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Wrestling Against Sin & Overcoming

A TESTIMONY OF GLENN - Blazing Holy Fire Leader in the Philippines and how His walk with God dramatically changes after receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire

Towards the end of 2015, a young man named Glenn was led by God to contact our ministry. He was so desperate for God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that he searched and knocked from church to church in vain. Things took turns however when he connected to our ministry. In less than one month of powerful mentoring, Jesus baptized Glenn in the Holy Spirit and fire! From then on, Glenn began to experience God in a new way, leading many souls to Christ. All of you that read this testimony, it is a must that you get this baptism – many Christians are stuck in their Christianity routines for lack of this baptism. Today, know that Jesus is more than ready to baptize you! The blessings and the gifts of of the Lord await you. Blazing Holy Fire is here to walk you through the journey to receive them. Read, be desperate – Feel free to comment, join us on Facebook or email our ministry.

Hi, my friends! My name is Garry Glenn Gonzales Almano (just call me “Glen” for short). Today I’m going to share with you my testimony of how God forever changed my life! I live here in the Philippines, a country of Southeast Asia. I am the eldest among my siblings and I live just like how other family lives normally around here, living in a wildlife, in a rural area, near the mountains. My Father works in the far city and my mother is just a housewife. We have enough food. We get our rice from our rice field. But we’re not a rich people. Just a normal life.

I am a person full of ambitions and dreams to become rich in life. Perhaps, because I am raised from a poor family but I am prideful in heart. I have a heart of selfishness. I want to be recognized by others as special and different, I want to be praised by all. From my childhood, I see myself as a handsome, talented, and an Intelligent one. Many said that and it makes my heart proud. Even though I appear like a silent and humble person, now I reveal what is in my heart. I am ashamed of myself because I don’t have nice clothes. I’m so envious of other people because they are good looking on the outside. I’m concerned with the clothes because I want many ladies to admire me. I want to become rich when I grow up, so that I would not be ashamed. I’m desperate for that day to come.

I am raised from Catholicism and had been taught a little of their ways. But honestly, it’s nothing for me at all. I just put my trust on my religion. I just used to come to the church when holy week or Christmas day comes during my childhood days. The school prays catholic prayers. Almost everyone around here is in catholic sect. Everything is but boring to me. I don’t have much idea of the Lord or the Bible. All that I’m seeing is an idol of Jesus crucified with many blood and Mother Mary that looks like a very gentle woman. The priest would sit and many ministers assist during masses. I just used to stand, sit down, sing and kneel whenever the priest told us to. I am lazy to go to church, it is boring. We pray in school like we recite a poem that is memorized like the ‘Lord’s Prayer’, ‘Hail Mary’, etc.

All of my life I think everything is just alright, just like others do. It seems like my God is religion, and there’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t have a fear of God. My dream is just to become a successful man when I grow up. That includes a good name, perhaps a degree, a professional job, making my parents proud of me, and a beautiful wife like I see on television with kids. Besides that, I never thought about God, Jesus Christ, and the things in heaven.

I’ve gone through a lot of adventures in my life, like the sins that I have committed due to my curiosity. From my childhood I’ve been taught to steal little money from my mother. And even sexual immorality in my childhood days. I’ve been addicted to masturbation, watching pornography, playing games, homosexuality, etc. All of these are grievous sins that compelled me to come to the Lord and ask forgiveness and know holiness and truth.

I’m like a prodigal son that had gone to the world to experience its pleasures. I’ve experienced sexual immorality with gays for money. I have even lived in with a gay just because of money. That was the time when I’m still studying in college. Because my father just gave me a little money and I don’t have new clothes, a nice cellphone or laptop, so I have done those things. I have become a whore! I am loaded with so many guilt of sins in my life that I’ve decided to seek other church to be changed. I want to be forgiven by the Lord and be set free and escape condemnation in hell. But at that time, I’m hesitant to go to a church that I do not know. I used to pass by the church that is filled with so many youths inside and I could see that they are different from my church (Catholic church). They are so passionate to worship and are filled with so many youths of my age. The scene was so inviting to me but still I’m holding to my religion. Others ridicule such kind of worship. I don’t want to be ridiculed…  Until one day…

