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Testimony: Cleansed by Jesus (Part 2)

Jesus delivers! There is no sin that is bigger and stronger than Almighty God! All addictions, all humanity's filthy sins, Jesus paid the price for them all at the cross! Galatians 5:1 "It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery."

Last time I shared a story of a brother who went through a process of deliverance and how Jesus came and set him free. Today, our brother is free living only for Jesus. I want to share with you what happened when the Lord led us to do another deliverance for him.

“He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, and they will bring offerings in righteousness to the LORD..”  Malachi 3:3.

After the second day of deliverance, the Lord God Almighty did a great work in me.

January 6, 2015

The cleansing by Jesus continued even days after the deliverance was finished. I was driving on my way to pick up my wife and all of sudden my eyes opened and I saw the vision of Jesus on the cross.  I was reminded that my sins, all of them have been forgiven. I saw Jesus reaching out into my upper abdomen, as a surgeon would do, He cut me open and His powerful hand reached and got dirt out of my my chest and out of my inside stomach and internal organs! Jesus then took my heart out, thoroughly cleansed it and He put it back. Next, Jesus cut me and stretched the skin from my whole body and removed it. I saw that skin being destroyed at Jesus' cross. Nails from my fingers and toes were all pulled out. My eyes were pulled out from my eye sockets and after Jesus removed dirt out from inside my eyes, He put new lens and eyes parts were replaced.  This process was very painful. My entire head and skull were cleansed. Inside my brain there were black dirt that was destroyed  by the light that was coming from Jesus. The Lord gave me a brand new brain. all the bones from my whole body were scrapped.  Something from both of my ears was pulled like a string and then cleansed. This was very painful. My tongue was cut and and new tongue was given to me. The cleansing was so deep that there was nothing left in me that was not cleansed. That day I deeply fell in love with Jesus. From that moment on, He would give me many swords that would enter my body and I knew He was giving me weapons to fight a good fight of faith to keep my deliverance and freedom.

January 7, 2015

I am deeply in love with Jesus. The Lord gave me a flashback of my life. Starting from my very young age up to now, the Lord showed me how the innumerable sins I had committed were removed. Every time each sin came out, God brought memory to my mind and I saw each sin I committed and how I committed it. I saw the power of God and  how a line of countless demons from my body moved towards Jesus on the cross. Jesus then destroyed them instantly, right there at the cross.

I saw God showing me the generation of my forefathers. For my parents, on my mother's side, they believed in Allah but on my father's side I saw a lot of witchcraft connecting even all the way back to Egypt. I saw how they worshiped false gods like those one would see on the painting of a wall with the head half wolf and half human. Such strong witchcraft and abominable sins that I have committed but the Lord delivered me from them all. Now I am free to fight sin and satan. I am deeply in love with Jesus. Often the Lord gives me what we call "Bible Study". This where He shows me the scenes of the Bible in a living panorama, with deep meaning and understanding. I praise and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ as I join my brothers and sisters every night to seek God's holy face.

Dear reader, our Lord is doing great things in our midst that are amazing. This is one of them, a story shared  to remind you that Jesus saves and delivers. We cannot say sin got me and it is hard to be set free. What is harder? To stop sinning or to die on the cross for all the sins of humanity? Have this picture in your mind: someone who cannot stop sinning is a slave to sin. Picture that person being captured by satan and becoming his slave. satan puts innumerable chains so that person does not escape. Each time that person sin and does not repent, a chain is put around them so tight that they cannot escape. Chains are thick according to the gravity of sin and how many times they have been committed. Then picture Jesus, the sacrificial lamb of God who paid for all your sins. While captivated by sin, Jesus does not run away from you though our sins break His heart so much... Jesus stands there, each moment telling you to break free from satan and to come to His side. Jesus tells you all the steps you need to take to be free. Each time you repent and obey, chains fall off; each time you pray and worship in repentance chains fall off; each time you evangelize and do God's work faithfully chains fall off.  There is no sin and no crime no matter how deep that can hold you captive if you choose to obey God's word in the Bible. What is hard? To say no to satan or to say yes to Jesus? Let us correct our thinking, because it all starts with what we believe!

There is so much Jesus wants to share with you about deliverance and we will do so one step at a time. Right now, God wants you to have genuine repentance. : Genuine repentance means you repent and you mean it.

It is not genuine repentance when you repent but you put condition.

It is not genuine repentance when you put exception." Lord, I have rerepented but if this opportunity presents itself, you know I cannot resist it. Lord, I have repented but there is this one exception, if this person come in town, I must go party with them. It is not genuine repentance when you justify sin. It is not genuine repentance when you deal gently with sin. It is not genuine repentance when you say "today let me sin all I can but tomorrow I will start a dry fast..." - You can never be free when you think like that. You can never be free when you participate in willful sin.

Sin is death. Sin is hell. Sin is satan. Therefore, plan, strategize and carefully plan how you will escape sin.


You have a great weapon against satan which is 'your free will'. Learn to say no to satan; use your free will to choose. If a hand causes you to stumble cut it of. If your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off. The eye that causes you to sin, gauge it out. It is a battle. It is a war, pick up the fight, get into the middle of the battle field there is no neutral ground!

During the first week of January 2015, the Lord spoke to me and He said “I set the captive free. The soul in whom I find genuine repentance,I will set them free.” Have genuine repentance, He will set you free.

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