What Does God Think About Dressing?

Women Wearing Pants, Lipsticks, Jewelry etc… 

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

False Testimonies

Nowadays, there are testimonies coming forth from those who claim to have visited hell or heaven, emphasizing a holiness that is seen as an outward appearance. These people claim that Jesus told them wearing pants, jewelry, lipsticks, woven articles, make ups, braiding hair, painting nails etc… take people to hell. The Lord has taught us on this issue and He has warned us: Deception can worm its way into the truth! 

WARNING! Deception can worm its way into the truth!    SOLUTION: Exercise your discernment!

Look closely! What they are claiming have one thing in common: Outward Appearance! God’s words say, “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” Does the perishable inherit the imperishable? Does the material save a soul or make anyone holier? We do not gain the approval of the Lord by the physical nor does He judge anyone of us by outward appearance but by the intention of the heart.  When someone says they saw Jesus and He told them such and such strange new things that even your own spirit start getting uneasy as you read them, please know that God wants you to EXERCISE YOUR DISCERNMENT [without unbelief however] and use the understanding of the Holy Scripture that the Holy Spirit will give you before you believe everything they say. You read, you see some truth but you see some errors and red flags, watch out! Don’t swallow everything they say. Exercise your discernment.

A Hot Topic that is Dividing the Body of Christ

Outward appearance is a hot topic that is dividing the Body of Christ especially in countries from Africa. This might not be a big issue in the West but in Africa, this is a very sensitive issue within the Church. In doing this, part of the devil’s plan is:

1. To divide the Body of Christ: That those women who cover the head may not worship with those who are uncovered; that those women wearing pants, braiding hair, wearing jewelry, make up and much more may not be welcome where they don’t do so and vice versa…

2. To Promote a False Holiness / Self Righteousness So As to Deceive: Redemption is not the work of man but the Lord’s. False holiness emphasizes the Outward / Physical Appearance, despising the Cross and the Redemption by the Blood of Jesus. What we put on, be it hair, make ups, cloths… is not what makes someone holy or beautiful to Jesus. Over and over again, Jesus told us in our face to face encounters that beauty to Him is not physical. He also told us that a beautiful bride to Him is not the one who is so physically. He told us that what makes a beautiful bride to Him is LOVE, SACRIFICIAL LOVE. A beautiful bride to Him is a person who loves and has greater love – “Greater love has none than this, That one lays down His life for His friends.” John 15:13. A beautiful bride is one who is willing to give up anything for Him and follow Him wherever He takes them. He told us wearing pants don’t make anyone go to hell, what takes people to hell is sin in their hearts. If someone thinks they are holy because of what they wear or how they look, then what role does the blood of Jesus play? When someone is saved, is it Jesus who saves that person or is it the way they are dressed that save them? We all know the answer – JESUS – Only JESUS is our Savior. If clothing has no power to save someone, why will someone believe that clothing alone has power to condemn people to hell?

Jesus told us that He created man naked. He also created the woman naked. Clothing is physical, man-made and as such, will it please Him? Will what is man-made, invented by man be used to determine who is holy and who is not, or who enter heaven or not? No! The material cannot buy the spiritual, it cannot be used as a scale to determine who is pleasing to God or not. God looks at the heart. So what is the motive of the heart that's what matters to Him. If someone is dressing to cause people to fall then that's sin. If someone dresses certain ways because of pride and vanity, then that is sin. If a woman habitually goes into men section and buys her cloths there, then they definitely need to be set free.

3. To Take Captive Those Who Believe these Lies: Satan is the one behind the promotion of this false holiness. His plan is not just to divide, not just to sow small false doctrines here and there but to release demons into those who believe this deception. The moment people believe this deception and do not repent, they have opened a door by which Religious spirits will enter! This is what the Pharisees had! Luke 18:9-14 “And He also told this parable to some people who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and viewed others with contempt”  One door open leads to another and to another and to another. One by one, spirits of judging others, pride, religious spirits etc… will enter those who open this door. When we see people, we are supposed to see the Christ in them but once that spirit enters, people are blinded and they stop seeing that beautiful Jesus in their brethren, instead they start judging them. The Pharisees emphasized on cleaning the outside while the inside was full of wickedness (Luke 11:38- 40; Matthew 23:25-28). On November 3, 2013 @ Blazing Holy Fire Church, Jesus who had spoken on this issue many times before once more answered the question of wearing pants, jewelry, make up, hair extension …

You Are not Going to Be Condemned to Hell Because of Wearing Pants!

Jesus said, “What state did I create Adam and Eve in? Without cloth Naked! When did they make themselves cloths? After they sinned. Who made them cover themselves first? They covered themselves first not I. What did I give them? Did I give them cloths? No, I gave them fur, I gave them things to cover (Genesis 3) But I did not design it as in pa