Glenn gives his life to the Lord

One day, a friend of mine invited me to the church that I used to pass by. When I got inside, ushers welcomed me with a smile and my friend introduced me to them. That night was their weekly fellowship service, Friday night. I enjoyed their company. Its seems like I will never find an enemy inside, all are godly people. I just sit, stand and watch them sing praises happily with the sound of the drums, electric guitar and piano. There is a worship team on the stage leading the worship. I have enjoyed it. How is it that there’s no church like this in our hometown? I would not then do the horrible sins if only there’s a church like this in our place. I thought I just found my home with no one to ever make me be discouraged even in my weaknesses. Before, I thought that I’m okay with my religion. But now, I just found a place to be with other youths where I can have a good life and forget the miseries of my past.

They immediately explained to me the love of God from the Bible on a scratch paper. After that, I prayed the sinner’s prayer. I’ve accepted the Lord’s gift and finally the pastor declared that I’m now forgiven and I’m now a new person in Christ Jesus, I can go to heaven finally. They encouraged me to faithfully come always to meet at the church and have fellowship with each other. We played games first, then pray, sharing each one’s life regularly and reading the Bible. I was mentored by our leader from the cell group (G12, like 12 disciples in the Bible), and my friend provided me his Bible. I’ve learned many things and lessons from the Bible. I am now praying in the morning and read the Bible with a devotional notebook. I pray before eating and sleeping. Later, I’ve got baptized in the water and it was good. And I’m evangelizing to our University. To be honest, I am a shy and a person who loves to be alone. How could I possibly evangelize? It’s a very great challenge for me. Now I’m a changed man, slowly forgetting my past life.

Then I’ve became curious about the “End of the world”, rapture, and the judgment day. I was really nervous. Many are talking about it. It was the year 2012, when many warned throughout the television and internet about it. They’ve even made a movie just for that year. There’s a rumor that it will happen on May 21, 2012 according to the Mayan calendar. So I’ve become very zealous to preach about it to my Facebook friends. I preach status about Heaven and Hell, the End times and the rapture. I’ve even preached it to my mother and my friends. I’ve posted it to our Facebook group page of our cell group but they just don’t have words for it. I even stopped going to my school just to be prepared for the rapture!

Until that day comes, nothing happened. My parents disagreed on me. I’m just thinking that the prophecy is not true but still I believe that the End is near. If it will not happen on that year, it might happen on the other years. So I go back to the city, to my frustration. In our place, there’s no born-again churches. Only Catholic churches. My parents have tried many times to convince me that I should go back to Catholicism but it’s too late for it. I’ve read the Bible and I’m convinced that I am standing on a true path to Heaven, and Jesus as my only way. After many disputes, they finally gave up. They now had accepted what I have become. They have no more things to say.

Then I have continued going to my second church. And at that time, I’m a part-time in a Fast-food chain while studying in college. I’m still gripped with the thoughts about signs, end-times, heaven and hell, and the rapture. I’ve never been taught about baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was wondering about it while I’m watching YouTube. What is it? There’s another theology that I should have to know. What is the gift of tongues, gift of vision, gift of prophecy by the way?

I remember it before when I and my friends are walking on a roadside, they’re just talking about their knowledge in Mormonism, and a true born-again church. This fellow of mine was on the other church. Perhaps, a church that preaches baptism of the Holy Spirit. And He mentioned about the gift of tongues. He said that the true church is the one who Speak in tongues. But I don’t understand it yet so I never thought about it any further. I just remember it after I’ve watched the YouTube sermons about the End times. I’ve kept that question in my mind and I’ve searched about it on the internet and I’ve found out that it was necessary to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. And the Bible mark its confirmation. But I don’t have that. How could I receive this gift?

