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Pentecost: Fire Baptism Testimonies


TESTIMONY 1: Jessy - Jesus’ Apostle to Asia

I remember meeting this young lady about 2 years ago - She was just a baby Christian from the most Buddhist country on earth! Very hungry for the Lord, she contacted me with great desperation.  She so badly needed direction to follow Jesus fully! Mentoring began right away, the Lord did such a great work in this vessel, baptized her in the Holy Spirit and fire - Since then, Jessy has led many people to righteousness. Jessy is our ministry leader in Thailand and Asia, she does intercession and deep spiritual warfare for Asia as she travels. She casts out demons, prophesy, impart God's holy fire and gifts. She brings people on a close walk with Jesus (by the way, in spite of all the countless number of demons and idols set up everywhere, in every corner, in every house in her country including the house where she currently lives [Almost impossible to find a house that is idol-demon free in the nation!]  Early this year, the voice of the Lord spoke to me, "She is an apostle to Asia". How did the Lord do this great work in her just within these few years? How was He able to accomplish so much through her? I asked myself that question as I watched the fruit of her labor and the Lord responded, “All that I am looking for is a heart that is willing to surrender, to learn from My heart, to go through training, to trust Me and obey, to do all My will, all that is in My heart.”

Friend, It is not the ones who are mighty, it is not those who are powerful but those who are willing! So the Lord found her faithful! Hebrews 3:2 I saw the Lord doing incredible work through her, baptizing her with the Holy Spirit and Fire! From then on, her life would never be the same! On this journey she has been on, she has mentored many people from all walks of life, some of these people also have matured and are mentoring others! Join me to give glory to God for this precious precious woman of God! ... And now herebelow, a simple yet powerful word from Jessy!

Jessy: "This is a ministry that teaches you how to live out the Bible...the whole council of God and to see the God of the Bible living in you, doing great and mighty things through you! Are you hungry for the God of the Bible? Don't be satisfied with the little flickering flames. God wants to BAPTIZE YOU WITH HIS FIRE - ALL-CONSUMING, UNQUENCHABLE, UNCONTAINABLE! The fire that will light up nations! People often think, "Anointed servants of God are few. Those few ones are lucky ones." As if being an anointed servant of God is like one winning a lottery just because he or she is lucky enough. No, my brothers and sisters! The problem is not that God is into some sweepstakes business, or lottery games or playing with luck. The problem is everyone CAN become His anointed servant but NOT everyone has what it takes to carry out the mission - to be precise, the will to go and the determination to do His work no matter what it costs!

A Christian life is very delicate and one must walk with care. It is necessary to have a mentor who truly walks with the Lord and attends a church that follows the Lord 100%. A fruitful Christian is a Christian who walks with God, follows His Word and has a good prayer life. God seeks a person who worships Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23) but most Christians we see are not like that. When we follow God's Word 100%, we will see the Bible coming to life in our lives. James 1:17 “ Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. ” , and Proverbs 10:22 “It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich, And He adds no sorrow to it.” Being a Christian who follows God's will bring blessings to our lives and make all things work together for good. That doesn't mean that there will be no trials but that whenever we face trials, we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us (Rome 8:37). But if we follows the world, we will face the trials and sorrows of the world and we will not overcome. The most important thing is to return and accept God's Way 100%. Only God can change your life and make all things beautiful.

Are you a willing vessel? Come! The invitation is for all who are willing! You don't need to attempt to acquire gifts of God through any means of human efforts... you just need to come! Come crying "God, I want you!!! I will go!!! Fill me with your Fire!!!" There He is, willing to answer your plea! Are you ready?"


Meet Alvin - Jesus Best Friend

Pastor Alvin: Ministry Leader Iowa Fire Base

A Word from Alvin

2 years ago in March 2015, I attended The Blazing Holy Fire Revival. According to the website information the purpose of the revival was to "launch and train the end time army". During that time, I was going through a lot of attacks : torments, hurts and I didn't like where I was in terms of my character. So I went to the revival, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire and my life would never be the same. In this revival, I learned a lot of things that would later help me in my walk with God. 

