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Rosh Hashanah: Preparation for the Bride of Christ


In 2004, I had been saved for 7 years and I loved the Lord with all my heart. I was a lay person, seeking Him diligently in the best way I knew how. In that year, there was a special revival, one of a kind, which was held only once a year. So I went to Ohio for this revival out of hunger for God.

God touched me! At the revival, during a break time, I reached out to my journal and began to write. I felt I really needed to enter into a written commitment with God, so I wrote the following words… which will later become my first vows to Jesus. At the time, I did not understand fully what I was doing.

“My Adonai

Today, receive my wedding vow to You

I give You me

I vow to be Yours and only Yours

I vow to die with You my Jesus, to live through You

and only for You

I vow that I will love You

With all my heart

With all my soul

With all my strength.”

After I wrote these vows and said them, my life is never, never be the same!!! I was changed for good!

There is a difference between having a casual relationship and a committed relationship. When a man loves a woman, their relationship begins; it takes another level when they commit to each other, and when there is a vow, they are joined for life in the highest form of intimacy which is “Marriage”.

Fast forward 8 years later, from the time I had said my first vows...

It was in 2012, then I was no longer a lay person but the Lord had promoted me to be a pastor of Blazing Holy Fire Church (God promotes those who are faithful – From tending the sheep, He promoted David to be a leader, a King over Israel! From Catching the fish, Jesus made Peter and His companions fisher of men!). On Rosh Hashanah 2012, for the first time, our church held a ceremony in which each one of us said his/her vows to Jesus. Our spiritual eyes were not fully opened at the time but we fully knew the Lord was there. We experienced great miracles, signs and wonders during that service. As a church, we reached new heights but we would not get there except through great trials. The Lord stood with us.

The Season of Teshuvah

I would like to talk to you about this special season we are in: Teshuvah! From the book called 'The Seven Festival of the Messiah', Teshuvah is defined as a special season which in Hebrew means "to return or repent." This season begins on the first day of the month of Elul and continues 40 days, ending with Yom Kippur. Thirty days into Teshuvah, on Tishrei l, comes Rosh Hashanah. This begins a final ten day period beginning on Rosh HaShanah and ending on Yom Kippur. These are known as the High Holy Days and as the Awesome Days (Yamim Nora'im, the days of awe). Teshuvah begins on Elul 1 and concludes on Tishrei 10, Yom Kippur . Each morning during the 30 days of the month of Elul, the trumpet (shofar ) or ram's horn is blown to warn the people to repent and return to G-d.”

I had read about Rosh Hashanah and understood it to be a special season of repentance, a season of an open heaven but in the year 2013, Jesus opened our eyes to really understand how important this season of Teshuvah is.

Elul 2013

On Elul 1 of 2013, on our calendar it was August 7, 2013 – This is an unforgettable moment in Blazing Holy Fire Ministries’ history because it was on this night that Jesus manifested Himself fully in our midst during our 2nd session of prayer which had started from 10 pm and went on till midnight. In that night, the Lord took the youngest prayer warrior from our midst to the Throne Room! She was someone who had never read books of heaven and hell, but He came and took her to the Throne Room where He introduced her to Abba Papa (Father God). I would have to say there were preparations before these visits but we did not understand. The Lord had brought our prayers to another level because this prayer warrior started seeing hell and the spiritual realm. She would scream as she experienced hell and started seeing people whom she knew in there. Through her crying, our prayers went to another level both in speed and volume.

In that night of Elul the 1st, she was taken before the Throne of God Almighty and fell prostrated on the floor for about 30 minutes. We continued in deep prayers. When she came back, she had a letter to the church from God Almighty, a letter to the pastor and to each of our 12 prayer warriors and even many members of the church including those who had just left the church. When she was taken, in an instant, she was baptized in a heavenly language that she spoke freely from then on like you would speak French or any other language. She would use this language every time Jesus visited and every time we went to heaven or hell as the Lord began to show us great and mighty things in the spiritual realm.

From Elul 1st 2013, great visitations from the Lord took place in our midst every night at 7pm. The Lord spoke to each one of us individually and, many times, He also held group conversations. After hearing the voice of God and getting to know Him, we greatly fell in love and we realized that Jesus is different from what we had thought in our mind: way more powerful, more majestic, more fun and more loving. Instead of calling Him Jesus, we began to call Him ‘The Real Jesus’ because we realized there is a fake image of Him that many people hold!

We all fell in love with Jesus, and we saw that He fell in love with us even more deeply. Instead of arriving at the prayer meetings at 7pm, Jesus began to show up earlier because He could not wait to meet us. These visitations were rich, very powerful than I can write now but we believe in due season we will share details regarding those visitations. Today, I want to fast forward and tell you about how the Lord guided us to celebrate Rosh Hashanah that year.

Jesus is a Lover and a Bridegroom

Jesus expressed His desire to have a stronger deep intimate relationship. He is not satisfied with a childish relationship or a casual one. On Tuesday September 3rd 2013, Jesus came to me and when I asked Him of what He thought about Rosh Hashanah, He said, “Rosh Hashana is My Wedding Day”.

