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To Pray Like Jesus (Introduction)

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

One night, the Lord was talking to the 12 of us in a group setting. I asked Him, ‘Lord, please anoint us and teach us to pray like you prayed"The Lord said, “I will answer my bride”. He promised that He will anoint us with the anointing oil to pray like He did and He would teach us intercession. Because we were all at different level, the Lord said He was going to teach us individually in our own private times of prayer. He said this anointing will be given and received in stages.

From then on, the Lord started teaching us how to pray harder. We are in no way experts in prayer, in fact in the face of many we may look weak. We merely want to share what we learned. We each have received lessons (still receiving from Him) on how to pray. For the next few weeks, each one of the 12 that have learned from the Lord will be sharing what the Lord has taught them about prayer and I believe it will be a great blessing to you, one that will revolutionize your prayer life forever! Please share with the body of Christ.

This message came with a warning however, that you remember and never forget that above all things, God wants you to apply His Word in every way so that you may bear the fruit of righteousness. That it is the prayer of the righteous that accomplish much (James 5:16). With gifts, with a great amount of time spent in prayer, one may still perish! It is to have prayer, hand in hand with applying the word of God, possessing the fruit of the spirit, thus being conformed to Christ image. With the fruit of the spirit, it is a guarantee you will enter heaven. But the one who lacks the fruit of righteousness, though possessing great gifts, they cannot enter heaven.

Names Revealed to Call God in Our Midst

The Lord revealed to us in many different ways. He told us He is like a diamond which has many different facets. When the Lord visited, each night was different and all kinds of unimaginable encounters with Him took place.

There is a mistake that sometimes people make, by thinking “oh, I had an encounter with the Lord, things were like this and nothing can change, it has to be like that always…” and so they try to deny other people’s encounters and thus sin. Just because an encounter is different from what they had it doesn't mean it is not real. The Lord is so big and He is uncontainable. We have put Him in a box for too long, it is time we let go. God is so so so powerful and so mighty, He does not even have to repeat Himself in revelations and in encounters.

One of the first thing the Lord did at first was to give us heavenly names, nicknames and there were new nicknames always. At the same time, the Lord revealed Himself to us in many different ways and there are names that we would use to call Him. I want to share this because I think it will clarify a few things among the body of Christ. There is no need to fight over God’s names, we should never enter into arguments about Him or about faith. Argument comes from the spirit of division and the Lord hates divisions.

Names of God in Our Midst:

ABBA: When the Lord visited us then, many times we called Him Abba, especially when in heaven, that is the name that was mostly used. To this day, in our church we love to call Him Abba – our Daddy!!!

ABBA PAPA :There are times we had visits from His Father and Jesus taught us to call Him Abba Papa (meaning Big Papa, Big Daddy) Galatians 4:6; Mark 14:36

YESHUA: When He took us to hell however, we found out that over there He is called Yeshua. He explained to us it is because in hell this name hold much authority. In hell, it is a place of the rebellious and demons and satan who rebelled against him … the name Yeshua holds more authority. In heaven no one question His authority, no one resist Him but in hell, those rebellious demons and satans even though they know they have lost the battle, and even though they know He is Lord of lords, in their rebellious state they still think they can try to resist him but each time we went there, they would all end up on their faces bowing, before becoming nothing and vanishing into thin air…

YAHWEH : In hell, Yahweh  name was used for Abba Papa. satan could not say it right… no matter how he tried, it came out distorted… something like Yahveveh…

JESUS: On earth, we call Him Jesus, this is the name most Christians use …. the reason why we call Him Abba, it is like He is our daddy whom we obey and whom we walk with. We obey Him and we know Him intimately…

These are the names we use in our midst corporately as a church family, but there are even more intimate names we use in our daily walk with Him. It is possible though that He might reveal Himself to others using a different name. God cannot be put in a box. He does what He wants in heaven and on earth. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. We must believe, we cannot afford doubts and unbelief if we are to walk with Him. He said, my Blazing Holy Fire church, my beloved children, I want to teach you things this earth has no idea of.  So let’s press in to seek Him, so that we may receive all that He has in His heart for us. Hallelujah! The Lord Bless you all!

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