And then when I’ve learned more of the Holy Spirit, I tried to preach it to my colleagues. I’ve preached end times, Heaven and Hell Testimonies, etc. I’ve posted links to our group page in Facebook… But they have no response to me about it. I thought, they are now starting to hate me because they thought I’m now changing theologies that they don’t agree. Our cell group leader tried to correct me gently. They now called me “radical Christian.” I don’t know what it means so I’ve searched about it and I’ve found out what it means. I think, I need to be in the church that is Spirit-filled then. I’ve decided to stop attending this church because it doesn’t teach us the baptism of the Holy Spirit. From that time on, I was now hungry for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. (Mark 1:8)

I’ve began to read Heaven and Hell testimonies. I have read a lot of Testimonies like Angelica Zambrano, Choo Thomas, 7 Columbian youths, Mary K. Baxter and Many more. I was surprised that the Lord Jesus could possibly talk to people even in our present times through gifts of the Holy Spirit. I want to hear what God told them for us. From that moment, I wanted to hear His voice too.

In the year 2013, I was now looking for a Spirit-filled church in the city but I don’t know where to find it. At that time, I’m living in the city faraway from our hometown and I live at my own hands. I’m both working and studying. I was alone and free from my parents. In the room where I stay, I hear the sound like there’s a worship service that is happening on the rooftop of a five-story building, just near in the house that I am in. I became curious about it and I’ve decided to come to that church. I saw their sign post and I climbed upstairs. And when I have reached their place, I saw them all dancing and singing. It was their Sunday Worship Service. When they saw me, they smiled at me and ushered me to my seat. I am happy watching them and the scene was very joyful. I’m amazed to see them worshiping God unashamed. They are different from my church. Then while they are singing, others are praying. To my amazement, I saw with my two eyes people falling down while they are having an altar call. I just thinking that it’s okay for me because I thought it was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Not only that, I’ve heard some of them speaking an unknown tongues. Then that’s the time I already knew that this is the Spirit-filled Church that I’m seeking and will baptize me of the Holy Spirit.

For the very first time in my life, I’ve witnessed people speaking in tongues. Never in my life have I ever seen such kind of worship. Catholicism is the major sect that we have here in our country. I really want to be baptized by the Holy Spirit and I want to speak in tongues. I want to experience manifestations of the Holy Spirit and also to hear the Lord’s Voice. So I made myself to be present always every Sunday to that church. Whenever they call anyone on the altar call, I would always come forward. Perhaps I would get baptized and will speak in tongues. They would lay hands on me while I close my eyes with my hands raised upward. But many times had gone by, nothing happened to me. I thought to myself, why is it that it’s so hard to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. Why is it that I cannot have it now when I really want to receive it? That is what I came for. But I’ve just kept silent. But there’s a word for me from the Lord. It’s says, “do not dwell on the past.” I think, I have to figure it out if there’s something wrong with me that I cannot receive the Holy Spirit.

I continued every Sunday and still I haven’t received it yet. I thought, ‘why is the Lord very far from me? Will I be baptized before the rapture comes?’ How frustrating it was for me. And I’m slowly backsliding little by little until I get lazy going to church. I am weak still in masturbation, and pornography. Those days I remember that masturbation is just okay and it’s just a small sin. I’m addicted to it but I felt that it’s a sin that I should not commit. So I made my search in the Bible and it talks about sexual immorality. Then I’ve also searched on the internet. Perhaps I could be justified, my conscience would be clean and can do it always. I’ve googled it and some says it’s a sin and some said that it’s okay as long as I did it with a clean mind. So I ended up doing it always but it was a great sin.

Joining the network marketing

Then one day, another friend of mine invited me to join a network marketing business and [img_0476] I’ve joined. I love the team that I have met some new friends. We met each night for a snack and discuss anything about business. My greatest dream to become rich came alive. Top earners got Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, Ford, and ore. So I’m desperate to be like them also. I strived to be like them. I think, all will be well. There will be no end at all. But all of a sudden, a terrible disaster came to us.

