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Testimony: Cleansed by Jesus (Part 1)

Addiction to drugs, drinking, sexual perversion, hard-core porno, homosexual and lesbian sins, witchcraft, satanism etc…? You want to be free but alas, you have tried all you can but things have gotten worse? Victory seems like a dream that won’t come true and your deliverance seems to be a million miles away? God has good news for you! The people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.”  Matthew 4:16. The following encounters happened in our midst where one of our friend went through a process of deliverance. After this process of deliverance, our friend’s eyes were opened to the spiritual realm and witnessed the following cleansing being done on his body. Do not sit there and think your case is somewhat more difficult and complicated. What sin did not Jesus pay for? What sin and what crime did Jesus not carry? Jesus sets the captive free (Galatians 5:1). All your sins, Jesus paid a heavy price for them but you must fight satan and command him to release the freedom he stole from you. You must claim your freedom, victory and declare it in the name of Jesus. The ticket to claim your freedom and victory is Repentance, because Repentance proves to the devil that you are truly HIS (JESUS’). During the first week of January 2015, the Lord spoke to me and He said I set the captive free. The soul in whom I find genuine repentance, I will set them free.” "It was on January 1, 2015 and I had just gone through the first deliverance through my church.  It was snowy Thursday night, before sleeping; I was lying on the bed. Right then, I saw blue lights flashing forth. In my mind, I saw that I was in Heaven and Jesus' face came up close. I then I saw a white light passing over my chest.  I quickly called my wife and she came on my bedside sitting and looking at me and she witnessed the cleansing process the Lord was about to take me through.  I first started feeling pain on my leg and thigh.  It was like a peeling or scrubbing, as to wash something squeaky clean.  Next, the cleansing began and continued on the side of my upper abdomen near armpit.  I also felt the cleansing continuing on my back spine and shoulder.  Next, I felt my stomach stirring as if it was being deeply cleansed and dirt started getting out, coming out of my mouth.  My upper lips were moved up, it itself held the position so that my teeth and gums could be seen clearly.  I felt that my teeth and gums were being brushed deeply.  After that, my tongue was pulled out.  It was really painful when the cleansing of my tongue took place. It was as if it was being cleansed by some kind of a metal to scrape and remove heavy duty dirt from out of my tongue.  Then the cleansing proceeded to the nostrils, pressing inside, stirring and squeaky cleansing.  Next were my ears. Both my ears were cleansed. There was a stirring inside my ears and it hurt really bad and it was so painful.  Next was the cleansing of my eyes. They were brushed, ouch it hurt so bad!  My wife who was sitting next to me saw my eyes rolling up. Then came the cleansing of my head. My brain was cleansed and oh, what awful pain I felt.  Then my left arm and hand were pulled out straight.  It cleaned the same way it did also on my leg.  It turned to my right arm and hand to do the same.  Lastly, I felt the cleansing in my feet all the way to the soles of my feet. There was also deep cleansing by the brushing between my toes and between my fingers. It was so painful that my wife saw my legs kicking.  Nothing was left without being cleansed, even my private parts were cleansed. After that, I threw up blood.  Cleansing was very painful all over my body that it made me so tired and I fell asleep peacefully and for the first time, I felt lighter, cleansed (Matthew 11:28). More cleansing took place for the following few days and we will share that with you. The same God who set our friend free, does it all. He is not partial to anyone, He will do it for you when you genuinely repent.   Until we share Cleansing by the Lord Part 2, I invite you all who need deliverance, to go to a pool of reflection, to examine yourself and see if you truly have genuine repentance. Let pray for real, study, search and find out what it means to have genuine true repentance. 2015, we must be and remain cleansed! It is a new day! Praise God, Hallelujah!!

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