As a church, we have always celebrated this holy day but this time it was going to be much different. Per His instructions, all the prayer warriors who are already brides to Him were to renew their vows but especially 2 in our midst were going to get married to Him for the first time on the last day of Rosh Hashanah (September 6, 2013).

Jesus took this day very seriously. He came on the first day of Rosh Hashanah being dressed in white. On the 2nd day, He came back also dressed in white with a crown on His Head. He asked me to tell Him about the plans for the wedding day. When I shared, He said that it was an outline. He asked me what was to be the plan for the feast. I had not thought about it as a feast. He said, “Have you been to a wedding without a feast? Why would it be any different for me?” With this, we had a quick meeting and we made better plans for the wedding day.

He made provision for everything we needed. A company offered to cater for our feed at no charge. We were dressed very nicely. When people went shopping and the angels would go with them and Jesus would accompany us. He told us He literally picked clothes for each of His children.

The men had questions for Him regarding men being His brides! The Lord spoke to me and said: “Tell them that physical appearance does not make a bride beautiful to me. Male and female does not matter in how I consider someone a bride. It is humbling for man to be My bride, because on earth they are held superior in authority to women; but I want them to let go of the standards they hold on earth. They are not the standards I have set for them. Tell those who do not feel like they are yet able to relate to Me in a bridal way, to look at these vows as a contract between brothers, a business deal that binds them to Me, but one made out of kinship and love. These vows are contracts; they complete and solidify the intimate and deep friendship they have with Me.” He made us laugh when He said, “I created man first! Man should connect more intimately with Me but some do not.”

Intimate Wedding Ceremony

When the wedding day arrived, it was Friday September 6th 2013. The wedding feast started at 7pm and lasted till 3 am. The Lord was with us the entire evening. Two brides were married to Him in a beautiful ceremony in front of many witnesses. Vows were to be said out loud. One by one, we stood as a bride next to Him under the chuppah. By 7pm, the Lord was already on the platform of the sanctuary, dressed in splendor and majesty. We were not to wear high heels on the altar, only sandals. When it was time for our vows, it was the most moving moment in our lives. As we faced the Lord, one by one, we said our vows - He looked at each bride and spoke vows back. The Lord is very romantic and a true lover. His vows to us are a great treasure, they moved us powerfully. It was a moment of great celebration. After our vows, He gave each of us an individual gift. A true treasure: He took out our own human heart out and gave us His very own heart and declared

“From now on,

The heart that beats in you is not your own anymore

It is My heart It will beat for Me and for Me alone”

The truth indeed, ever since receiving this heart – we have changed greatly. With this heart, you think about the Lord 24x7! And in most intimate ways, like newlyweds think about each other, and just overflow with sweet love. It had been almost a week since saying our vows but love is in the air, it daily showers us with its richness. For the first time ever, we all understood what it means to be a Bride of Christ. He told me “A bride’s heart should always be turned towards her bridegroom!” That night, we sat and celebrated in the presence of the King. He stayed with us the whole time. We danced songs of love. We laughed and cried with the Lord. The day after Rosh Hashanah, His heart was full of joy. We asked Him if we were indeed taking care of His house – The Blazing Holy Fire Church. He shared with us “The physical building in itself is not that fancy but in the spiritual realm, the entire building sparkles.” Revelation 19:7-8. He continued “In the spiritual realm, the building is still covered with white roses from the wedding”. After expressing His love to us, He commended us for standing and being strong warriors, on our knees truly seeking His face, the Lord shared, “There are many angels guarding this house, currently they have to take shifts because the warfare are intense as we powerfully pray.”

In Closing

  • So as you read this testimony, I hope your heart is stirred up to love the Lord more and to commit to Him as a bride. This is not a gender issue (For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus - Galatians 3:27-28).

  • Look at the love that exists between an infant and the mother. Learn from that. It is the love of the heart, the love that is not based on gender or physical appearances.

  • The Lord said, “Physical appearance does not make a bride to Me.” The Beauty is of the heart. Those who are pure in heart and remain repentant make a beautiful bride. The Lord desires a beautiful bride, “so that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, that He might present to Himself the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless.” Ephisians 5:26-27

Closing, I would like to give an example of one of the vows from a dear friend who vowed from a long distance. He sent the vows and the Lord vowed back. Please note that his vows are very long but vows do not have to be long. Make them unique and from the heart. Remember, vows are meant to be kept. So vow what you will commit to and honor!

Vows Exchange Between Brother R and Jesus 2014

Jesus, my beloved, my bride. I vow to Love You, cherish You, cling to You, obey You and follow You.

I want to know You, to know Your heart, to know Your ways, to know the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I’m willing to take Your emotions, Your image, Your thoughts, Your desires, and Your paths.

Will You, teach me how to Love You and stay close to You? I want You to get everything You desire.

Will You be mine?

I Surrender.

-The Harvester, Brother R - Our Covenant

“Father, Lord Almighty, I Love You, You are worthy of all my praise, honor & adoration.

