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Wisdom of God Part 2

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments; His praise endures forever” Psalm 111:10.

For those who are praying for God to give you wisdom, first check to see if there is ‘the fear of God' in you! The foundation to receive God’s wisdom is first to have the fear of God. Choose the fear of the Lord! When you have the fear of God, you will hurry to obey God’s words, the holy scriptures. When you have the fear of God, you cannot afford to disobey Him.

Before one prays for God to give them wisdom, they must first check and make sure they have the fear of God, because it is the beginning of wisdom.

Psalm 111:10 tells us that those who have wisdom and understanding are those people who obey God’s word, laws and commands. So wisdom takes action upon the word of God and wisdom takes action to the end. While taking action, wisdom takes decision with the future in mind, after carefully weighing the prons and the cons. In Matthew 7:24-27, the wise builder built His house after carefully looking at the future – ‘what would happen if a strong wind were to blow? What would happen if the rain were to fall? What would happen if the flood were to come?' Wisdom inside the wise builder prompted him to take time to weigh and he decided, ‘I must then build on the rock not on the sand.' So, in life, the wise man is the one who hears the word of God and apply it to their lives but the foolish hear the word and do not apply to their lives.

Good News for Those Who Are Willing but Oftentimes Fail to Apply the Word to Their Lives- Remember: satan is but a spiritual being; he can’t stop you physically; he cannot use your physical body unless he plays with your thoughts and move you using your thoughts.”

Often time though, there are brothers who are struggling to act upon the word of God. A while back, I met a lady who needed deliverance. She had addiction. When I prayed for her, I found out she was willing to let go of addiction and sin but her flesh was weak. As we began to deliver her, the Lord reminded her that she has the power to overcome sin. The following are the words that I shared with her in summary. Praise God, in the end, she was set her free.

Good News: Satan is a spiritual being, he can’t stop you physically – he cannot use your physical body unless he uses you.

In our deliverance case, the enemy kept claiming legal right to the sister being delivered. The enemy accused, “well, she uses her hands to smoke and take drugs, I am not leaving.” The sister confessed she was too weak to resist; she always gave in and took the cigarette and the drugs. The Lord intervened and inspired me to share with her:

Your destiny will change according to your actions. There can be transformation; there can be healing and deliverance, but my dear friend, the transformation will be brought forth by your actions.

The Lord directed me to talk to her regarding thoughts. Normally satan cannot move your body because he is a spiritual being; but satan can play with your thoughts and incites your body to move to sin. How? Your thoughts issue instructions to your body - they can be positive instructions or negative instructions. If it is negative thoughts, you must cast them out all at once and you do not think that way again.

For a positive example, a thought comes to your mind, “I am hungry!” The hand will follow and get the food and the spoon and before you know it, you are eating. For those who are weak in faith, if a thought comes in with a desire to sin, you must reject that thought in the first place and then you must use your body and refuse to obey sin. So you must use your body to say no to sin. our body is a powerful weapon against satan, in that it has the power to say no to him.

It was my friend’s hand that picked the drugs or the cigarettes. In normal circumstances, satan cannot move your body to sin. We all have power to use our bodies to glorify God or to sin. It is the feet, it is the members of the body that get used to glorify God or to sin... if you refuse to use your hand to sin – you overcome the evil one. So you must use your body to say no, and to refuse to do the will of the enemy.

If your body fails to resist the evil one, you cannot win that battle not even your pastor can help you. So everyone take advantage, use your body as a weapon to win the battle. Satan cannot move your hand to steal, he cannot use your feet to do evil... it is us human being who can move our own bodies to do that. Each one of us is boss over our bodies, praise the Lord. As the boss of your body, lord over your body as holy vessel for the Lord. Refuse to use your body to move one inch to sin.

So be wise. It is needed in this end times. Takes action upon the word of God. Take action with the future in mind!

Thank you for reading our Monday Devotion with the Lord. Please share this article with family and friend. God bless you with Abundant Victorious Life!




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