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Pastor Urgent: "Open the Church Now - Let My People Pray"

Updated: Jan 18, 2023



There used to be a time when churches were open daily and people held corporate prayers throughout the week. The Lord had Me drive and visit many different churches. To say the least, I was shocked for what I found: Nowadays, the church parking lot is empty most of the day; it is definitely empty at night. Pre-service prayers have dwindled and there is less and less prayer going on in the house of God! Most churches no longer have midweek services – God’s house which is supposed to be the lighthouse in every neighborhood to disperse darkness and gloom, now lays desolate! Bars and night clubs are open and full! I prayed and conversed with the Lord regarding this matter. The Lord spoke to pastors:

“My beloved servants, what are you doing now? Do you not see the darkness that is surrounding your nation? Is it time to close my house or to open it? Do you not see the advancement of secularism and anti-Christ agenda? Where is my Church, where is My body when I need them the most? I came once and died to save you from death and I gave you life, my life. Through my blood, I purchased and established My church and gave her power to perform miracles, signs and wonders! Such miracles, more powerful than the days I walked the earth Myself. It was meant to be a powerful and glorious church, yet today my church lacks power, and it is defiled and desolate!

My beloved children, how can it be my house while you no longer allow it to be a house of prayer? The moment it lacks prayer, you have already kicked Me out of my house which I purchased with my own blood. The house which once was filled with prayers, worship and praise reports lays desolate today! My house was closed without my permission and now it is empty and desolate! My beloved children, why do you close My house? Did I not command you that fire should be kept burning all the days of your life and to never go out?

How can it be my house if it lacks prayer? How can it be my house when my children have no access to it? How can it be my house when my children are denied access?

I want prayer and I want more prayer. Open my house, let my people pray. Open it up now! Resurrect corporate prayers! Restore morning prayers. Restore evening prayers. I said, ‘I want prayer and more prayer’. Where possible, I want daily corporate prayers. I want pre-service prayers! Restore prayer in my house. Restore mid-week services. Restore night vigil prayers and let worship fill my house. Then He sent Me as He said, “Go, tell them to seek Me truly! Tell them to put Me first! Tell them to examine if they are the bride of Christ or not. ‘Return to Me my beloved servants. I love you, I do not hold grudges, I will forgive you, embrace you and not let you go. Turn to Me on bended knee, in repentance as even I myself kneel before My Father in heaven and intercede for the sins of the world’. Tell them to return to Me. Tell them to cry out to Me and to pray harder. Tell them to not be ashamed to cry before their God now before it is too late. Tell them that it is better to fall now before death than to fall before the throne on judgment day.”

Warn them of the end times, it is upon you! It has already begun! I your king am coming back, very soon! But you have been lazy and tired; that must end now! You must wake up! You must become alive again. Receive my strength, wake up oh my children – Open the door and let my people pray!”

By Your Fellow Servant

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