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The Necessity Of The Fear Of The Lord

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

A summary of an important message from Terry Bennett

The Fear of the Lord: Proverb 1:7 9:10 13:8 15:33 Here’s what the Lord was saying to me. Different types of encounters. Some of those things are very obvious to me and what I call the voice from the throne. It’s the voice from the throne.

“Tell my children and tell my saints what time it is.” When He said that, a clock appeared behind Him.  He said, 2015 is the beginning of a season of time that is of historic significance particularly as that pertains to the body of Christ.  High gear is going to be kicked in to the readying of the bride, the readying of the people of God. There is going to be even greater pressure applied upon us by the Holy Spirit concerning this issue about being made ready. God is never made random in that. If He is applying greater pressure, it is because greater pressure is going to be confronted by us in the shaking of the heaven and earth. So it is not haphazard. God isn’t being mean. God is lovingly making us ready by pressuring us, pressuring his people, out of deluded lifestyles of ease particularly in this nation and out of disobedient lifestyles.

Obedience to God is a requirement, not an option. The Lord would press us for our own sake and for the sake of His inheritance, the body of Christ. Even in the nations, He is going to press us in an unprecedented way unto the high calling of Jesus. Secondly, it’s time. It’s time for judgment to begin, and it will begin in His house and within all that are mine in truth. It will bring two things. It will bring division and distinction, so may our hearts be ready for that. In our relationships there will be division, God is in it.  In our relationship with Him and one another, the distinction will come. God is in it. His people are meant to be people of distinction, representing Him on this earth. There is going to be division because where we are vs where he will take us, eternal plan and purposes vs. earthly mindedness that is present nominal church. To go on is separating ourselves from where we have been. His people are meant God is in it. His people are  meant to be a people of distinction. The division is going to be because of where we are versus where he would take us, eternal plan and purpose vs. this earthly mindedness in the present nominal church. It can only bring division. To go on is to separate ourselves from where we’ve been. No one wants to argue that point. It can’t be argued.

This is the mercy of God. Leaving it as it is would cause us to face the Judgment Seat of Christ in a way of unpreparedness. That has eternal consequences. It is His kindness interrupting. He said to me some years ago, I interrupt regularly scheduled programs to bring you special bulletin, appeared as anchorman on TV.  Much of what was said in that encounter is relating to time we are coming into, cosmic calamities and catastrophic events will soon take place.

Judgment will begin in His house. 1 Peter 4:17.   If it begins in His house. Where will the unrighteous stand?  The Lord was very clear with me.  When it begins with His House it will go directly to the nations. That is the time we are living in.  That is the season now we are coming into.  But not as we were in the past season.  A way of intensity and regularity that we have not seen.  It will increase as journey goes forth. It will begin inward first. Inwardly, the confrontation of God will be in His house internally.

Fear of the Lord must be at its beginning and it has been lost. The fear of the Lord is the beginning;  “tell them that many are in grave and great danger at its loss. The true fear of God only is beginning of the true knowledge of the holy one and the true wisdom of God. “Tell them stop being fools. They are rushing in where angels fear to tread.”  Without the fear of God there is no humility. Without the fear of God there is no discernment of their danger.  “Tell them they are attempting to come before me with no wisdom.  They at best reach the outer court which they foolishly believe to be the throne.  They are not allowed before the throne in their present heart condition of no fear and their besetting sin.  "Warn them, warn them, lest they continue and die.  Without the fear of God these teachers and prophets attempt to lead a generation away from My established order.  Warn them, warn them, The eternal will confront the temporal, The Infinite will question the finite, The Holy One will bring devastating fear to the fearless children of folly.  Warn them, warn them, Do not darken My counsel of wisdom with folly.  Do not approach me with your reproachable ways."

I am a consuming fire why do you not fear me? I do not cast pearls before swine. Those who love dirt and flesh and the world. The fear of the Lord opens an initial door of approach to God that nothing else will, even Love. The love of god is unbalanced without the fear of God.  Finally He said," I expelled Lucifer for his self-centered desires. Why do you not remember? Why do you not fear Me?"

I ask the Fear of God on us in this time. We do not understand whom we are dealing with, I’m afraid.  And, the more He releases His glorious presence , more in danger we are going to be.

