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Throne Encounters (Part 2) - Unity of The Church

Jesus continues to visit 12 of us every night as we powerfully pray. He never misses a night! He says “I am with my beloved in my dwelling place.” Children of God, every time you are in the secret place, the Lord is there with you. I wish you all to meet the Lord Jesus face to face because it will increase your love for Him. It will leave you changed and you will serve Him more powerfully. Those who continue to diligently seek His face and overcome will meet Him. The Lord let me know He decided to open my eyes 10 years ago when one day I fervently prayed and asked to meet Him face to face.

Seeking the Lord

The Lord has given us a wonderful schedule for prayer. He is visibly with us from the beginning of prayer till end. We take breaks in between prayers and during this time, He sometimes talks to us as a group, He teaches us (no wonder they called Him Rabbi – He is a great teacher!). While prayer is going on, the Lord is busy training us as His Army in many different ways. This is according to the prophecy given to us on 1/14/2013 “Jesus spoke to me in a thundering voice and said,"I am raising up an army and it begins with the Blazing Holy Fire Church! He said ‘REVIVAL’. I will pour out my spirit upon all of you and you will go together and be used in miracles, signs and wonders".

During prayer, the Lord Jesus is the one who takes prayer warriors to hell, no one else can do that in our midst. The Horrors of hell are unimaginable but the Lord gives strength. He said He will not give them more than they can handle. There is a great purpose in going to hell and these prayer warriors understand their missions. The Lord grants them great gifts of joy and humor, as they all say “With great suffering comes great joy.”  – These prayer warriors are the most happy and have the most smiling faces sparkling with real joy. Once they go to hell, they also receive greater powerful movements for warfare!

Lately, hell has been extremely intense. Our Lord takes designed prayer warriors within 10-20 minutes of starting prayer, they tumble and roll on the floor as they are taken to hell and their souls are tormented without mercy. They go through different types of torments. While in hell, they spiritual bodies are so crushed and so dismembered that when the Lord brings them back from hell, He has to put them back together and heal them! At times, healing is progressive but sometimes He decides to heal them instantly. The Lord is the one who is in charge of all of this. Prayer warriors can be in hell for 1 to 3 hours. According to their testimonies, 1 hour feels like years in hell; many times the Lord leaves them there and they use their faith to believe He will come back for them as He has promised. He is faithful and He always comes back for them. While in hell, some prayer warriors are somewhat numbed so that they do not feel all the pain of hell torment but we have one prayer warrior who mostly feel the full effect of hell. When she comes back, many times she is unable to speak right away, see, hear or smell – Though this happens, we have supernatural way we communicate with them.

Live Hell Show 10/27/2013

Jesus granted us His grace and allowed the congregation to watch as He took one of us to hell and had her write down what she was experiencing while another member read it out loud to the congregation.

1. Punishment for not believing in the cross and His sacrifice: They put you on the upside down cross.  They whip you with the cat of nine tails.  The whip wraps and pulls off chunks of bones and flesh.  The cross is made of metal thorns that are 6 inches long that they pound into you until they stick through your whole body.  The metal is red hot and burns.

2. Punishment for eating the fruits of this world:

Member in hell says: (I can't breathe).  They put snakes in her stomach and they are thick as her arms, and she is throwing them up.  Their venom burn in the blood and they bite her inside and out.

3. Punishment for murder or murderous thoughts. They brand you with symbols that represent your sins.  They twist your body and put an X sign on your forehead and right hand.  They break your bones and pull off your flesh.  They put you on a huge bloodied cutting board and chop you to pieces, then eat you and drink your blood. Jesus said: ‘Life is not yours to give or take.  That right is God's alone.’ Then The Lord Jesus asked the congregation to pick three sins that we wanted to see their punishment. Lying, adultery and pride were chosen.

4. Punishment for lying: They rip out your tongue and nail and hummer it. They pull lava on it and they make you eat hot coals by the shovel full.  They burn your insides.

5. Punishment for adultery: For men: They cut off their genitals and chain you up and slice and burn you, and stab you with long needle like spears. For women: They hang you with  hot chains upside down in a pit and put 12-28 blades/ spears weapons into genitals.

