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Word from the Lord: The Truth That Sets Us Free

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Abba's Words - June 22, 2015 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). This morning the Lord spoke,My beloved children, this is the time you must cling to Me.  I am not just asking you to be with Me but I am asking you to only be with Me and to remain in Me. Do not be a people who spend time with Me and also spend time with the devil.” (2 Corinthians 6:14-15). You will know that you have spent time with the devil when you listen to his voice. How can you be My friend and at the same time hang out with My worst enemy? Whoever you listen to you shall follow. Listen to Me that you may live abundantly.”

satan’s voice confuses, brings doubts and unbelief; crowds your mind, causes worries and concerns. It is a voice that is negative, self centered many times; it is a voice that wants to talk to you too much (I am a God of few words); it is a voice that talks non- stop bombarding you with false ideas and gives you wrong perspectives.

My precious children, you are my sheep, do not follow the voice of a stranger! My beloved children, when you come to Me I let you hear My voice. Hear My voice and live! My voice gives life, it builds but at the same time it can destroy – it destroys evil. Hearing my voice only is defeating satan. My children, hear My voice and watch out yourself that you do not switch the channels. Do not be a people who switch from God’s channel to satan’s channel. Block satan’s channel by loving and embracing the Truth only. Whenever you even hear or feel satan’s lies from long miles away, start the battle, bind satan and cast him out in My Holy Name. Fight My children, I will give you victory.

My beloved children, My sheep whom I died for – My children that I love deeply, remain My sheep. Do not be a people who switch from sheep to goat in an instant. You are My sheep that I am watching over – you are in my mind constantly, you are cared for, what have you lacked in my arms that you so quickly leave the sheep pasture? Remain in Me. My sheep, hear My voice and follow Me. I am the Word. You come to know Me and to know My voice as you feed on My Word faithfully and consistently. You will hear My voice as you stay close in My presence.

Not only do I desire for you to know My voice but I want you to discern the voice of a stranger. You will come to know the voice of a stranger as you APPLY My Word. Satan cannot remain where he is exposed. satan will flee as he sees that you know the Truth clearly and applying it boldly. Resist satan by taking action and applying My word. Obey My laws and command!

TO THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH CLEARLY: You have read His word and believed and carried out His word with action. Bravo!

TO THOSE WHO MIXES THE TRUTH AND THE LIES: I ask you to repent for not loving the Truth. I ask you to repent for loving the world and hanging out with the father of all lies and listening to his lies. As you repent genuinely, cry out to Me and I and my angels will destroy the lies embedded in you that has hardened your heart.  

I AM the Word of Life. I AM the Truth that set you free. Abba - Your Heavenly Father

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