stand up

and not be ashamed, nor compromise nor be silent!

Children of God,

You were made to shine,

Are you willing to shine even if darkness yells that you shut your mouth?

Are you willing, oh, children of God to proclaim the Truth?

Are you willing to lay down your life to proclaim the Truth,

To proclaim the Love of God?

Are you willing to stand by the One who has confessed you before His Father, “He/She is Mine”

The one who is not ashamed of you, The one who laid it all for you, Are you willing to confess Him boldly and unashamed?

The days ahead will get even harder! Many of us have no clue how worse it will get! But oh, God’s people – be bold, pray harder, love Him more than your own life, Stand up for Him, No matter what!

"Now no one after lighting a lamp covers it over with a container, or puts it under a bed; but he puts it on a lampstand, so that those who come in may see the light.” Luke 8:16

The spiritual condition of this Once Great Nation is reflected in the media,

In their choice, in their lifestyle, in the moral decline etc… To those who love the Lord, this is too tormenting,

But God wants you to remember…

Remember the foundation of this Once Great Nation, It was founded on Me, the rock of the ages! What is born out of persecution is Mine, A seed of God that cannot be destroyed!

Deep deep darkness has covered this land,

Waves after waves of darkness has engulfed this Once Great Nation, Many are those who are trapped in the sea of sin, There is so much storm, so much wind sweeping through this Once Great Nation

New ungodly laws of wickedness have been established, But remember, oh, children of God

That they are all but wind, the storm which will never be able to destroy the Rock Foundation!”

The Lord said,

Let this crush you my children I want crushed hearts

I want broken hearts,

Let this crush you, cry out to Me deeply, more than ever before!

Through these few, who are totally crushed and submitted to Me,

Through these, My righteous ones

I will accomplish my purpose, I will come and inhabit you fully, I will dwell in you fully and I will shine brighter than a million stars,

Darkness no matter how deep, immense, huge - it will flee in split of seconds!

It will happen, I Jehovah God says it will happen,  I have a plan to save many souls It will happen through judgement

The Like of which you have never seen or heard of,

The plagues will be worse, far beyond Egypts’ plagues

I am a God who exercise lovingkindness, mercy but also justice This nation and many have turned their backs on Me... I will judge them severely

I looked and saw that many in this darkness have been blinded by sin,

So many at this hour trapped in the sea of sin,

That it seemed impossible to pull them out

But He comforted and said “Yes, only God will do this miracle!

In what seems to be impossible

Behold He comes,

And He will show that He is greater than anyone and any nation

Deception and confusion have grown in many deep's heart To uproot it from their heart,

It will take such a severer judgement

There will be wailing and deep crying

And none left to bring comfort!

People will be saved without a preached!

My Righteous Beautiful Brides, Stand up! Stand up like Queen Esther Do not be afraid to stand up for the Truth Don't be afraid to be my witness even if it costs your life What better than receiving a crown of life - ETERNITY,

Reserved for those who love me?

At this hour My brides,

Battle by faith Do not go by what you see or hear

Stand up and cheer up Oh righteous ones For God has a plan for USA and all the nations of the earth

And I saw that God was not telling,

He is not telling He is not sharing his secrets,

But you can be sure that God will never lose the battle of human souls!

Received in prayer May 6, 2016

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