We need to make some things clear about the Throne of God

First, the throne of God does not change. What you can read in scripture about the throne of God is the same in Isaiah 6 as it is in Revelation as it is today. Much of the revelation is presently in the church, in so called prophetic has made the throne of God less than what we can read about in the scriptures. The eternal throne is the place of the full immediate presence of God. The throne of God is the place of divine ruling and reigning. The place of divine judgment and judging, of proclamation and announcement. It’s where he dwells in unapproachable light-key that we understand that fact. It is the place where all who surround Him cry HOLY!!!  Psalm 89:6-7. The throne of God is the place of incredibly piercing light, and of the consuming fires of refinement, because God is a consuming fire. None have ever approached this throne with frivolity and none ever will. We are deceived really bad. We don’t know whom we are dealing with.

I want us to look specifically at the fear of God.

It may not be what we’ve previously been taught. Let’s go to Revelation 5. I think it’s appropriate that we look at the fear of the Lord, Rev. 5:6. “And I saw between the Throne the four living creatures, the elders, and a lamb standing as if slain. Having seven horns seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth.” Isaiah 11: 1-2, “And a shout will spring forth from the stem of Jesse, and a branch from the roots will bear fruit, and the Spirit of the lord will rest on him, and the spirit of wisdom, strength, and knowledge and the fear of the Lord.”

The knowledge of the holy one is always connected to the fear of God. Without the fear of God there is no knowledge of the Holy one. The Lord told me that directly in an encounter. The fear of the Lord is not natural. Natural men do not have this. The fear of the Lord is an activity of the Holy Spirit in releasing Himself to a person or people. The fear of the God comes by impartation. It comes from the Spirit of the Lord. The portion of the Spirit of God’s activity can be seen, what we call seven Spirits of God, the seven fold manifestation of God’s Spirit in His activity in work. A part of that is that the fear of God and the knowledge of God comes hand and hand. And cannot be separated. Personally TB was lovingly terrified, when the fear of the Lord came, outside of myself, there was holy dread that made me get down on my face, and I could not get low enough. I was lovingly terrified of the presence of Him who was there with me. I felt safe and I felt undone simultaneously.  Uncontrollable weeping with joy within me.

I have been in corporate gatherings the fear of the Lord was released by the Holy Spirit. It has to be released.  I want you to note that. It cannot be obtained naturally. It is not normal fear. True fear of the Lord only can come from the Lord.  Its beginning is His very nature. I believe the recovery we need will begin in this season with the fear of the Lord being released by the Holy Spirit individually and corporate manifestation of the fear of God among us, on us. Its intention is habitation.  It is fullness of His own life and nature –and there is key of the fear of the Lord 24/7.  It is partaking of Him in it.  That begins with me asking for it, praying, wanting it Seeing that I truly need the fear of the Lord.  To shun evil begins with the fear of the Lord. Nothing natural about the fear of the Lord. It is supernatural.  It is the release of the Spirit of Christ to us. We can ask Him for that release internally since He lives within us, he is dwelling within us.  We individually and corporately are His temple. He can fill us with that fear of the Lord like the glory cloud filled the temple in Solomon’s day and the priest were so full of fear of God and the presence of the fear of God , they cannot perform their activities.  Those can be transforming moments. That kind of presence of the fear of God. How we need the baptism of the fear of the Lord in this hour. That is what I was asking the Lord for in this encounter personally and corporately for us as His people, the fresh baptism of fear of God. Much of our concept of fear is to run and hide, but fear of Lord make us run to Him not from Him. The fear of the Lord draws us into Him. What we are dealing with here is the release of the Lord and His nature, His presence, His very being to us.  That is how it must begin and come forth. Crying out for it-the Holy Spirit to release to us the fear of the Lord and the knowledge of God. The knowledge of the Holy one is only attainable in the fear of the Lord.

Five things, time we are in, revolving around lamb;

  1. You will see the revelation of Lamb will be restored on this earth.

  2. You will see arising of the lamb which also includes redemptive judgment to turn hearts toward God (Cross, Fear of the Lord restored)

  3. You will see come forth of Lamb’s possession; Bride has no self centeredness. Lord does not want us coming to throne with Lucifer still bound in us. With it you cannot approach the throne. There will not be another rebellion. II Peter 2:4   Look at present status of church.

  4. Lamb at war; manifestation of His Lioness

  5. Reign of the Lamb

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