Caught up in typhoon Yola

On November 8th, 2013, a giant super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck down the city where I was staying. Almost 300,000 people died and more people are missing due to a great storm surge (tsunami) formed from the sea by a very strong wind. I witnessed how water rises up so fast and it climbed up to five to six feet high because of the strong surge. That day is the day that we cannot forget in our entire life. We had witnessed God’s mighty hand and we felt God gave us some punishment for our sins. Everything is destroyed. Houses are ruined, tons of people take refuge on both sides of the road, streets had been blocked by many light posts that had fallen, garbage are all around, no relief goods available, no electricity, people are busy walking around like ants, lootings everywhere, dangers on the road, there are no policemen and prisoners had escaped around.  There are scarce of food, water and clothes. Rich and poor have no distinction. There is no one who sell food, they would rather keep it for themselves. But we’re fortunate to have the supply of food and water and everything. We’ve joined looting of some dry goods like spaghetti, lasagna etc.… from grocery stores. It was more than what we can bear. We had just tasted the judgment of God.

Four days after, my father came and rescued me even though it was hard. I was surprised because I thought I would be staying with our landlady for survival. It’s a near hopeless due to loss of signal in the cell cities. God made a way for me to escape the miseries of that place.

The city was like an abandoned ghost town afterwards. And when we got a free ride, we finally came to our home. My hope of getting rich had gone. It was a great sadness to me and for everyone. Then after resting for a month, Tacloban city came alive again though there’s still so many traces of damages of the typhoon, and sadness are still everywhere. I’ve gone back again to my employer and got my job back. I’ve forgotten God and the Bible. Maybe all will be well again. I just focused on my job.


Then, I’ve began to seek for a girl that I will love for the rest of my life. And I can never forget this girl that I’ve found, whom I was fond of so much. Her name is Renelda. She’s beautiful in my eyes and caught my heart inside. I’ve got her number two weeks before the typhoon came. She’s a saleslady on the mall and when I saw her, I got her contacts. Only after the mobile signal came back then I have contacted her to see if she’s okay. She responded to my texts until we became friends together. I was in love with her but she honestly said that she’s afraid because of what his former boyfriend had done to her. She told me to just find another girl but I said that I’m okay with her as long as she’s willing. I really love her. I was dreaming that someday she would be mine so I did my best to get her yes. And she gave me time and challenges before we got there.

Every day, from rising up to going to sleep, we would text and call each other. Every time my cellphone rings, I get excited and her messages would make my day complete. I would call her when I don’t have work hours. I’ve never felt it before because all of my life, I’ve never had such a feeling like what she brought to my heart. Since that time, we’re still friends because she needs some time to forget her miseries in life and she told me to wait. Her past life had wounded her deeply. She would call me sometimes whenever she cries about it. I would just be her crying shoulder in the times of her pain.

Then after so many months of waiting, she finally said yes. Of course I was joyful in heart that she’s already mine. I have loved her more than myself. I would spend much of my income for her. I’ve became yoked with her and I became more ungodly. There’s no God between us. I began a life of fornication, scriptures from the Bible kept flooding in to my mind and I would say to myself perhaps God will forgive me tomorrow. I would often come to the house that she’s living in late at night. And I would go inside her rented room. Sometimes I fear that she might be pregnant and when all fails, I would pay dearly and very soon this would happen! She texted me and I was so much disturbed of what she said in her message: “Are you still living there? I’m now pregnant. Look what you have done. I would kill you if I see you.” Oh, how it shocked me so much. My heart beats faster and doesn’t know what to do. Many thoughts come into my mind. I thought, what should I do now? I’m not yet ready for this. What if my father and mother find it out? How about my future and my dreams? I don’t have money to bear the responsibility. She finally came to a decision of aborting the baby. Oh, I want to have the child but she doesn’t want to. So with numbness due to crisis, I have thoughtlessly given up. She asked me money as fee for abortion and I gave her need. We’re far from each other so I do not know what happened to her. I haven’t been there to be with her. I have cared for myself than the baby. I know that I’m committing murder. I was so guilty. I want to be forgiven by God. Oh, what have I done…! After two months, I returned her cellphone and we did not talk to each other. And that’s how we ended up our relationship. She wants to move on with her life. And it’s time for me to move on with my own life, too. It’s so sad that we ended up like this. But I’m still guilty of the sins that I have committed. I really cried out to God to forgive me.

