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Face-to-face Prophets and Deception

Face to Face Prophets and Deception

Face to face prophets are those people whose eyes are spiritually opened and they have seen the Lord face to face and had encounters with Jesus or one of the Godhead! Face to face prophets are prone to falling into deception more than regular Christians and therefore must remain humble all the days of their lives like Moses did “(Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.) Numbers 12:3 – HUMILITY: It is the only way to not fall and to keep the gift untainted. They see much of the spiritual realm than regular people – To whom much is given, much is required!

2012 - True Story

There is a man who in 2012 began to rise up preaching on internet radio. He shared the word of God deeply, preached with power and authority, fasted and shared how he deeply prayed. He began to share on his daily program what he described as encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ, heavenly visits and seeing into the spiritual world. These visits were not rare but they were fresh, maybe one every week or every other week. The main subject of his show was on the Rapture and the End times. He truly seemed to love the Lord. I began to listen to his shows, the more I listened, the more I liked and so I began to follow his shows. The visitations to heaven seemed to be incredible, very captivating even I would say very addicting.

One day, he described an encounter with Abba Papa, “I heard the mighty thundering voice of the Lord speaking to me, thundering from heaven! Abba Papa spoke in a loud voice and said to tell people ‘Do not travel!” Now I had begun to obey and to submit to his teachings! They seemed good at first but many things predicted never came to pass!  

I was shocked to hear this! My family and I had a trip planned. We were to leave after the weekend and fly to Seattle for my sister’s wedding in Portland, OR. Our family had made arrangements for this trip, the hotel and the car have been all reserved! I told my husband we could not disobey God’s voice. It was in the same year when rumors of impending disaster and rapture were rampant. My husband did not want to be in disagreement so we cancelled the trip. What a disappointment to the family this became! The weekend passed by and everything was normal. No disaster, not for that week nor for the whole month! His prophecies increased and became very awkward. Before the end of the year, I had repented and no longer followed him. Now a year passed by and the Real Jesus began to visit our church. He taught us about deception, true and false prophets etc...

On the night of November 20, 2013, the Lord began to train me on how to recognize false prophets and false words. He warned me of fake Jesus, fake heaven and fake hell. Regarding the false prophets, I asked him to give me more details and He said, “you once believed in one for a short time!” So the Lord knew I was following the man mentioned above? Oh, I almost wanted to disappear but I run into His arm begging for mercy. Several months before the visitations I had repented about this but that night again, I collapsed before the Lord in repentance. He comforted me, kindly spoke to me and showed me how through it all He protected me and used it to teach me so that one day I would be able to teach others regarding false prophets and deception. Before the Lord left, He reminded me to share with you that in order to mislead, false prophets will mix the truth with what is false so it seems believable!

Does half-truth =  the truth? Does 99% of the truth = the truth?

It is to read the Word, daily and more deeply. By this, you get to know the language of God and when a stranger speaks you will know it – a voice of a stranger they will not follow! When someone comes saying they have received a revelation of when Jesus is coming and they give us the year, the day and the hour, we must exercise discernment and remember it is written: “No one knows the day or the hour” Matthew 24:36.

When someone comes to you and says, I have a word from Jesus to you – and you look at the message, you cannot find hope – Though you are faithful serving God, the message comes saying you are leading people to hell, you will end up in hell, you are no longer God’s friend and it offers no hope at all to you – please know you are receiving a false message. Any message that God will give to human kind will offer HOPE. Any word that God gives is life and it must come with the fruit of the spirit, I always tell people, especially look for these 3: LOVE, JOY, PEACE and hope must be because it is written, “A battered reed He will not break off, and a smoldering wick he will not put out until He leads justice to victory.” So, if you have received a word such as “Lord says you are going to hell, you will never make it…” it is a hopeless word and God speaks not hopelessness. So, beware, do not accept such words. To receive false words and messages opens doors to strong deceiving spirits that have power to cut you off. The Lord said, “Exercise your discernment, do not be led away by wolves. Exercise your discernment; do not be led away by those who will end you!” False words will come to you in all shapes and forms, the devil will be sophisticated especially if your church is strong spiritually. Read your Bible very well, through this you will come to know the language of God – He is the Word!