God's Work in Me

When I got back home, The Lord really started working in me. The enemy didn't like the fact that I got the fire and he started attacking me at my workplace. The Lord was however using that to build my character. He was teaching me how to love and forgive unconditionally. In a few months, by the grace of God, it became easy for me to love and forgive no matter what the person did. Glory to God! Also, The Lord delivered me from a lot of other things. 

Falling in Love with The Lord 

About two months after the revival, I was having a conversation with The Lord and I asked Him if I loved Him. (Prior to that, I enjoyed spending time with The Lord through talking to Him in my head). However when I asked The Lord whether I really loved Him He told me "no".(I came to later understand that it was because I had idols in my heart).  He then asked me to ask Him to help me love Him. So I cried out to Him for help. It wasn't a super long prayer. What happened afterwards astounded me. I became literally consumed with a deep love for The Lord. All I wanted was to spend time with The Lord. I lost interest in other things. I really enjoyed talking to The Lord and loving on Him. I got to experience His Presence and Beauty in a deeper way. He is just so beautiful! The more I loved The Lord, the easier it was to love others. I came to realize that the main reason we were created is for love. To love God and to be loved by Him, to fellowship with Him and commune with Him continually. That's what Adam and Eve had in the garden of Eden before the fall. I came to learn that God just doesn't want us to spend time with Him once or twice a day during our devotions. It is good to have a set time  to spend daily with The Lord. The Lord however wants more than that. He wants to be included in every detail of our lives. We can talk to Him while working, driving, cleaning, shopping etc. I noticed that when also when we do that, things that were previously boring become fun. The Lord has a way of bringing joy in everything. Fellowshiping with The Lord also enhanced my prayer life. We started doing daily warfare prayer in my house. By The Grace of God, I found myself doing things completely out of love. I enjoyed doing warfare prayers every night not to gain any spiritual gift or anything from The Lord but simply out of love for Him and for others. I have told Him a number of times that, if He never opened my spiritual eyes or gave me spiritual gifts, I would gladly continue to do the daily warfare and seek Him.

Enemy's attack

The enemy wasn't happy with my fellowship with The Lord. Shortly afterwards, he started pulling some tricks. Since I used to talk with The Lord in my head the enemy started to create some sort of "noise" in my head that would hinder my conversations with The Lord. (It's hard to describe what he was doing since it was all happening in my mind. A very simple way to put it is this: Have you ever tried talking to someone and then all of a sudden someone else started playing some very loud music that would make it very hard for you to even hear your very own voice?) There were a lot of different things that he would throw against me. It made it almost impossible to talk to The Lord and it was very frustrating. I became very grieved since I couldn't talk to The Lord whom I deeply loved. I have gone through a lot of trials but to me that was the hardest. All I wanted was to talk and fellowship with The Lord in peace but the enemy was really getting in the way. There were other prayers that I waiting The Lord to answer, some promises I was waiting on. However, I was still very content and joyful in The Lord even though I had not seen the promises fulfilled. This is because The Lord, by His Grace, had enabled me to fellowship with Him and I always had joy no matter what I was going through. However, when the enemy started hindering my conversations with The Lord, it became almost impossible for me to bear and it hurt. The Lord had given me a lot of victories after the revival. I had cast out a lot of demons by His Power but these particular demons never seemed to go. This continued for almost two years. 

My deliverance 

God always has the victory! About two weeks ago (on February 22nd 2017), I was praying with BHF members through the phone. Shortly after we began prayer I felt like throwing up. I knew that the demons were leaving me. This happened several times. Every time I felt like throwing up,  I opened my mouth wide in order to allow them to leave. I am now free! Praise The Lord! Glory be to God! I now am able to fellowship with Him and talk to Him in peace! After the prayer that night, I had a strong pain in my throat. I think it's because the enemy wasn't happy that he was being kicked out. However when I woke up the next morning the pain was completely gone! Glory be to God! Pastor Christine mentioned in her latest post that our highest calling is intimacy with God. I totally agree with her! Intimacy with God brings joy, fulfillment and much contentment. You will never be bored, lonely or depressed.

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