Lord I want to be close to You, full of Your Spirit & made into the image of Your Son Jesus.

Jesus, I want to be fully Yours, to give You all my life & to have all of You; Your will, Your thoughts & Your emotions.

May my love for You grow stronger each day.

Lord, help me become a fruitful Harvester, sowing Your seeds & bringing many people to Salvation,

Use me, I want to advance Your Kingdom and serve You everyday, give me many opportunities to bring You glory.

Lord, help me do something profound for You everyday, impacting eternity & not wasting time.

Help me recruit others, to train & equip them & send them out. Yet may I not lose anyone You give me.

Lord, use me to bring Unity to Your body & Healing to those You love.

Please send out many workers into the harvest field.

Lord, I pray for spiritual growth and maturity; to become a humble & hard working child of God, who bares Your fruit.

Lord, please give me a wise & encouraging tongue, one that brings life, healing & understanding.

Help me become a disciple with great faith, yet void of pretence, presumption & pride.

Lord, help me develop a disciplined mind, a crucified flesh & a loving compassionate heart.

Lord, encourage & motivate me, so that I may continually serve You with a passion.

Teach me to listen to Your Holy Spirit, that I may always know Your will & follow Your lead.

Lord, judge me severely, correct me ruthlessly, discipline & refine me thoroughly, that I may serve You more perfectly, being void of hypocrisy, yet meek & lowly of heart, able to come to You as a little child.

Lord, give me an intense & awesome fear of the Lord, knowing Your kindness & severity, Your mercy, judgments & justice.

Lord, I want to master Your Word. Please, bless me with Wisdom, Vision, Revelation, Knowledge,

Understanding, Discernment & Discretion. And please remove falsehoods & foolishness from me.

Lord, help me become a mighty prayer warrior, one who can move mountains in Your name. Lord, teach me to be fierce in battle, to bring down principalities & powers that work against Your Kingdom, able to wisely & efficiently use all the gifts You’ve blessed me with.

Lord, please help me overcome temptation & don’t let the devil have any foothold in me.

Lord, break every stronghold in me, so that Your Holy Spirit may freely flow in my life.

Lord, help me recognize Your glory, Lead me to Your books and revelations but away from man’s wisdom.

Lord, please bless my family, Bless us with Health, give grace to my wife & help her grow closer to You, please strengthen our marriage & help us raise our son the way You want, that he may be a child of God.

Lord may my whole family be ready for Your return, & help us to prepare multitudes for that day.

Lord, set my sights on the highest goal, I want to seek the greatest treasures in Heaven & to find Your Heart,

Lord, help me fully experience the Christian life & to manifest Jesus in every aspect of my life.

Most Holy and Righteous Father, thank You for everything You have done.

Lord, help me become a true worshiper of You, the kind You sought after.

Fill my cup with Your tears, that I may know the depths of Your Love & the glory of Your Cross.

May I Love those You Love & hate what You hate.

I am truly nothing without You, may my life bring You joy, glory and honor.

Lord, don’t let me forget my utter dependence on You,

don’t let me drift away or become self-reliant, but help me finish strong in the Lord.

I surrender all to You, please make me into Your image,

In JESUS name, Amen."

Jesus – The Holy Son Vows Back

In a marriage — a union between the bride and the bridegroom- two souls become one. Yet, your soul already belongs to Me — it is Mine. Your heart was hand crafted from a piece of My own love - so when we are united together the fit is perfect, a seamless joining.

My young son, how long you have strived after My love.

How long has your heart yearned for Me more as each day passes — your desire for Me increases.

As you vow to hold My love and word true, I reinstate My vows and promises to love you, to nourish and hold you as you clutch to Me.

I will stand before the foes that wish to trample into your home and destroy, My blood has been spread on the door ways of your soul and My Father shall pass by with His wrath. By the blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony will you stand for Me.

I will teach you of My heart, My son, of My desires, of My pain and My sorrows, I will teach you of My loves and My cries to My Father. I will teach you to never stray from My right side, by the palm of My Hand as it encircles you. I will take you as My bride in training and I will cherish your vows and dedication to Me for eternity. I have plans for you, My little one, plans to use you. To have you teach and reach out your arms to the others surrounding you — you will be My arms, and My hands to pass out loving knowledge. To teach and to speak of My will and My peace — to share that the wrath of God is coming for the broken will of a King is a dangerous thing to tread upon. You will have arms to reach My nations - you will be a scribe of My heart’s desires. My word will become your close friend and companion- together we will work to apply it in your everyday life — from sunrise till sunrise and then once again. Oh, My sweet son, you have asked to stand in My grasp- to dedicate your marriage, family, son, and your whole world to me. I accept you into My loving arms, My son, as you work to bring in the harvest, I will show you many great things of My Kingdom. You will be made to know of the beauty in your life companion and the sweetness of your journey — together I shall teach you and together shall you grow. As you are sent out into the nations, be at peace and know that you are with the Most High God, Yeshua!

— Pastor Christine Coleman & The Blazing Holy Fire Ministries

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