And then in the year 2015, I’ve decided to go back to the city to work for a job as a warehouse boy of a very famous bookstore shop here in the Philippines. It was good. It’s a fresh start again of my new life, without commitment. I just got busy of myself to work there. After many days have passed, I invited my workmate to a grill tents, so that we can drink some few bottles of beer with BBQ as our partner. So I’ve drunk, which I’ve never done before because I’m a loner guy who doesn’t have the mood to hang out with friends. I just got drunk to share with my workmate all of my heartaches. I just get on pouring my brokenness and I think, he too shared his heartaches to the lady that I knew. And after the few bottles of beer had gone, we finally said good bye to take some rest.

And after few weeks, I just had met another girl that caught my heart once again and I began another life of fornication. While committing this sin, scriptures kept flooding into my mind with conviction. I think God is watching all the time while I am sinning.

God uses end-times message to get my attention

It is the end times that God used to catch my attention again. I feared that if I will still not repent, I would be left behind and face execution from the anti-Christ. So I’m still hesitant to what shall I do. Should I take warning and be prepare, or just have to be calm and relax?

After many weeks of waiting for an answer, I’ve made my decision. I am going to leave everything behind. I remember on my last birthday, my close friend and a workmate of mine gave me a white t-shirt that has a Bible verse imprinted on it. It was Joshua 1:9. It says, “Be strong and courageous.” At first, I was wondering why it was imprinted with a Bible verse. My friend is a girl, she’s not a born-again Christian and perhaps she does not read the Bible. She doesn’t really know me at all, so it seems to me that it was not just a happenstance, or just an encouraging shirt to wear that will make me bold. Only then I realize that this came to me as my “calling from God.” So I’ve made up my mind to cancel everything that I have: work, future, pride, selfish plans, and my own will. I have to do something for my salvation before it’s too late. The Blood moon is the signal for me to be prepared for something. Then I left everything for my salvation. I’ve made my mind that I will prepare to meet the Lord in the air.

Desperate for the baptism of the Holy Spirit

Before leaving the city, I made my plans for a long fast to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I bought a half liter of honey as my partner for fasting. Then I went home. Although it seems like all is vain, I became very bold just to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. There’s none to help me but just to wait for God. And when I’ve finally got home, I have in my mind to repent and ask God again for a second chance and ask His forgiveness. A few days after, I started my dry fast. It’s a first time that I am doing it. And I want to pray for deliverance and baptism of the Holy Spirit. I have decided to make it three days, as long as my body could endure. And when I’ve already on my first day of my fast, I could just pray for 10 minutes. And then sleep. And then, I would open my Bible to read as much as I can. And then I just stayed inside my bedroom lying, reading the Bible, Heaven and Hell stories, listening to worship songs, watching some sermons, and pray and crying out to God asking for a sign. Then the first day had gone by and then nothing happened. On my second day of my fasting, I’m so hungry. My body would barely move. Suddenly, I came to a point that I cannot take it anymore due to my hunger. I finally broke my fasting but I had not received the Holy Spirit!

I attempted to do another fast but still I could only endure one day with a few tablespoon of honey. Nothing really happened. So I decided if I would not prosper on this, I will go back to find a job again. My father and mother wants me to work in Saudi Arabia. There, I can work with much salary. So I just kept that in my mind. But still I want to be in the will of God. So I always pray to God that I will be baptized by the Holy Spirit and receive tongues miraculously, just praying alone.