False prophets are held captive by satan and strong evil spirits of deception, pride, religious spirits, persecution, hate etc.… satan is the one who works through false prophets and his greater purpose is to lead people to hell, especially the Elects. The Elect is you and me, the people who are supposed to go to heaven; the people who are following in the footsteps of Jesus! Imagine missing heaven, ending in hell just because you followed the wrong word and the false prophet!

Without Repentance Face to Face Prophets Will End Up in Hell

The Lord has told us this numerous time and took us to hell and showed us those who had encounters with him but ended there. Even you fell in love with the Lord, even though you had encounters, face to face with the Lord, remember that heaven is not a guarantee to anyone who walk on a broad way– “but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved”, Matthew 10:22 “By your patient endurance, you will gain your souls.” Luke 21:19.

In 2017, I had a meeting with a former face to face true prophet and a faithful member of the church many years ago. I had not seen her for years, she had departed and left the church against God’s will. From our meeting, I was shocked when she began to share how she had lost her salvation and faith. She said, “Pastor, I do not believe in God any more, neither do I believe in satan, demons, nor heaven and hell.”

But how can this be? This dear one had seen the Lord Jesus Christ face to face numerous time – it was documented by her own hand, recorded by her own mouth as she proclaimed salvation through Jesus Christ. She had been to the throne room of Abba Papa numerous time, had met Abba Papa, had danced with our Lord Jesus numerous time, seen angels and had been to hell where she fought satan and his demons countless nights! How could that be?

God’s Rich Mercy and Gifts

I began to reflect how in 2013, her and the family came to our church – broken, crushed and torn apart. To understand how bad it was, the parents could not talk to their teenage daughter though she lived under their roof. The parents were Christians who needed deliverance and healing. The daughter was homeschooled and parents brought her to church where the Word of God was preached but in spite of this, the family was bound in sin.

The moments they began to attend our church, without losing time, the Lord began to move mightily delivered them one by one! God who is generous and rich in mercy always would not let them go without setting them free. So, through deep prayers and the power of God, they were all set free from satan’s strongholds of depression, addiction, hurts and abuse etc.… After this mighty deliverance, they became a loving family that talk to each other, reconciled and they received countless healings. They began to give glory to God and testified of the healing they received in the church and everywhere they went. Every time the service was over, the father would always come to me almost in tears telling me, “pastor, I do not know how to say thank you and how to give glory to God. The healing we have received is incredible, something we never experienced before.” Everyone received God’s rich blessings but especially, their daughter.

As a teenager, the daughter gave her life to Jesus and He healed her from all the past abuses that befell her since childhood, the Lord healed her from all sickness and diseases, delivered her from the dark past and she fell in love with Jesus. She began to seek the Lord wholeheartedly after deliverance. The Lord manifested Himself to her in a face to face encounters and gave her numerous gifts:

Within a moment, God gifted her with a heavenly language and she was fluent in this language The Lord gave her the gift to interpret tongues The Lord gave her the gift to see, hear into the spiritual realm 24x7, this gift grew to where she could talk to the Lord face to face 24x7 even with her physical eyes wide open The Lord gave her the spirit of wisdom, understanding and knowledge into mysteries She became a mighty warrior second to no one She walked in purity and in holiness like none for a season She explored the glories of heaven like none others in our midst, saw great and mighty things and she wrote and preached about it. There was none like her in our midst, she was an extreme prayer warrior, an extreme seer and one who sacrificed to the Lord like none others in our midst. The Lord opened her spiritual eyes and took her to the throne room where she met Abba Papa. She saw heaven and hell hundreds of times, preached and warned people about it.

From then on, this teenage girl became a mighty warrior, most faithful and devoted to God. Jesus hired her as her secretary and through her, people who have never heard from God before were able to hear and mysteries were unlocked. The Lord took her to heaven and hell on a daily basis for over about one-year period but in a moment, she had lost all of this? What happened? What was her downfall?


In Kinyarwanda there is a saying, “Nta rutugu rukura ngo rurenge ijosi”, literal meaning: the shoulder will not grow above the neck. Dear friend, always stay submitted to those who led you to the Lord, released God’s power into your life and did deliverance for you. As long as she listened to Godly authority, as long as she remained under the covering of the church that birthed her she was doing so well, above and beyond and her gifts remained. So that’s the secret for you all prophets and seers. You must REMAIN HUMBLE LIKE MOSES! Let me ask you, do you go to a specialist to have surgery and in the midst of surgery and healing process you think you know better than the surgeon specialist, and you think you can stop everything and say let me be your teacher? What greater surgery can there be than that of mending and fixing the hearts of people. You come to church bruised and beaten, addicted and captivated by the enemy, bound in sin and the church work tiressly to set you free  and then in the midst of training and being taught how to keep your deliverance you stand up and say “No, I am mature now, I listen to no one – now I can be the boss, I can be the lead pastor, I can be the lead prophet and everyone will have to listen to me!” Keep the Cloak of Humility. The pastors, the mentors, the leaders have become as such because they hold unto the Cloak of Humility. Hallelujah!