6. Punishment for pride: They cut off limbs and then put you on huge hooks by the skin of your back and drench you in acid that melts your skin and they stab your genitals.  They take out your eyes, teeth and they rip the skin off your face and they wear it.  They also mock you.

Demons are very creative with punishment and they torment humans without mercy. Punishment for these sins can change to a different type.

Jesus then spoke to all of us and said:  Do you understand? Do you see what I have saved you from? PAIN, HOPELESSNESS, TORTURE, HORROR, SHAME... HELL. DO NOT FORGET WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR YOU.  DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT, OR YOU WILL PERISH…

The Heart of Jesus

The Lord has a great heart full of love. One night I asked Him to tell me what His heart experiences and He answered, “My heart is always being crushed. My heart is always being broken. But it is also being brought joy, it is always happy. I laugh so much. I play so much. I have so much fun – I am not afraid to do those things, I am not afraid to dance, play, swim … because I have no pride. My heart is always being crushed because of sin, because of the sins of the world and the pain my children are in; but the smallest thing can make God laugh. He used an example of my 5 years old son Christian saying “When Christian says ‘God says do not fear’,” that makes me laugh.” The Lord continued: ‘When you think of me and then you smile, that makes my heart beats, it makes my heart warm. I am a God who is not hard to please. I am not hard to make laugh. I am the creator of joy.” Beloved, let us bring joy to the Lord!

Smiling Competition

I used to be a person who was so seriously serving the Lord. With the visitations, the Lord started teaching me to smile more and have fun. A miracle happened and I was set free. I might have been the last person to get this in the church! Per my request, the Lord had my sister and me in a competition to see who would smile the most. Before I jumped into this competition the Lord reminded me He has officially gifted my sister with His smile and He asked me again if I truly wanted this competition – I said “Yes”. We had 3 days and the Lord was a score keeper. At that time, my sister was being taken to hell. The Lord said we were going to play fair and indeed during those 3 days, my sister had a hell break and at the end of 3 days the Lord announced the winner. My sister won 803 by 799 smiles. I practiced smiling and having fun, now it flows naturally!

A Faithful God

When these encounters began in the summer of 2013, the Lord wrote us individual letters and one letter for the whole church. These letters were full of promises from Abba Papa – Father God. God fulfills His words and Jesus would often tell us “Believe in Me. You must have faith and believe in Me because I do follow through! Trust in Me my children, I know what to do.” Romans 4: 19-22 “Without becoming weak in faith he contemplated his own body, now as good as dead since he was about a hundred years old, and the deadness of Sarah’s womb; yet, with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform. Therefore IT WAS ALSO CREDITED TO HIM AS RIGHTEOUSNESS.” Many of these promises have been & are still being fulfilled in our midst. There are a few I want to share with you: The promise to take us to hell: This promise was fulfilled within a few weeks. The Lord started taking people one at a time. Now, we have a group of people going to hell every night. Promise to open our spiritual sight:  From the beginning Jesus said He would open the eyes of 12 prayer warriors who overcame many trials that we faced as a church. They overcame deception, pride divisions; we all in one accord fully embraced the Lord who saw us through many trials. ‘Unity of My Church’ We are a family, we are in one accord seeking God. From the beginning of the visitations, the Lord told many of us how our eyes would open and the process to open our sight began. There is a process of opening your spiritual sight. The Trinity: Father God, Son and Holy Spirit agree on who and when to open the spiritual sight. There is a price to pay for your spiritual eyes to open. The price is beyond what we could ever ever ever have imagined! The Lord said “The longer you walk with God without your spiritual eyes opened, the harder it is to open them but once they open they can see greater.” Not everyone has to go through this process, the Lord can open the eyes automatically but He explained the difference. It is better to go through the process because when you pay the price you are humbled and do not take the gift lightly, deception is unlike to happen. When people have their spiritual sight opened without paying the price first, they are supposed to go through a process of paying a price later on. But oftentimes, before they get to that process they are already deceived. A person who receives visitation must be holy, walking with God and bearing the fruit of the spirit. The Lord explained they must be submitted to

a) Godly authority (He often says ‘I am a God of order’) b) Godly counsel c) God’s Word (BIBLE)