During that time, I was reading the “Blazing fire” books. As I have finished reading it, I prayed to the Lord. I said “Lord, I want also to be baptized of this gift. I do not know what is your will for me. But if you’re willing Lord, give me this gift, there is nothing that is impossible to you.” I had prayed like that and it’s seems like I am helpless. One day because I want to obey God, so I made up my mind to go the city again to give my tithes and find another spirit-filled church. On Saturday evening, I arrive at the city and then on Sunday morning, I attended a church. But I am not sure if they are spirit-filled church. It was a Baptist Church. So I want to figure out if what I have come for will be found there. And then, I’ve entered their church. When I came inside, it was a nice church. Everyone dressed well and I was overwhelmed with gladness when they greeted me. I am thankful. And the Pastor came near me to welcome me. He passed to me the attendance sheet and I just sign up. And then the Worship Service began.

As they were worshiping, all that was on my mind is that I should have to receive the Holy Spirit and I am excited to know if there are signs of manifestation of the Holy Spirit. And the time goes by, I haven’t heard any signs like speaking in tongues. So my heart was anxious, and I just want the Service to be finished so that I will have my exit. I can’t wait to get out of the church. My heart is full of frustration as I went on my way. But I’m still in the city in my father’s shop. And I’ve just stayed because it’s still a Sabbath day. So I just sit down and I was just looking at my Facebook timelines. And then I got reminded of the word ‘Blazing Holy Fire.’ I never knew that on that day, God had already prepared me for something better… That He had already heard my cries. That He had better plan that has been kept for me.

It was in November 2015 when I’ve found the page of “Blazing Holy Fire”. I’ve added it already in my Facebook and I love reading some articles written by this church and I know that this Church is the church that would help me. A very kind and loving Sister from Thailand member of the Blazing Holy Fire offered me some help. She had been mentored by Blazing Holy Fire and had the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the fire, she offered me much of her time to and took me through training and mentoring that she herself had received. I was encouraged to hear that God’s power is unlimited, I don’t need to travel anymore just to have the fire impartation. She said that the distance is not barrier. Here began my mentoring with Blazing Holy Fire.

Later I realized that I’ve been deceived by many preachers on YouTube, Facebook and many articles found on the internet. I’ve been believing incorrectly about the end times, focusing on articles that says ‘don’t wear’ this and that, preacher that says masturbation is okay, those who condemned the worship, those who want me to sow a seed of faith for a blessing, etc. I got all the help I needed to identify my open doors to sin and closed them and just focus on the Lord and the Bible. I’ve found out that my soul is in danger to follow false teachings and I thus cast it all out. I read “Spiritual Goggles” and about “Deception” and I began to see. Then I felt so much cleansed and refreshed in my soul when I’ve closed all of those doors. Sometimes I craved to commit masturbation, playing android games, download ungodly music, etc. But I fought all of it by prayer and reading the Bible. I always pray for my flesh to resist all of it. And by the help of this sister’s mentoring, I mastered the courage to resist it all. Though it took much time before I came here up to this point, I have to say now my heart is no longer a slave of sin. Thank you Lord Jesus!

After this cleansing process, on February 7th 2016, it is the day Jesus will baptize me in the Holy Spirit. I prepared myself for this and the place where I will pray. I was reminded of a place in the mountains where I use to pass by with my friends to pick guava fruits during my childhood days. So I have visited it again to find a place that has a good signal, private and quiet. And really God prepared it for me. I think, it’s two and a half kilometers far from our home. He prepared also a dog for me to be with in the mountain. And the first Sunday of the first week of February we began to pray for it. So that same day I received the tongues and once back home at night, I prayed in tongues until when I’m in midst of prayer, I have experienced light that shines in my vision. I was amazed and much delighted.

And then, I told my mother that I would undergo ministry training for six months and I will not go to Saudi Arabia. At first they are so upset and trying to convince me to go there so that I can help them sustain their needs and my father would rest from his work. My father works so hard for us and his body had been used due to stress from many works. My mother said that my father wants to retire but could not to because there’s none to feed us if he doesn’t work. I was so compassionate, full of shame that I could not help them. I feared the thought of my father’s health. If his body fails, we can’t afford it. But at the same time, I thought that someday they will realize that I have done the right thing. That I have chosen the Lord’s will instead of my parents. I know that God will not leave us and He will take care of everything. I said to my mother that God will bless us and we shall not worry about everything. And then finally they agreed. So my training goes on and I’ve entrusted all to God.

