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The day you listened to the voice of truth and believed, amazing things happened! That day, you gave your life to Jesus, satan was kicked out of your life and you became born again. You are like one in a thousand to win this battle because many live their lives without heeding to the voice of truth. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Look what a great miracle that took place because you heeded the voice of Truth!

In John 8:42-46, Jesus told Jews the Truth of who He was. The devil also opened His mouth full of venomous lies and spoke. With his crafty lies, people’s ears were tickled! A reminder to all of us to be careful, for many times lies are painted to seem more believable than the truth! Instead of choosing the truth, the Jews believed satan over Jesus and because of that, they would never see His face! What a tragedy, to depart from this life without saying Yes to the Truth! “So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:31-32

Now that we have become children of God, are we safe from being enslaved again by satan’s lies? Beloved children of God, it t is to know the truth day by day. It is to choose the truth day by day over the lies of satan, minute by minute continuing in His Word. Even though we have become the children of God, and received freedom by heeding the voice of truth, we can lose that freedom when we believe lies. Each time people believe a lie, they are held captive by satan in some areas of their lives. It is in this way people lose their freedom little by little. To be free is to destroy all lies of satan in us and to embrace the Truth.

The evil days are upon us and we are already in the days of the great deception. Take it to heart about the many warning Jesus gave us about these days. In the book of Matthew 24, many times, the Lord warns that “many will fall away, many will be misled, many will fall away, if possible, even those whom God has chosen, the elect will be deceived and led astray!” When He says misled, led astray, He is talking about those who were already enlightened but are being deceived by satan’s lies. The elect can be deceived! The disciples can be deceived! These people to be deceived, to be led astray, to fall away – it is because they have ceased to stand upon the truth. To be deceived, one has to be told a lie and to believe in the lie and carry it out or follow it.

Beloved in the Lord, today we are living in the evil days. Like the days of Noah and Lot. These are the days when we need to go to the ancient path, the place where we chose to open our ears, listen carefully and heed every instruction the Holy Spirit gives through God’s word. The same voice that spoke to Lot, “… Do not look behind you… or you will be swept away” Genesis 19:17 is speaking to us today. Be careful to stand in the truth at this hour lest you be swept away into deception!  There are many lies flying all over the internet and mass media outlet – God is warning us to buckle up with the armor of God and especially to get hold of the Truth and stand upon the Truth. He who stands upon the Truth stands upon the Rock, and He who is standing upon the Rock will resist in the evil day.

How to Resist in the Evil Day?

Ephesian 6 tells us about the evil day and how to resist in it. In order to resist, it is a must for one to put on the full armor of God. The very first piece of the armor given to us by God is the Belt of Truth 6:14. This is a foundation of the whole armor of God. Without this first piece, the foundation is missing. It says that in order to resist in the evil days, you must buckle up with the Truth. You must fasten this belt of Truth, you must gird your loins with it and never let it go. The truth is to not depart from you. In the days we are living in and the days ahead, it will not be possible to stand unless you stand on the truth. The Lord said “when you stand on the truth, the ground will shake, everything will fall around you, the mountains will crumble, but you will stand strong, because you stand with Me”

But What is the Truth?

Jesus! Jesus and only Jesus! The Word of God, He is the Truth! So get hold of Him. Get back into reading the Bible every day, spend much time in the Bible - The truth is every word that comes out of the mouth of God. The truth is not what you get from internet. It is not the information you get when you google someone’s name. The truth is not what you get by multiplying preachers, picking and choosing, all that it brings is confusion. God does not want us to search for ourselves teachers. God is the one who plant you in a church or fellowship. God is the one who choose a mentor for you. And even with that mentor, you are to be like the Berean believers “Now the Bereans were more noble-minded than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if these teachings were true” Acts 17:11. The truth is not what you get because you have followed a mighty man of God who goes to heaven and hell and back, be careful, many who used to have true encounters have fallen from the Truth. For every teaching, you must be like the Bereans.

What Happens When One Believes a Lie?

To not stand in truth is to open a door to the father of lies who send his lying spirits to blind people. By believing a lie, people give satan materials to build scales over the eyes, which causes one to fall from God’s path if there is no repentance. To choose the lie over the truth is to murder one’s only hope, and to crucify one’s own truth. Let’s Get Back to the Ancient Path

Thus says the LORD: “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’ Jeremiah 6:16

Remember the first day when you got saved? You heard the truth, believed Jesus and fell in love with Him. All the negativity were nowhere to be found and you experience your first love. Your first love is the true love; He alone is your true love and He alone is your last love. Today God is calling us to go back to the first love. To go back to the ancient path. This is a place where all the negativity are not allowed. This is a safe place and this is where God wants you to be every day, not just the day you got saved but to dwell there every single day. Go to the ancient path, live there, abide with Him. For you who are new in your salvation, God has send you His servant to help you know Him but now you want to teach that servant instead who is false and true prophets; true or false teachers. This is not what God has saved you for. Sit down and be taught. Sit down and listen and grow to know God.

Red Flags when One Is Departing from Truth

There will be red flags when you are departing from this ancient path, this place of safety. You will know you are departing when the pointing of the fingers at God’s servants begins. “Oh, this one is of God; this one is not of God but amazingly you have not met that servant of God! Have you met them? Have you spend time with them face to face? Have you even had a single lunch with that servant? You are departing from the path of truth when you negatively talk about people you have not even yet met or known. The truth is not to point the finger at the woman who was caught up in adultery, for when we point 1 finger, at least 3 if not 4 fingers are pointing towards us. Thus in pointing the finger, one is truly condemning themselves.

You are departing from this ancient path when you start being involved in arguments and boast “I am of Paul; no I am of Appolos, I am of this and that ministry” None of these died for us. These are all distraction, let’s keep our heads into the Bible, and let us consume the Word of God. Let the Word of God consume us. To know the truth, always check and always double check. When people come and tell you things, check first. Also do not assume. The enemy is a master in twisting and distorting what is true.

The Lord gave this word for you Blazing Holy Fire army because He will soon use you to do great and might things. But in order for this to happen, in order for Him  to use you in this way, you must make room for the Truth and be full of only the Truth!  He has called us to continue in the Truth. Let’s continue into His word. Let’s read the Bible every day and many times a day and apply it. Let’s cling to the Truth. This is the only way into heaven for Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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