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Deliverance Through the Truth

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:31-32

Deuteronomy 11

In the age of the great falling away, deception and apostasy; in the age where false prophets and teachers are given a microphone and where many are coming proclaiming, “I am the Messiah”; children of God, gird your loins with the belt of TRUTH. Fasten it tight, keep it on, don’t let go. In today’s technology, we hear that hackers are constantly scanning the Internet for potential security holes and entry points. Wherever protection is weak, many are those who are victims of cyber-attacks. In the same way, satan is constantly bombarding God’s children with information from all directions, in order to have them believe his lies so that he can find a legal entry into their lives. When he gets an inch, he takes a mile and beyond!

Arm Yourself with the Truth

THE TRUTH is every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. THE TRUTH being the first weapon in the full armor of God is an indispensable weapon. The TRUTH, being God’s Words, God’s voice is the strongest force there is – Jesus said “My voice caresses and hold and it loves but it can tear down. It builds and it can destroy. It is the strongest force there is.” To those who know the truth, and know it clearly, they can never be enslaved to satan. Believe the Truth. Stand upon the Word of God. When you stand strong on the Word of God – this means you are standing with Jesus.  You cannot defeat the enemy standing with lies. Stand with Jesus every day of your life. You receive power when you believe the Truth. You receive more power as you apply the Truth and much much more power when you proclaim and declare the Truth. One day the Lord sent me to a certain pastor and He reminded me to not be afraid but to tell him the truth because it is the truth that sets free.

Lies are those words/voices that come from satan. There is no need to listen to satan because every time his lips move, it is only to deceive and to lie. There is no truth in him; he is a liar and the father of lies. There are many lies which come to us through TV, internet, pulpits, and the voices we hear. People take little time to screen and discern whether the information or voice they hear is true or false and when they receive a lie and agree with it, satan binds them with the cords of lies. It is your responsibility to trash out all lies that come your way. Today, not all Christians are free; not all are delivered; Peace is foreign to many, the battle of mind and inner warfare are a constant happening. Many are still living in fear and all sorts of inner torment by satan. Why is this while they have access to the Word of God? Why is this while Jesus paid for our freedom (Galatians 5:1)? In order for satan to enslave people, he has to have them believe his lies. On one hand, they read the Bible but on the other hand they also believe the devil's lies.

When there is a battle of mind, it is because somewhere, somehow there is a lie we believe in. For the devil to depart from you, you must KNOW THE TRUTH and YOU MUST KNOW THE TRUTH CLEARLY.

How will you know whether the voice you hear and the information you receive is true or false? Looking from afar, cherry and coffee beans or red grapes might look alike. But when you examine and look closely, you see that there is a difference. But in order to see this difference, you have to look closely and well, also you have to touch, remove the skin and check. God has given each one of us the ability to know what is true from false, therefore, look well and exercise your discernment using God’s given knowledge and understanding.

To Know the Truth

1. You must read the word of God every day: Read the word of God with faith, boldly believe the word of God 100% and continue in the word of God. When a child cries, even if there were hundreds of children, the mother will know exactly which one is her child, even without seeing the face. This is because of daily closeness to the child. To know the Truth –  immerse yourself in His word – it is the only way to know His voice, do not look for shortcuts.

2. Value the word of God: It has to be the most treasure to you! The Word is Jesus; you need to recognize the value of the word of God to not take it casually. It is the Word that cleanses you, saves, sanctifies you, judges you, grow you in God, and bring you closer to Him. It is the Word that will be used to decide whether you enter heaven or not. Value the Word of God. Heaven and earth will pass away but God’s word will never pass away.  

3. Be a doer of God’s Word: having a Bible and reading it only does not make you a believer. It is to read/hear the Word of God and apply it in your daily life. Applying God’s word is what changes you. This is what transforms you. When you act upon it, you become the owner of it and the promises therein. When the word of God is spoken, you are to hurry and do it at once and always.

4.Know the word of God clearly: It is the Truth, the only Truth, therefore do not question it, do not doubt it but read it in agreement with Trinity God. Believe it 100%, be firm and firmly hold to the word of life. It is the Truth, why would you say “well, maybe, but…, is it true?”

5. You must be firm: Do not be double minded, do not question it, embrace it, believe it, and carry it out boldly and firmly.  You must    be firm and know the power of the word of God, know the truth clearly or else satan will not leave you alone. Doubting the Word is sin, therefore doubting God's word give satan legal rights to come and torment.

To read the word effectively: Before reading, pray for God to give you understanding and keep distractions away. Bind satan who distracts and cast him out in the name of Jesus. At times, reading it out loud and at other times reading it while you inwardly speak in tongues will be helpful.

Hindrance To Knowing The Truth

  • Not applying the Word of God: Not all who have a Bible in their homes are Believers. When you read the word of God and do not apply it, satan binds you more with His lies. You must read and apply

  • Forgetting the Word of God: Make it a treasure to you, and then you will not forget it. Who fast and then forget to break their fast? Who can forget to deposit a check given to them into their bank account? Value the Word of God. Sell all that you have and get the sword of the Spirit. Pray and watch – every day, REMEMBER what the Lord has done for you.

  • Believing lies: When you embrace a lie, you are receiving a spiritual eraser that erases the Truth within you. It is in this way many people forget the Word of God.

  • Holding unto the world: Let go off the sins, let go off the world and reach out to Jesus wholeheartedly. Exalting own ideas, thoughts, own understanding than God’s Word: Let go of own opinions, perspectives, theology and submit to the TRUTH.

Warning Whoever you listen to and obey, this becomes your father. Obey God and His laws and commands all the days of your life – Deuteronomy 11. If you listen to the lies and obey satan’s voice he becomes your father. Be a sheep and remain always a sheep. Do not switch from being a sheep to a black sheep. Also, Do not hold God’s Truth in one hand while on the other hand you are holding the lies of satan. The Truth is one and only one. Choose the Truth and destroy 100% all satan lies. 

To Defeat satan’s Lies

  • Repent for embracing the lies. Repent genuinely and do not justify.

  • Continue in God’s Word. Know the Truth and embrace it wholeheartedly

  • Do not let satan talk to you and you become like a listener. Your prayer must be louder than satan’s voice and your only dialog with satan is to bind him and cast him out in the name of Jesus.

  • Use your Spiritual Scanner and control what comes into your mind and thoughts. You have the power to do that.

  • Fasten the belt of Truth now and always. Know the Truth; it shall set you free.

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