And then I’ve spent my time reading the Bible every day. I would read 10 chapters a day and prays 3 hours a day. I now know the difference before and after. I now have committed my life to God and I have learned discipline and obedience. I now learned humility and also confidence before God than before. My faith had been built up through much sufferings. The pain of my past life healed and I felt transformed as a new person. I admit that all of these things may not sound easier but we can do it because this is the will of God and He will not give us challenges that we cannot take. For me, this is the best and the only thing to do before testifying for God because by this, many will be encouraged.

I’ve gone through a lot of slanders and gossips from my neighbors and those who knew me. They are telling lies about me like, I am a gay, useless, no more future, lazy, liar, and toiling in vain by reading the Bible. They said that I have a demon inside me. They tried to justify themselves recalling some knowledge from the Bible while drinking in their houses. I would even hear them throwing some reproaches. Such kind has never happened to me. Many times I could just pray and cry while I’m deeply wounded by their slanders. All mock me from side to side. God has made me a light for this nation. I should take up my cross in order to follow Him. I have to be found worthy of His kingdom and His Name, for I am His. I have to persevere and strive till the end of my training.

Things are really not easy for me at first. I nearly go out to pack my things and go away from our house because of my father’s misunderstanding. It happened during the rice planting season and a few people who helped the planting gathered in our house and my parents prepared some feast for them. It was Sunday and my parents are busy cooking and preparing food for them. But I rested at that time in obedience of the Lord’s day to make it holy. I fasted and stayed in our house. Then my father started to confront me but my grandmother would not let him to. So I cried and began to pack up my things. When my grandmother saw me, tears in my eyes flowed down on my face and hugged her. She tried to refrain me and she offered me little money if ever I would continue. So I just rested in my grandmother’s house. I prayed there at that moment and after praying, I opened my Bible. And I read the verse, “No prophet is honored in his own town.”  I refrained myself and on the other day I just came back home.

The sister who mentored me continued to pray together with me every Sunday for one hour always. She didn’t stop caring for me. Every Sunday I’m excited to pray with her. It encourages me because of it, I felt that I’m not alone. She would diligently call me always on Sundays. I could see Jesus in her. I could feel the Lord’s love for me that I am not forgotten. Through her, words of wisdom and prophecy flowed and through her mouth God spoke to me and built me up.

Persecution continues in my own home. I’ve became concerned being unemployed, the gossips, insults and slanders of my neighborhood. Day after day I would hear nothing but money and job. They’re trying to bring me down in my misfortune. They love to assassinate my character in front of their tables while I’m just focusing on the Lord in reading the Bible and by prayer. I couldn’t just do anything but only trust the Lord. I have kept my hope that someday somehow He will lift me up in due time.

As we continued to pray with the sister, I would always feel the fire when I would pray. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or cold, I would feel it manifesting in my hands and around my body. The sister told me this was the holy fire, she said that I should keep on pressing on in order to make this grow. So I am more encouraged because I’m witnessing the Holy Spirit working inside of me.

Siblings are saved and baptized

Then while going through this ministry training, Marian my sister became hungry for the Lord. So I taught her Bible stories. And when she decided to be baptized in the water, I was so happy. I wrote to B.H.F ministry and we all came in agreement to baptize her. So I baptized her in the water. It’s my first time to baptize and I was excited to do it. And when it’s done, as we prayed together, she received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and tongues. When we prayed, a vision came to her. She saw a vision of light of many colors and a white light that forms like a man. Then after Marian’s conversion, my little brother Gerald followed to be baptize by Water and Spirit. He saw the same just as what Marian saw in her vision. And when I had baptized Gerald, Marian heard angelic voices. I was delighted and treasured everything in my heart. BHF sent us Bibles and other books for our spiritual growth. They also provided us storybooks from the Bible for the kids to read. We’re so blessed to have a true Family in Christ Jesus.

