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Rosh Hashanah Story: From A Broken Heart To A Priestly Love

Rosh Hashanah: Jesus Wedding Day

On Tuesday September 3rd 2013, Jesus came to me and when I asked Him of what He thought about Rosh Hashana He said “Rosh Hashana is My Wedding Day”. That day we snatched a few moments intimate conversation and the Lord said to me “You cannot comprehend how much love I have for you.” As we talked, my heart burned with love for Him. The Lord had stirred my heart to love Him deeply. I asked if the love I felt towards Him was the same He felt for me. The Lords said, “what you feel, that’s not even a fraction of the love I have for you. There is so much love, so much that your mind cannot comprehend at the moment, love that is bigger than the universe.” The Lord stirred our hearts to love Him and planted us on “First Love” foundation. He revealed things that we never knew before and I am aware that many people will have difficult to understand this article. The Lord took us to another level of intimacy and even He proposed to us as a bride to marry Him. Here is one bride story.

From a broken heart to a priestly love story….

June of 2013: I had just gotten out of a relationship with a boy who I thought I loved, one whom I had given my heart to. The pain seemed unbearable. I cried myself to sleep most nights, asking God to numb the pain. I thought to myself that if He could give me only a few minutes of relief then I would be able to catch my breath. As I would drift off to sleep, I would pray to God asking Him if I could marry the one He had for me.

During this time, our church started to have visitations from the Lord. He would visit our church every night and allow for one on ones with Him for each member. Late one evening He decided to speak to me through the interpretations and spiritual sight of a church member whom the Lord had called as the Lord's interpreter. I went and sat in the Lord's presence. Jesus - My Abba was right there in front of me.

The Lord revealed that I was to get married soon. At first, the interpreter kept grabbing my hand and pointing to my ring finger.  I didn’t know what she meant by it until she said that I was going to get married soon. I thought it meant I would be meeting and marrying my earthly husband soon. I thought that finally someone would be able to numb my pain, heal my broken heart and complete me.

I didn’t realize that the man I needed not only could do these things but He held my heart in His hands. He made my heart, knew my every heartbeat, and could see every shattered piece. I had always dreamed of being a princess who would one day be swept off of her feet by prince charming. He would be kind, have manners, love me for me and provide for me. As the days went by, I held on to this dream hoping that it would numb the sting of the pain.  A few days later I was lying down on the altar having a one on one with Jesus!  His presence alone filled my heart and overwhelmed me . I broke out sobbing as I expressed how much my heart hurt, how much I wanted to be free of the guilt, and the desire to have my earthly husband. I couldn’t take it anymore. Something had to change.  I needed something to make the pain stop.

The Lord Proposes

As the Lord and I talked, He gave me His heart. He took my heart out and replaced my broken heart with His. Yes, He took my own heart away but He was not done yet. A few days had passed and I did not think much was happening until the Lord came to me again and asked if he could talk to me one on one. But this time he said that my wedding was coming up and that I had to prepare for it. He said that he asked my dad (who was part of the members who met the Lord at the church) if He could marry me and of course my dad said yes… No one turns down Jesus’s offer!

By this time, we were nearing the time/ week of Rosh Hashanah and we had much to do. I needed a dress, flowers. I needed to plan a small simple wedding on the outside but spiritually it was the event of the year! I knew that I wanted my wedding to be beautiful but the biggest thing the Lord wanted from me was a clean and spotless bride for Him to marry.

All preparation started in my heart and worked its way out. Though He was involved in the process of getting everything needed for the wedding, I saw that the Lord wasn’t worried about the dress, the food, the ceremony or decorations but that we all, his church was pure and spotless. The Lord had shared with the pastor, “physical appearance does not make a bride beautiful to me. What pleases Me is Love. Someone who loves. What pleases Me most is the simplicity of the beauty of love. Be someone who show mercy, bear my gifts and fruits. Be the tree that I water."

Furthermore the Lord said repentance makes us more beautiful. I had to prepare like Esther. This came with a lot of repenting and asking God to forgive me and to also show me what I need to repent for.  The church held a wedding... a full wedding ceremony for me!

On Rosh Hashanah, 'The King's Wedding Day', Jesus was on the stage right on time – He was beautiful from head to toes. His smile full and expressive… the smile that light up the the sky - beautiful beyond comprehension. When the time came to walk down the aisle, nothing else mattered than being in my Saviors arms, pledging myself , my heart and my love to Him. He pledged back to me in an intimate wedding ceremony. The pain my heart once felt wasn’t there anymore. Nothing compared to the love I felt that day. It not only filled my heart  but it satisfied it, running over , oozing into every inch of my being. No longer did my brokenness matter only that I was in love with the King of Kings. He took my pain, my sorrow, my mistakes and become everything that I ever wanted. He is my prince charming, my happily ever after! I fell in love that day and married my best friend!

Jesus wants to bring you into this intimate relationship

Jesus said that He wants to bring many into this relationship but many don't reach that point because they are satisfied where they are at. During this season, I encourage you to long for the Lord. Thirst for Him. Read together with us and meditate on the book of songs of Solomon - read and meditate on those scriptures several times a day.

On Rosh Hashanah, you are to present your special gifts to the Lord (Leviticus 23:25)

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