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Rosh Hashanah (Introduction)

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Jesus, Lover and Bridegroom King (Article Previous Shared. Revised and shared again to remember and celebrate with our Bridegroom)

On Tuesday September 3rd 2013, Jesus came to me and when I asked Him of what He thought about Rosh Hashana He said “Rosh Hashana is My Wedding Day”. As a church, we have always celebrated this holy day but this time it was going to be much different. Per His instructions, all the prayer warriors who are already brides to Him were to renew their vows but especially 2 in our midst who never married Him before were going to get married to Him on the last day of Rosh Hashanah (September 6).

Jesus took this day very serious. Rosh Hashanah Eve, He came dressed in white. He asked me to tell Him about the plans for the wedding day. When I shared, He said that it was an outline. He asked me what was to be the plan for the feast. I had not thought about it as a feast. He said “Have you been to a wedding without a feast? Why would it be any different for me?” With this, we had a quick meeting and we made better plans for the wedding day. He made provision for everything we needed. He picked wedding cloths for each one of us. We were dressed very nicely. When people went shopping the angels would go with them and Jesus would accompany us. He told us He literally picked cloths for each of His children.

The men had questions for Him regarding men being His brides! The Lord spoke to me and said: “Tell them that physical appearance does not make a bride beautiful to me. Male and female does not matter in how I consider someone a bride. It is humbling for man to be my bride, because on earth they are held superior in authority to women; but I want them to let go of the standards they hold on earth. They are not the standards I have set for them. Tell those who do not feel like they are yet able to relate to me in a bridal way, to look at these vows as a contract between brothers, a business deal that binds them to me, but one made out of kinship and love. These vows are contracts; they complete and solidify the intimate and deep friendship they have with me.” He made us laugh when He said, “I created man first! Man should connect more intimately with me but some do not.”

Intimate Wedding Ceremony

When the wedding day arrived, it was Friday September 6th 2013. The wedding feast started at 7pm and lasted till 3 am. The Lord was with us the whole time. The Lord was dressed in white with a crown on His head embedded with purple precious jewels. Two brides were married to Him in a beautiful ceremony in front of many witnesses.

Vows were to be said out loud. One by one, we stood as a bride next to Him under the chuppah. By 7pm, the Lord was already on the platform of the sanctuary. We were not to wear high heels on the altar, only sandals. When it was time for our vows, it was the most moving moment in our lives. As we faced the Lord, one by one, we said our vows - He looked at each bride and spoke vows back. The Lord is very romantic and a true lover. His vows to us are a great treasure, they moved us powerfully. It was a moment of great celebration. After our vows, He gave each of us an individual gift. A true treasure: He took out our own human heart and gave us His own heart and declared

From now on, the heart that beats in you is not your own anymore It is my heart It will beat for me and for me alone.”

The truth indeed, ever since receiving this heart – we have changed greatly. With this heart, you think about the Lord 24x7! And in most intimate ways, like newlyweds think about each other, and just overflow with sweet love. It had been almost a week since saying our vows but love is in the air, it daily showers us with its richness. For the first time ever, we all understood what it means to be a Bride of Christ. He told me “A bride’s heart should always be turned towards her bridegroom!” That night, we sat and celebrated in the presence of the King. He stayed with us the whole time. We danced songs of love. We laughed and cried with the Lord.

The day after Rosh Hashanah, His heart was full of joy. We asked Him if we were indeed taking care of His house – The Blazing Holy Fire Church. He shared with us “The physical building in itself is not that fancy but in the spiritual realm, the entire building sparkles.” Revelation 19:7-8. He continued “In the spiritual realm, the building is still covered with white roses from the wedding”. After expressing His love to us, He commended us for standing and being strong warriors, on our knees truly seeking His face, the Lord shared “There are many angels guarding this house, currently they have to take shifts because the warfare are intense as we powerfully pray.”

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