If they have sin, especially the sin of pride – it is a door through which deception will run straight. Pride blocks their hearing and Jesus said He cannot visit those who do not hear and submit to Him. The Lord has instructed me to write on deception in the next article – Satan is the father of lies and his most powerful weapon right now against true seekers is deception. Jesus is faithful in fulfilling His promises. Often times we do not understand His timing, what is soon to Him might seem a long time for you and vice versa. One night He told me my son’s eyes would open. I took it “yes, in a few months …” but the next day, while we were at a park praying, my son came to me and told me he had seen a demon in the water. Over and over again He told me about that demon and I ignored him thinking it is baby talk. This cost us a heavy price, one of the prayer warrior who played in the water was harmed. The Lord said ‘you need to believe in Me. I told you your son’s eyes were opening and I chose to use him to give a warning tonight but none paid attention.”  Besides the 12, the Lord opened the sight of our children in the church and He will open more eyes of you who are reading and being mentored through these teachings. So take them seriously and apply in your life. Miracles to take place in our midst: Great miracles take place in our midst. Miracles of healing, deliverance, restoration, provision, great miracles we are not allowed yet to share, spiritual eyes opening and much more.  – When my son was born everything looked normal but a few months later, we noticed his right side of the body was slow to move. Doctors gave us no hope but when the Lord visited us, He promised to heal him. Now, my son can bike and He is using the right hand doing things doctors had said they cannot be done. The local Christian newspaper started publishing the words from Jesus without us even knowing it. A reader called and told us about the article on judgment being in the newspaper. We had no clue how it got there. When we asked the Lord about this He said He is the one who had it put in the newspaper. We later on met the owner and ever since then He has been publishing the words from Jesus every month! The Lord gives us a message every month to put in the newspaper.

Jesus: A God of True Love

Jesus is full of love – He is not an angry God  nor a God who is always pointing out your weaknesses. He is very encouraging, pointing out the positive and strength in our lives. When people would ask Him their weaknesses, He would only point to their strength. He corrects us as a loving Father and He won’t let us move forward in mistakes or sins. He is very loving, very gentle and humble but when people do not listen to His warning, He is not afraid to give them stern warning! This has not yet happened in our midst because all 12 of us are fully submitted to Him. He has called us to walk with Him. Walking with God is not an easy thing. Why? Because God is a perfect God and we are not. He is training us to walk with Him like Enoch. I remember during the first visits we were trained on how to even hold a conversation with Him. As we walk with Him, our sinful nature - the flesh is exposed and as we repent He takes us deeper. All can fall except God. He is the one who picks us up when we fall. He reminds us that forgiveness is something He is good at, we must be quick to repent. Here below is an incident I am going to use to show you that you have a very loving Father. One night, the prayer took place in my house instead of our church building. Jesus was visiting with the 12 but I started being distracted by many things like Martha. When I finished the preparations, Jesus was still visiting. I am normally a calm person but this time I was frustrated while everyone else was having a great time laughing and enjoying the Lord. I came and sat down and let my mind wonder instead of focusing on my Jesus. He has told us to always focus on Him, to let Him be the center of it all. I was getting in the flesh and my mind was wandering big time. The Lord never let us move forward in mistakes or sins, even when He talks to us, He corrects our wording. The Lord looked at me and said that my mind was wondering. He corrected me in the presence of all but in a loving fatherly way. Instead of repenting I felt offended and I wondered much more. After a while he pointed out that I was not focusing on Him. When I heard this, I got more offended [from the beginning of my Christian walk, the Lord has taught me that every time I am offended I must go on my knees and repent] but in this case, I completely forgot it all. The Lord saw I needed encouragement and He said “My daughter Christine, today you made a big difference.” I ignored the Lord and within me I fainted. Soon the Lord brought the meeting to a close. I stood up and went by the fire place and lay down in corner with self-pity. I cried and played the music “purify my heart.” I was trying to cleanse myself up and making peace with God without Him! The Lord lovingly came to the corner where I was and asked me if I wanted to talk in private. He always wants us to get rid of sin and have joy NOW and not later. I told Him to give me sometimes and He said He would come the next day. Oh, I wish I had not said that because the whole night I could not sleep! I woke up early and repented and cried out to God for hours! On the next day’s meeting, I thought I had done like Vashti in the book of Esther. I thought the Lord was going to put me on leave! I shook and trembled for hurting the One whom I love with all my heart. I cried for hurting the one who loves me with passion, the one whose heart burn with love for me always. When the nightly meeting began, the Lord asked to talk to me. I fell on His knees crying in repentance. He forgave me and calmed me down! He poured His love upon me. He talked to me that day and treated me like how King Xerxes treated Esther. The Lord put me at ease and reminded me who I was to Him.  That as His faithful and beloved servant, I can come in His presence unannounced! That whenever He sees me coming, He will always lower His scepter at any time to speak to me. That night, the Lord held me so tight and so close – over and over He asked me “What is your petition, my beautiful Bride? It shall be granted you. And what is your request?” Esther 7:2. He reminded me how I am His faithful servant and He asked “Now what is your petition?  It shall even be granted you. And what is your further request? It shall also be done.”  That night, the Lord granted all my requests – all of them and He let me know He tested me. He complimented me that I had passed the test. I said Lord how can that be? He said that “it is not failure when you go on your knees and cry out to God!” I hope from this incident you will be able to mimic the Lord and have a love that does not keep record of wrong; a love that is kind – A LOVE THAT IS NOT PROVOKED. The Lord loves you sooo much and want to be involved in everything that you do. There is a dear brother in our midst who had a project of building a new shop and the Lord was involved in it from beginning to end. He took care of everything because the brother let Him be God in all his life. Small and big details, the Lord was involved. He is not just a God who only talks about Scriptures but He wants to be involved in everything you do hold a conversation with you, share joy, laughter and cries with you.