Those demons that lost the battle and were cast out are not too far from you. They are right in your neighborhood watching and waiting. They set many traps for you but they cannot do anything when you KEEP ON YOUR CLOAK OF HUMILITY. They are watching waiting for you to leave the covering and when this happens, they will seize the opportunity and you will not know when you have drunk the cool aid and gone under. Never forget what the Lord delivered you from! Remain Humble all the days of your life!

Listen and Obey

Do not let the encounters become your new god. Do not let the visions, the encounters and experiences guide you because these can be all deceiving. Prophets and seers live in the world of thoughts and deception hangs out there! So be careful. Hold unto the word of God. The Lord will not let you go without warning you. The warning will come through the mentor or the church who did deliverance for you or who raised you up. God gives them the key and you owe it to them to submit, sit down and learn till you are mature and you are seasoned and released! This is not hard. Is it? Simply, listen and obey!

Back to our story, the Lord came to me another night, weeks before our dear friend fell into the deception. The Lord knew before it happened, He began to speak to me in tears telling me satan has it out for her. He asked me to not let her go. He asked me to talk to her and pray strong and fight strong for her. … I begged her to listen to me. But because of the encounters, she thought she needed to submit to no one BUT JESUS! The Lord said, it is impossible to submit to Him if you cannot submit to His godly authority He established on earth through the church. She said, no, I could hear God myself. One thing we must realize, God does not speak to those who are deceived because they have pride. He only speaks to them through their pastor / mentor. The devil comes and give ideas to those being deceived – If you remove yourself from the covering, you do not have to listen to anyone. That’s what our dear friend did.

Today she has fallen into the world of sin. She has entered into same sex relationship, has lost her faith and deny that there is a Savior, that there is heaven and hell, she has entered the world of depression and oppression and it is really hard for her. Whenever you read this story, pray for her! All of the people who knew her, our hearts were broken and the Lord began to speak to me, “There is not a single person on earth who is excluded from falling to satan if they disobey the Lord.” But you must test every spirit and every voice that gives you visions and dreams. The Lord began to talk to me in His word:

“Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made.” Genesis 3:1. After God created the heavens and the earth and everything therein, satan comes to deceive mankind but look who he picks to use? He did not use an average beast but he goes and pick the craftiest, the more brilliant, the cleverest animal – The serpent. Therefore, you too when you are the best whether it be the best preacher, the best prayer warrior, the most gifted – beware. Do not think that because of being the best you are beyond the reach of satan. In fact, satan deceived and was able to bring down the most intelligent person in the whole world. Adam and Eve were very bright, we know that Adam named all living creatures – The Bible says, “The man gave names to all the cattle, and to the birds of the sky, and to every beast of the field…”, I do not know anyone who is as bright as Adam was!

The Lord had me look around and let me to think clearly and He began to show me,

Before the fall of Lucifer, he was the covering Cherub, the most powerful and intelligent archangel. The devil uses the most brilliant. He cannot use those who are lazy, he cannot use those who are not awake. Devil uses the most brilliant, entice them with the most beautiful things (the fruit was a delight to the eyes, delicious to the mouth, totally desirable to make one wise. With this, satan found a way to bring humanity down.

Adam and Eve, the smartest couple fell. They were brought down by the devil. Even Paul could fall (1 Cor 9:24-27).  27but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified. This means if Paul does not work His salvation with fear and trembling, he could also fall. 

If this can happen, what is our safety net?

Jesus said, Submit to:

a) Godly authority (He often says ‘I am a God of order’)

b) Godly counsel of those who were part of your deliverance or brought you closer to Jesus

c) God’s Word (BIBLE) but know that once you are deceived, you cannot understand it. It is to humble ourselves, submit and sit down with your pastor and get into the word together and solve everything with the Word of God.

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