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Rosh Hashanah 2021 at Blazing Holy Fire

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Recently at Blazing Holy Fire Ministries, there have been encounters that can only be expressed accurately by those who were there to experience. The power of God has been like a prominent layer in the atmosphere.

Have We Entered the Power of the Age to Come?

To us, REVIVAL or the Great Outpouring / Later Rain has begun. Else, how do you call it when everyone who comes in your midst gives their lives to Jesus. If they are not saved - no matter how hardened, the moment the cross the door of our church they get saved; if they need deliverance no matter how impossible it seems, they are delivered; if they need inner or physical healing, and miracles, they are healed! Stay tuned, in coming days we are going to begin sharing the miracles that are taking place in our midst!

Could it be that we have entered the power of the age to come and the sleeping lukewarm church has no idea? Have we entered the last days' harvest and the church has not noticed but is still singing the old song, "revival is coming" and yet we are in the midst of it?

The Holy Spirit has revealed to us that we are in the midst of the Great Harvest but the sleeping church does not know it yet! Remember, that is how it was with Jesus first coming. It had been prophesied that before the first coming of the Lord, Elijah was going to come first. Mark 9:11-13 says, They asked Him, saying, “Why is it that the scribes say that Elijah must come first?” And He said to them, “Elijah does first come and restore all things. And yet how is it written of the Son of Man that He will suffer many things and be treated with contempt?But I say to you that Elijah has indeed come, and they did to him whatever they wished, just as it is written of him.” During the first coming, the the religious body did not notice the fulfillment of Elijah coming prophecy. Even now, the lukewarm church does not know that we are in the midst of a great harvest, that the prophecy is being fulfilled. The church needs to wake up and through prayer receive the power to walk in miracles, signs and wonders. The awakened church is right now experiencing and walking in THE POWER OF THE AGE TO COME prophesied to us.

Rosh Hashanah Revival

Beginning Rosh Hashanah 2021, the Lord has slowly been tearing back the veil to see Him clearly and to know He is coming. He has been purifying and transforming us in many ways. We began the celebration of Rosh Hashanah by holding a powerful revival in Chadron, Nebraska for two days (September 3rd-4th).

Rosh Hashanah September 5th-6th, 2021 was held in Denver. It was a holy time to seek the Lord; remaining repentant, watching, and praying as we entered into a new year. During this time, 10 devoted brides of Christ (men, women, and children) made intimate vows to the Lord Jesus, in celebration of this very special wedding day. All dressed for the wedding day, making commitments to Jesus Christ, the Lord dressed them, filled them with pure gold, love, honor, and power. Jesus came to the ceremony; His presence was so real and thick. Each vow made, Jesus responded and vowed back to us. He saw every heart, caught every tear. He was well pleased. His heart was moved by every vow that was made, from the young to old. This marriage was taken seriously and by this act, the Lord took BHF to a new level with Him. In intimacy, in faith, in trust, and in knowing Him. The glory of God was so powerful during the vows that multiple people reported physical and inner healings and deliverances taking place in their midst. We give glory to God for all His mighty wonders!

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