A Caring Father

It is amazing to see how God is involved in taking care of His children not only in spiritual matter but in our everyday needs. In the same manner parents take care of their children … changing them, feeding them, preparing them to go to bed and so on, so does our Lord take care of us. On November 4, 2013: We arrived home from church late at night. It was an intense night for Izzie, going through many torments in hell. Izzie is a teenager who pays unimaginable high price. She is the most person the Lord takes to hell and she is not numbed like others. The Lord talks highly of her ‘a rare person to find who learned to love from no one else but Me.” She lives a selfless lifestyle and we as a church have learned “Greater Love” from her. After watching 10 minutes of her being tormented in hell, I made up my mind that I would never open my mouth to criticize a servant of God who goes to hell. The price they pay is way too high, they have great favor from the Lord however and woe are those who come against such true servants of God. The Lord highly esteem them and has shared His heart with me many times on how people such as pastor Kim are so beloved and dear unto Him.   Getting home that night, Izzie was too weak to walk upstairs on her own. I sat her on the downstairs couch. While I was making tea for us, the Lord Jesus and my daughter Kiata surprised us and paid us visits (people doubts about visits from the saints and in doing so they put God in a box! Is it impossible for God to travel from heaven to earth and bring a saint with Him? What is Revelation 22:8-9 talks about? Beloved, this actually real – all I know is that I get to see my daughter many times a week when the Lord permits. Regarding those who had unbelief that saints cannot come to earth, the Lord said “I am God – They are not. I can do the impossible”). Luke 1:37 Visitations to go to heaven or hell only take place in our corporate gathering of prayer but there are times the Lord visibly come to our home. We go through many trials, pains, crushing ever since we started walking with God. When I go through such crushings, usually the Lord comes to my home to comfort me, just like what happens when true friends come over for support in difficult times. Lately the Lord has been showing up more and more in our home. I was so excited. I love to see Abba! I love to talk to Him! We enjoyed tea together and talked until Izzie fell asleep on Abba’s lap. It was cold freezing outside but Izzie said Abba’s lap was warm. The Lord stayed and finally at 2.20am, my flesh gave out. I tried to get Izzie to sleep in her room but she was too far tired and she managed to whisper and let me know she only wanted to sleep on Abba’s lap. I put blankets on her but I forgot to help her change into her pajamas. She was wearing a suit she normally wears when she goes to hell and this can be too hot and uncomfortable to sleep in all night. The next day when she woke up, we were all amazed! She was no longer wearing the suit she wears to hell but her pajamas! Also her toothbrush and paste were in the downstairs bathroom which indicated that she or someone took her there to brush her teeth. Izzie does not remember at all changing nor brushing. What is interesting is that she could not have gotten upstairs on her own after an intense night of hell, and if she had managed to go upstairs on her own to change, then she would have brushed her teeth there and slept there… but indeed someone – a faithful Father took care of her! We asked the Lord the next day and He said He picked up her body so that she could change and He brought her back and let her sleep on His lap!

