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Put on Your Spiritual Goggles

“What in the world is going on in the body of Christ?”

This is the question many believers are asking right now. Two years ago, the Lord spoke to me about these times we are living in now. When Jesus tells about what is coming, He has a 100% accuracy. Right now, the Lord is in the business of removing the lampstand from among many churches. Day and night cannot dwell together! Light and darkness must be separated! The sons of Light, who choose to not corrupt are being removed, brought together so that they can run as one. As the Lord spoke to me, He said, “If you continue to run like you are running now and I know you will, not only are you going to finish this race but you will win this race.” He prepared me/you for this hour through His word. All of you, in order to be used in the days ahead, you must be willing to crucify your flesh, and allow Abba to inhabit you, make you a clear and see through glass vase that He alone may fill up. Everyone, you must definitely overcome deception (pride, lies, false witness, slanders etc…). IF YOU APPLY Jesus teachings and exercise discernment – you will defeat deception. Take courage, be bold, we are a strong team, we are going to win this race and finish strong! Hallelujah!

This is the time when you need your own spiritual goggles to see, for many, even those who used to see are corrupting! This is not the time to depend upon someone else’s experiences and spirituality to give you a check list with names of false prophets and a collection of those who see real and false Jesus! Jesus does not tell names nor give this list but satan who love to slander does. You alone are to use God’s word as a mirror to hear His voice and know the Truth. “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27). Children of God, we cannot afford to disappoint God, rise up, gird yourself with strength, take courage, we will win this race!

The Removing of the Lampstand Has Begun (Revelation 2:5)

A servant of the Lord was given this word on Yom Kippur 2015, that when we hit the feast of the tabernacles, that Jesus was going to go through Pentecostal churches - churches that move in miracles, signs and wonders ( this includes fire churches) and that He was going to remove the lampstand (Revelation 2:)5. This just took place a week ago in the Fire Ministry. When the Lord walks in those churches and remove the lampstand, little by little, the prophetic word and the power from these churches will be removed also. But the Lord will do this gradually (for you do not acquire God’s power instantly nor shall this power be removed instantly) and unfortunately, the ministers who used to have God’s power but have allowed corruption to come will think they are still powerful and they will try to continue moving in the gift of the Holy Spirit. By doing so, they will instead step into occultic powers like Saul who after corrupting was rejected by the Lord, (1 Samuel 28) and went to consult a medium instead! How dangerous this is!

Corruption in the Fire Ministry

Why would Jesus remove this lampstand though? God walked in the Fire Church and saw that they are no longer doing the deeds they did at first. Corruption and leaven were found among the leaders but God’s Blazing Holy Fire will not be put out. It is heavenly, nothing earthly, no man no matter how mighty will ever put it out. If I or other leaders in any ministry, anywhere corrupt, God’s work will be carried out by others. When Saul corrupted, David was raised up to accomplish God’s will. David though seemingly weak and small, He had a Big God behind him and He brought the giant down. The same God who chose and anointed Saul (1 Samuel 10:1) is the same also who said “I have rejected him from being king over Israel” 1 Samuel 16:1. Remember, this is the man of whom it was said “surely, there is no one like him among all the people” 1 Samuel 10:24 but he fell! While in this world, we ought to tremble with fear in awe of God.

The fire ministry have allowed pride and corruption to creep in. They have forgotten to practice what He told them in their own encounters, perverted justice, fought over members and sought to sit in the seat of The Righteous Judge to judge other servants and slander. Slandering means “to make false and damaging statements about someone”.

Corruption happens slowly, gradually so it is hard to detect. Pride is a big open door. The moment one start thinking that among all the people, they are second to none; that they have deepest discernment, greater spiritual strength, greater spiritual eyes open etc… pride settles in. Wherever pride is spotted, deception is not too far away. Pride and deception goes hand in hand, they are best friends – once they crawl into the heart, destruction is certain (Proverbs 18:12). It should be our red flag already when we come to the realization that we are the best. If we let this get into ourselves and we see us on top of the list, truly, in God’s eyes, we are at the bottom of the list. Who owns God that he can say “I am the greatest?” Who is that person that is an exception to the Word and is allowed to judge other servants of God? God saw and was sorry over the corruption in the Fire church after He has given His power – the corruption is so great and deep that God’s heart was so broken and bled badly. On Sunday October 18, 2015 Trinity God visited me and shared the heartaches! Repent, oh leaders in the Fire ministry – Repent genuinely – Repent and bitterly cry for several days without rest for God to forgive lest His wrath comes! Do not doubt God’s wrath for it is just as powerful as His great love!

To the Sheep: put your trust and hope in God alone

Is there any man who cannot fall if they do not follow God’s Word? Is there any man we can elect and say ‘this one is very very special, he can never be deceived, so I will put all my trust in Him?” “Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.” Psalm 146:3 “Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?” Isaiah 2:22. Many people tend to idolize those with encounters but you need to know that they are mere human being like you – who are as weak as a daisy flower.