And then we decided to schedule prayer time with the kids. We would pray for them every Saturday and during Sunday. I would laugh when I heard them praying in tongues together. It tickles my heart. They would stop when they are tired. And then every night before sleeping, I would read with them Bible storybooks. Marian and Gerald began to learn more about God. The desire of watching television suddenly stopped and they stopped going to Catholic Churches. More persecution followed because of this but we made our mind to endure and follow Jesus till the end.

Receiving holy dance

Later, I desired to receive the Holy Dance gift, like how B.H.F freely dance before God during their worship services. I desired for this for a long time but just got it when the sister encouraged me to pray for it. I was directed to read articles about it on Then I followed its instruction and I prayed to the Lord to give it to me. And then after waiting for 40mins I think, I felt the Holy Spirit directing me in movements. I danced and I had the joy in dancing with the worship songs. Now I’m worshiping God through this gift. I praised God that He had given me this gift. This is a miracle from God. Imagine, I’m now dancing the dance of heaven! As it says in the Bible, “Let your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is Heaven.” I felt more Fire in my hands and I could feel God’s fiery presence. I could feel resistance between my two hands like magnets. It repels when the two have the same Magnetic field. (Positive-positive, Negative-negative.)

Then I grew up in my relationship to God. Everyday God gave me revelations in reading the Bible through real-life situations. It’s like I’ve been training as a real soldier in the battlefield. I got many ideas and earned much Wisdom. I’m growing and learning to apply His Words. I now know the difference between full time and part time training in the Lord. God will someday use me as His soldier for many people to be saved.

More kids are saved and baptized

God used Marian declare to her few classmates who God is. Her classmates decided to come in our house to learn more about the Bible. At first, I just expected five people. But when the time came, my neighborhood’s kids came also. So I thought, wow, God called His chosen ones and He gathered them even if they didn’t realize it. So I first taught them the Love of God. And I’ve convinced them to accept the Lord’s gift of eternal life as His Love for them. So they all raised their hands up. And I have lead them the sinner’s prayer and acceptance of the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus. And finally they all received God’s love and they are now part of the Kingdom.

And later, little by little kids grew in numbers. At the moment of writing, they are now 15 altogether. Their names were: Abby, Meever, Menard, Mercy, Joshua, Art Clean, Alfie, Jelyn, Jacklyn, Joshua (another one), Kevin, Edward, Ainah, Marian and Gerald. They are now saved. And I’m now ministering to them whenever we had an opportunity. I suddenly realized that I’m getting busy for the Lord’s children with the help of my LORD. I make drawings and some writings to write in their notebooks. They always learned whenever I taught them about the Lord, the sins, about Heaven and Hell, prayer, about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and many more. And then I baptized the three of them in the water. And all of them had been baptized by the Holy Spirit and I had imparted them the gift of tongues, Holy Dance and the Holy Fire. They also got the gift of seeing visions. Whenever there is a child that is sick, they would pray and lay their hands on the child. And after next day, it would heal. Whenever we meet and pray together, each of them would always see visions. They are all amazed to experience for real the true God. They always love to pray and though they are still weak, I know that God would take care of everything. I am now encouraged to serve God and to be in His will.

The children are now repenting from their sins. Others doesn’t want to watch televisions anymore and others are still weak. I just show them love and encourage them. We meet and pray in tongues, holy dance and we learn God’s word.

Things are not easy, there is still persecution, to the eyes of my family, I do not have a job but I have chosen to stay here with the kids. I trust that God will provide for us and He already is taking care of everything through our BHF ministry. I realize that I needed to work full-time for the kids ministry. As they are always here every day. And when I have asked them about their parents, I rejoiced and had been encouraged more because they said that their parents agreed and want them to be ministered by me. So I continue serving God for His kingdom’s sake. He would take care of everything. Now I’m experiencing newness in my Spirit every day. I am excited to go further for the Lord. God is great. I give all the Glory to God, and to Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

And this is my Testimony. Thanks for reading it. May God bless and encourage you!

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