The Lost Souls - Innumerable Lost Souls Waiting at the Gates of Hell

It was a Monday night prayer service; it started out different then most other Monday night prayer services. There was a visiting Pastor and his daughter who led an acoustic praise service. The Lord had me dancing the holy dance the whole time. I was attacked by satan and my knee came out of socket but I couldn’t stop dancing and God gave me the strength to keep moving. So when it was time for prayer I was in immense pain, kneeling made me almost cry but I knew that God would heal me.

Right after the lights were turned out and prayer started, I instantly began to weep. I have never cried like that, it wasn’t even crying it was yelling, tears falling, body shaking, and heart shattering weeping. I had no idea why I was weeping that way, so I asked the Lord if He would tell me the reason. He didn’t just tell me, He showed me.

The Lost Waiting at the Gates of Hell

All of a sudden I saw so many people in a crowd, all standing there looking oblivious, sad, hurt, depressed, and mostly hopeless. The whole place was dark, but I could see and everything had a reddish and black tint to it. I started to weep even harder, I asked in my mind, “What am I seeing Father?” And he told me it was the lost, and the broken, who where waiting at the gates of hell.

Then my line of sight widened and I saw a huge gate behind which creatures of nightmare shrieked and shook the gates. These demons and monsters were excited to torture and attack the crowd of lost souls. Their facial expressions were of a sick ecstasy, it was like they were enthusiastic and impatient to get at the souls. I have never seen so much evil at once; these things had no souls but were pure darkness and evil.  They were rattling the metal gates, clanging, and smashing themselves against it and reaching out to try and snatch the souls; they were like wild animals trying to escape from a cage. They looked so cruel and foul, and they were so eager to evoke pain and punishment.

Then the view changed, and almost spun to a new direction like a camera, and it pointed out at the masses of people. There are so many, so, so, so many souls. I looked into the distance and I couldn’t even find a horizon, it just kept going, and there seemed to be no end to the crowd. I physically fell to my face and bore my soul to the Lord in sorrow and heart break; I screamed without noise because no earthly noise could express the sorrow I felt. My heart and soul felt like it was being ripped to shreds by the sadness and heart break, God was pouring out onto me, He told me it wasn’t even one tear’s worth of what He had shed for the lost souls. I can’t even put into words how much it hurt, and how much heartbreak I felt for their souls.

I was now lying with my arms stretched out as far as they would go and my face pressed into the carpet of the stage. I was still shaking and crying so hard. I kept asking Jesus, “Why don’t you help them?”, “Father, please, you died for them! Reach out to them!” Mostly I just cried out that there are so many. I yelled out “No” countless times; I just couln’t comprehend how there are so many people who are going to hell. But He didn’t say anything to me, until I asked Him “Why have you forsaken them?” He became angry with me, and told me sternly, “I warned them all!” That shocked me, how could He have warned them all, and none of them turned to Him? I couldn’t understand how so many people refused to heed His warnings.

In His Shadow

Then my point of view changed again and I was pulled away from the crowed and up above them looking down at them. It was extremely bright all of a sudden, and I saw so many angels, and hundreds of saved souls, all in a circle looking over the gates of hell from above. And in front of me was Jesus’ sandaled feet, I was looking past His heels to see hell. I was still heart broken, but I felt safe. I asked the Lord where I was and He told I was in His Shadow. That stunned me; His beauty is overwhelming and breathtaking. I was still weeping physically, because I could still see the innumerable souls.

Do not Backslide

Then He all of a sudden changed where we were at, and He showed me how, when a saved person sins, they start to lose their light and become dark like the lost souls. But when they repent, He picks them back up and fills them up with His glory and light. I had never understood how much sin separates us from the Father, when we sin we fall from the light and become dark and hopeless. Yet, when we earnestly repent He easily forgives us and sets us upright. The contrast between the light and the dark is beyond compare, without the Lord there is no hope, no light, no love, and only evil and torment awaits you. I was weeping even harder, because His love and grace is so great, when we don’t deserve anything better then death.

The Lord told me that He only showed me one of the many, many gates and entrances to hell, but that there is only one narrow gateway into Heaven. And once you enter hell, there is no way out, unless Jesus Himself retrieves you.

The whole vision broke my heart, and makes me weep even writing it. There is no end to hell, and there are so, so, so many going there. Please, the Lord loves you, repent of your sins and turn to Him. His love has no end, and His forgiveness has no bounds, but His wrath is severe and His judgment is real.

Jesus is the only light! Embrace Him today!