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Should I Homeschool My Children?

A quick note to you my Beloved brothers and sisters: Countless parents have lost their children to the public schools. They have sent them Christians, holy boys and holy girls but many have turned out to be satanists, atheists, homosexuals, lesbians, addicts, lukewarm Christians and of the world. I have lost account of how many deliverance we have done for the youth who had become victims of this!!!

The Lord has shown us, there are many satanists leaders strategically placed in almost every school and parents you better wake up! It is convenient to have someone take care of our children while we work and do other stuff but “what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” That break and the benefits I get from public school, is it worth it if in that school the hearts of my children are made lukewarm or turned away from God?  At the beginning of the visitations, I asked the Lord about what we should do for our children education. The Lord told me “The mother’s wisdom is best.” Though my child was going to a Christian school, the Lord had me pull him out and I have been homeschooling ever since 2014. There are many good online/ virtual public schools. I see a lot of change in my son after only doing it for 2 months and I recommend it to all parents!

This might not be the case in other countries but I know in the West, it is the best way to give a great foundation for your children especially if the Bible is not taught there and the name of God is not allowed in those schools.

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