“To those who put your trust in Moses instead of Me, to those of you who are deceived by gifts – remember that Balaam had gifts. He could see, He could prophecy [(Number 24:3-4)]. Don’t just go by gifts but remember my words teach you ‘to know them by the fruit’. The fruit must be real and remaining. Those of you who exalt the man above my words, those of you who hurry to obey man’s words while you do not obey my written word, you have put your trust in Moses, who will defend you on the last day since you have erected another god besides Me? I am calling you to repent, I am calling you to come and have encounters with Me through My words. What do you gain by just being a disciple of Moses without being My true disciple?”

Let’s fear and tremble while in this body

“But many who are first will be last, and the last first” Mark 10:31 The Lord asked me, “Is there anyone among all the inhabitants of the earth to whom a permanent position is guaranteed before Me? Is your salvation guaranteed to you while you are clothed with flesh and blood? I love you my daughter, though you are my special servant, do not think that among all the people you are immune to falling. In order to stand before Me, you must continue to walk humbly before Me day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. You must continue in My word to the very end. John 8:31-32 You must have the fear of Me, obeying My laws and commands to the very end. I am a kind and loving Father. I am here to uphold you so that you do not fall. Do not become corrupt. Do not become prideful – if you do, you will not hold your position before Me forever (John 8:35).”

The time has come when the first shall be the last. The time has come when those who think they see will become blind. “And Jesus said, “For judgment I came into this world, so that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may become blind.” John 9:39. For the rest of our lives, this should be our fear and this should be a warning to never forget. To really see and to really continue to see, you must know that you are blind without Him and you must acknowledge that you are spiritually poor (Matthew 5:3).

How you will know corrupted leaders

Only God knows what is in the heart of man but He can reveal what is in men’s heart through the words that come out of their mouth (check well, look closely their writings, preaching, emails etc..) and see what comes out. “But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man.” Those who use the pulpit or their media outlet to criticize other servants of God are slandering and they are already defiled. All satan needs to get in is an open door and slander is a huge open door. The tongue that blesses the Lord and Father should be set apart and not be used criticize men who have been made in the likeness of God.

It is your duty to exercise discernment

Do not expect God to do your task. There are tasks given to the sons of men and one of them is for them to discern. God wants to remind you it is your task to exercise discernment. You yourself must discern. Do not bank on another to do this for you. This is something you yourself must do and not the Lord. You cannot go to school for your children; you cannot take a test on their behalf. If you do, the children can never grow in the knowledge they need. In the same way, Jesus will not discern on your behalf. If He cannot do this for you, do you think a son of man, made of flesh and blood will do this on your behalf truthfully?

Fear and Tremble: I have spoken to the Lord and this I know very well from Him. The Lord will not come to us holding a big signs that says, “pastor so and so is a false prophet’ – His love covers a multitude of sin. Right now He is teaching you discernment. He is telling you that He will not come to someone and tell them Pastor so and so sees false Jesus while this one sees that and this... Jesus follow His own words. What kind of teacher that gives answer to the pupil while giving them a quiz? But a good teacher will help the pupil in finding the answer. It is your task to read the word, find the answer using the word, obey it and apply it. You yourself are to use the word of God as a mirror and know for yourself. The word of God divides what is false and true (Hebrews 4:12). You have to use the word and the teachings He gave you and then you will be shown the truth.

When Eyes Are Open

Does anyone become infallible because their spiritual eyes are open? Do people become all knowing because of seeing into the spiritual realm? This is the truth you need to know and you should never forget that: Spiritual eyes opening is a gift. A gift does not make you an ATM Knowledge free of errors so as to become the Holy Spirit to guide others. It is a great gift if used properly. But it is a dangerous gift also because if there is sin and people do not repent properly, the vision corrupts. This has led many astray and there are many who are trapped inside deception right now because they have been counseled wrongly.

When those whose spiritual eyes are open corrupt and do not repent properly, the gift get seized by the devil and if a person continues to use that gift, they see from the devil’s perspective. If one has spiritual eyes and take a positon of being partial in judgement, the visions they will see with their spiritual eyes will be partial, corrupted. This is dangerous and there are many who suffered greatly when they went to consult whom to marry, where to go, who is the right/false servant etc… To know who is a true or false prophet is very important, these days you have to know where you go to worship. But in order to know the truth, go to God in prayer and use the word to get the answer. New believers will be guided by mature believers but we must teach them to see and discern.

The gift is deeply corrupted when one shift from their calling of preaching the Good News of Jesus and start point fingers at other servants. The gift is no longer organic when they see shortcomings, faults and people’s weakeness. A gift is not real any more when it is used to attack another ministry or other people. The big sign you will see after corruption has kicked in is that they will start slandering and judging. "But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man” Matthew 15:18. Anyone who slanders is already defiled and God does not use what is defiled. Will the gift be taken away then? Eventually God will take away the gift but this most of the time happens gradually. We transform gradually, in many cases God opens eyes gradually, even defilement happens gradually and losing the gift happens gradually.

What’s Next

The process to move the lampstand has begun. While corrupted leaders are busy fighting over members and going astray – God says, “As for you my children, do not look back. Come, run with me, go forward. Go, spread my love and holy fire throughout the earth. Go, run, be shepherds and ministers of light. Come, walk with me – I give you the gift not to corrupt nor to be famous but for you to walk with me. Go, I bless you and I will walk with you.” The next articles will help us to become a see through vase of the Lord.

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