A Powerful God

The Lord is so powerful and so mighty. Sometimes we feel like we need to help Him but actually we found out He can do anything. Nothing is too difficult for Him. There is nothing He cannot do, we have learned that. In every situation, He knows what to do. He can heal instantly but there are times He heals progressively because He wants you to use your faith. When we started walking with Him in holiness we found out that our body are the temple of His spirit. Then His spirit in us moves us to do certain things; many times the Lord has control of what I read, what I write and what I do. In gatherings, the Lord fulfills the intent of His heart. When He comes, He has a plan and all things must go as He will because we are fully and totally submitted to Him.

Halloween Night 2013

The Lord prepared us for this day. A day before Halloween, the Lord asked me “Pastor, My child, my beloved daughter, my beautiful beautiful bride, are you ready for tomorrow?” He required each one of us to have a perfect heart before God, no division, no unrepentant sin. That night also satan came to spy on us but with the Lord’s strong protection, satan could only do so from a distance. The Lord let us know satan cannot be in two or multiple places at once. Him coming to our church meant that we were a big threat to Him. The Lord confirmed that we were among the top praying church on earth today. On Halloween night, the Lord Jesus Himself directed our prayers and the battle we fought. “The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies.” The Lord directed two battles that were powerful. He was working with time. In the first battle, Satanists who were gathered together were scattered as we powerfully prayed according to how He has trained us. In the second battle, the Lord timed it so perfect that when we powerfully prayed, satanist could not offer a human sacrifice as they had planned  – a life was saved that night because of our prayers but He let us know with deep sorrow that many more lives were lost. As an army of the Lord, together with you, we are going to make a big different on next Halloween and every day. The day after Halloween, demons and Satanists assigned against us were so week that they held a meeting from hell and tried to watch us as we prayed. When they looked at each prayer warrior, they were trying to look for weaknesses in us so that they can find where to attack us and they found none! The Lord covered us so well and His protection in our midst was so strong that they could not see any weaknesses but only strength! Glory to God in the highest! In the heavenly language He taught us we say Hallelika (Hallelujah)!

Cleansing the House – A mouse from hell!

The Lord led us into the process of spiritual cleansing of our meeting places. Led by the Holy Spirit, every object and articles and everything within our meeting places was cleansed including wires in the walls – as we spiritually cleansed electric wires we shouted “Holy Electricity” . The Lord let us know demons have no chance to get into our meeting place. The heavens are open, the Kingdom of God is in our midst. When the devil has no chance to enter in, he still tries to find some other ways. Recently, a mouse was sent from hell to disrupt our meetings but the Lord who watches over us all does not slumber nor sleep. He would not let that happen. The Lord showed this mouse to us and said it was killed by Holy Electricity. The picture is herewith attached for you to see. 

A mouse sent from Hell caught by the power of God

A Surprise Christmas Party

We love the Lord so much. He is a great God who loves you so very much. As a church, we decided to have a surprise Christmas party but we wondered how this will happen. We had a meeting and asked the Lord to cover His ears so that we can plan for His Christmas party. He has told us that it does not matter the date He was born. Jesus gave us privacy and as we started planning, the Holy Spirit came instead and He helped us plan for the party. Celebrate Christmas but keep it Christ centered. The Lord said “My heart is joyful and I love the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas!” Smile! Jesus loves you!

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