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To Pray Like Jesus (Part 7)

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

When you pray, be lost in Jesus and you will lose sense of time

Remember the first time you fell in love! (This is not about homosexual lust – for the Lord does not recognize such relationships nor approves them). It was true love! Saying hi, snatching a few minutes of conversation was not enough, you probably said, “If only I could spend more time with my lover!” Thank God who answers prayer, that day came and you probably went on a date, after which you came home and talked. For some, sleep fled, you did not feel tired and by the time you realized it was 4 am! It was your first time staying up all night long, and you spent it talking! How time passed by so quickly? Why did it seem only like a few hours?

So Jacob served seven years for Rachael and they seemed to him but a few days because of His love for her.” (Genesis 29:20)

Jacob fell in love with Rachel! He agreed to serve Laban for seven years to obtain His prize: Rachel. He did not hesitate to do that because He loved her, in fact Jacob is the one who suggested it. He served seven years but they seemed like a few days! Why? Because His mind was set on His prize, nothing less, nothing more! Rachel was His goal. When you spend time with the one you truly love, and you give yourself fully, time goes by quick!

The problem in our today society is that we have watches, we are so busy, we have our days split in fragments: time slots, hours, minutes etc.…  we love to organize things but though this works well in the world, it does not work well into the spiritual realm where prayer can take you!

Advice 1

It is not just prayer but a meeting with the Lord: As you go to the Lord in prayer, do not make it as if you are going to work where you just punch in your hours and fill some duties and leave. Prayer is not a routine nor something with boundaries to the mundane world where you go through some types of formulas and then say “In Jesus name – Amen!” When you pray, go in with no agendas other than meeting the Lord who is the answer to your every problems and questions. Go in with worship, pray powerfully, do warfare prayer as the Holy Spirit directs you, with the goal to meet the Lord and to be intimate with Him. Be excited like how you were when you went on the first date! Jesus is our first love, when we go to Him in prayer, we are meeting our true love. Who is the person who will want to rush from the presence of the one they truly love?

For this reason, PRAY:

To have a revelation of who Jesus is: “My beloved dearest Jesus, help me to have the revelation of Who You truly are! I pray that You open the eyes of my heart and give me a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of who You truly are! I Pray that you reveal to me what you oh Lord are worth!” People would love to give fortunes just to meet with an earthly king and if granted an audience, they would not want to leave so quickly… how much more should we desire to be with Him, Him who is worth more than all the worlds and universe put together? 

Advice 2

Love Jesus and learn to love Him deeply – i.e. to love Him with all your heart, mind, soul and might. If you are not yet at this level, start by building a personal relationship with Jesus and make it your goal to spend time with Him. Talk to Him inwardly and out loud. Think about Him throughout the day! Make also time to listen to Him because a one-way conversation is not a relationship.  If you are in place where you do not have privacy, you surely can whisper or better, you can show your love towards Him publicly – Jesus does not keep your relationship private! Jesus boast about you (Job 1:8). I remember the day the Lord spoke to my church as a group, He publicly shared my relationship to Him in front of everyone and called it what it really was. I buried my face into my hands, because I could not believe He would do that. He was straight about it and later He told me, “our relationship is not a weak thing why would I be ashamed about it?

Have you seen a person who is proud of their spouse or fiancé and are afraid to introduce them for who they truly are?

Jesus desires a strong relationship with you more than you do. The good news is that Jesus told me, “I am an easy person to be around. I am the meekest and easy person to get a long! I am not hard to please…!” Imagine having a friend who will never complain about you, a friend who is never negative, a friend who is so encouraging and pointing you into the right direction in the most-gentle possible way, a friend who deeply loves you and hold you! Have therefore a relationship with Jesus - a personal one! Make it strong! Make it powerful!

Advice 3

Ask yourself…: When you go to prayer, what do you want? What do you want to get out of it? Why do you do it? For this reason, like Rachel was the only prize Jacob desired, Jesus and only Him should be your portion – your only prize. So as I am on my knees, I set Him as MY DESTINY. Have we arrived yet, have I met Him yet, have I felt Him yet – Have I obtained Him yet, did I really hit something, did I feel Him yet? Did I touch His heart yet? Am I in His presence yet …? Until I reach that DESTINY, I aim at keeping going. When you get at your DESTINY, you surely know and you feel a release. When you make Him your DESTINY, time flies by so quick and you won’t relent till you reach that destiny! Hallelujah!

It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God” (Luke 6:12).

In the next article, we will talk about how you lose sense of time by entering into the spiritual realm! Oh, I cannot wait to share that with you. Please drop me a note if you have any questions!

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