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To Pray Like Jesus (Part 2)

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

To Pray Like Jesus: Part 2 of 12

By Abba’s Smile One of the 12

"Come my child, let us connect together.  Let your heart belong to Me and only Me.  Let your gaze be always on Me, for I long to fellowship with you.  For to spend time with my beloved is my heart's desire. Come to the throne of grace and obtain mercy.  Join Me before My Father, and let us intercede for the whole world.  Let us meet in the secret place, where everything else is shut out, but only you and Me! Come My bride! I long to be with you."

Gratitude to our King

The word of God tells us in Psalm 100: 4 to enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise! Give thanks to Him; bless His name!

As we go through life, we encounter many struggles.  Our days are filled with all kinds of experiences, some good and some not so good, and when we come to God sometimes we tend to just start telling Him about our struggles; 'you know Father it's been a tough today, I was not treated right, this and that...' But the verse above shows us that the best way to enter into His presence is with thanksgiving.  As we come to prayer, it's a time to connect with The Lord, a time to meet with The King. Thanksgiving opens up our hearts to connect with The Lord.  No matter what circumstances you are in, there is a reason to be thankful, and this attitude needs to be constantly expressed through us.  This is pleasing to The Father.

For sure there are enough things to thank Him for, even if sometimes our day seem as though going through hell, praise His holy name for providing us time to spend with Him.  Oh! Heavenly Father, glory be to your name!

Jesus taught his disciples how to pray in the following scriptures;

Mathew 6: 9-13 9 Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. 10 Your kingdom come,      your will be done,     on earth as it is in heaven. 11 Give us this day our daily bread, 12 and forgive us our debts,     as we also have forgiven our debtors. 13 And lead us not into temptation,        but deliver us from evil.

Cleanness of the Heart

Sin separates us from God. To connect better with God and in order to be able to hear Him without mixtures, one must repent with their whole hearts as they come into His presence.  And also remember in Mathew 5: 24 the Bible tells us that The Lord will not receive our offering before we reconcile to our brother.   You can see how important it is to come to The Lord with a broken and contrite spirit. Repentance that excuses our sins is not acceptable to The Lord.  As we repent, we should examine our hearts to get rid off all our unforgivenesses. One time in a face to face encounter, The Lord was teaching me about forgiveness and He said: "-it is when you love without condition, when you keep no record of wrongs, when you have no anger.  Forgiveness is being selfless with love.  It is being giving. It is not withholding kindness.  It is always opening your arms even if someone stubbed you, even when they have whipped you 39 times.  When they nailed you to a cross.  Forgiveness is  loving no matter what.  Always having, always willing to take them back, always having a heart that holds no grudges."

Your Kingdom Come

As we pull our hearts to God in prayer, we must have a kingdom focused attitude.  As it is in heaven, let it be as I pray my Lord.  You know they do not slumber as they pray up there.  They are spirit being.  Our goal is for our prayers to reach heaven.  Every stumbling block must get out of the way.  Every distraction must be shut out.  On earth as it is in heaven.  Contend for His kingdom to come as you pray.  In heaven, the saint behold His glory, angels are everywhere, praises fill the atmosphere and much more.... On earth as it is in heaven.  Let this be your goal as you tap into His presence.  This may take a while in the beginning, but as we press in into His presence, our flesh have to die, and our spirit must rise up.  A focused mind is a must.  We must fight to focus.  Make no mistake, the devil doesn't want us to pray.  Why? As we engage heaven his plans are foiled, those he has kept captive are being set free from all over the world, chains are broken of the people, burdens are lifted off.  So you can see there will be a fight to keep us from praying.  We have to make sure to prepare ourselves before prayer, so that this time is totally set apart for God. That is why in verse 13 we ask God to deliver us from all evil, to not lead us into temptation. We can do all things through Jesus who gives us strength.  Hallelujah!

Your Will be Done

Prayers that moves mountains, are those in the will of God.  That's why it is important to pray in tongues because the spirit of God intercedes for us.  He knows the secret of the kingdom.  Once you are focused and in tune with The Lord, situations will start to come into your mind that you did not initiate, God may start to put people on your heart, at that time then you can pray as God directs you.  It is important to really get this, because prayers outside the will of God, they don't accomplish much at all.  I have seen God answers prayers in minutes if not in seconds! But one thing for sure, those were prayers done according to His perfect will.

One time as we sat down with The Lord, having a family time, one of us asked him: Abba last night I awoke in the middle of the night I was having a hard time going back to sleep. Why is that? Abba responded: "it is because I need you to intercede at that time.  When I awake you, Pray until you fall asleep. Until the burden is lifted off."

There are times He will awake you in the middle of the night.  When this happens, respond to His call and wake up to pray because He needs you.  Most of the time we just want to go back and close our eyes.  Oh! it is 2 AM my Lord, I have set my alarm to wake up at 4:30 AM, I still have more than 2 hours left! What we don't know is that He needs us right at that moment, and the anointing to pray is right there at that time. This happens to me, and when I ignore His call and keep sleeping, then even when I wake up later, I find that I missed my set time to pray, and my prayers don't go well. We have to be a people determined to do His will at all times.  Serving Him requires to kill our flesh, and just say no to our will, but let His be done.  Let us be a people ready to say: YES SIR! any time, no matter what!

Beloved saints, I encourage you to connect with God trough prayer.  Do not hold yourselves, but put all you have into it. Pray, and pray hard.  As His will is being done through your supplications, remember that He will meet all your needs.  He will provide you your daily bread.  He is such a great Father! So loving, words can not express! Mathew 6:33 tells us to seek first His  kingdom and all His righteousness, then all these things will be added unto us.

My brothers and sisters, do not glow weary, for the end is glorious! For His, is the kingdom, and the glory forever and ever!!! Build up your spiritual muscles.  Let us desire to grow in His likeness day after day, for we are a people who will rule and reign with Him! Shine for Him now, and let nothing stop you. 

Smile and Be Happy :)

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