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Defeat Depression - Part 1

Updated: Jan 18, 2023



The following message is a transcript from our National TV Show “Encounter the Real Jesus”

Introduction: My friend, do you know the real Jesus? Who laid down His life for you? Who loves you, no matter your race, gender, or past sins. Do you know the Father who protects, the Shepherd who guides. Jesus who carries you through trials, who holds you and will not let you go. Do you know Jesus, who catches your tears. The one who cries with you and laughs with you. Welcome to, "Encounter The Real Jesus." You will get to know Him more, and you will never be the same again!

Defeat Depression - Defeat the Spirit of Depression

Welcome to "Encounter the Real Jesus my friend." My name is Christine Coleman. I am a pastor from the "Blazing Holy Fire Church," Which is a beautiful church in Denver, Colorado. Today I bring you the good news. The Holy Spirit has spoken to me, and He said, that we are living in the exciting times.

That I should tell God's people, to get ready! So my topic today is “Defeat Depression!” You know my friend, this is the time, and God wants His people to access His glory, to shine the glory of God. Today we have some people who are still oppressed by the enemy. In our teaching today, God is going to move and He will help those people to come from under the cloud of darkness and He will show them His glory. As we talk about God today, He will be smiling down on us! My friend, would you smile back to Him? As He speaks to us and our lives are changed, remember to give Him the glory.

Freedom! We will defeat depression. You know, a couple weeks ago, we had a wonderful sister who visited our church. And she was so oppressed by depression, that it had been four days she had taken no shower! It has gotten to the point where she was sleeping at least 12 hours per day. She was so oppressed when I met her. The Lord spoke to me and then He said, “I have sent her here, so that she can be free, so that she can receive the freedom that I have given to all my children.” You know, Galatians 5:1 says, that it was for freedom, that Christ set us free. So, I took this woman into my home, the church and I began to minister to her.

We spent three days ministering to her. By the end of three days, she was free from all of the oppression. And God said, “I have this for all my children”. It would not be for her only, but it is for all of the children of God. You know, in the book of Matthew, chapter 12, the Bible says--of Jesus-- Matthew, 12:19—"He shall not strive, nor cry; neither shall any man hear his voice in the streets. A bruised reed shall He not break, and smoking flax shall He not quench, till He send forth judgment unto victory”. Jesus did not come to destroy the hope of mankind, and He did not come to break those who would be weak. He came to set us free. And this is why He died, and when you come to Jesus, He will set you free. If you are watching today and you are depressed, hallelujah my friend, this is good news for you, or if you know someone who is battling depression this is a good message for them. Share with them this message. Jesus has come to set them free, this is your day for freedom.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a spiritual disease, a spiritual sickness assigned to attack your soul. And when it is a spiritual disease attacking your soul, it would tear your hope down, it will lie to you. It is a voice of deception that will lie to you to tell you that there is no hope for you, but you know my friend, as long as there is God there is hope. Life is to live with hope. Trusting God that things will get better, and better. To expect the best, no matter what you would be going through. To not be discouraged and to not fear. Because anyway, those things that causes to fear never comes to pass!

Depression happens so many times because people were disappointed. People go through a divorce for example, a relationship that would be broken, and they encounter disappointment in life, and they do not hold firmly to the word of God but on circumstances, when this happens, it is easy for those people to start losing faith. When people are depressed, it does not mean they are not good Christians. In fact, if you look into the Bible, you will to see that there are people who loved God dearly who have battled with depression.

Elijah Defeated Depression

Elijah was one of those who battled depression. He was a mighty man of God. A man who called a fire out of heaven, and the fire obeyed him. In first Kings 19 and in verse 2, after Elijah has put the false prophets to death, it says that Jezebel sent the messenger to Elijah saying, “so may the gods do to me, and even more, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time.” And Elijah, He was afraid, and He arose, and He ran for his life.”

He came to Beersheba that would belong to Judah, He left his servant there. But He himself, He went a day's journey into the wilderness and He came and He sat down under a tree and He requested that He would die. And then He said, “it is enough. Now, oh, Lord, take my life for I am not better than my fathers”. What you see here--it is a man of God who hears the voice but the voice that He was hearing is not the voice of God. He heard the voice of the enemy who would be speaking through Jezebel and He believed it. The Bible says, that Elijah was afraid.

Cause of Depression A: Listening to the Voice of satan and paying attention to the devil’s lies. Listening to the voice of the enemy and believing it plunges people into depression. The solution is to not pay attention to satan’s voice which inspires fear. To not believe nor trust the voice that causes you to fear.

This is what you get when you hear the voice of the enemy. So, if you are afraid today renounce the fear. Renounce the voice of the enemy that you are listening to, and don't listen to the voice of the enemy anymore. Always discern satan’s voice and make up your mind that you will discard it.

Never listen to the voice of the enemy. It is a voice that will bring you no hope. No matter the circumstances, put your trust in god, our trust is in God. No matter what you would be going through. No matter what the situation would be, Trust in God. Today God is speaking and He wants to give you the victory. Oh, yes. Depression will be defeated. All fear shall be gone because the power of God is here today to transform your life and your life will never be the same again.

The Lord is here to touch you. You know, that you can never be in the presence of God, and be the same. Encounter the real Jesus My friend, He is real. And if you come into contact with Jesus you will never be the same. He is here for you and for me. In first Thessalonians chapter 5, at verse eight, the Bible says, and since we are of the day, let's be sober having put on the breastplate of faith, and love, and the helmet that would be our salvation.

Put on the full armor of God. When you put it on, remember the helmet that you have on your head, it is the helmet of salvation. But the Bible tells us, it is salvation of hope. Hallelujah. Christ in you the hope of glory. Jesus will always be there for you. Sometimes, we would get disappointment from the people, but God wants us to remember that He is a God who does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And because He would be our best friend, who is closer than a brother, it would be so important that you would put all of your trust in him. If you are watching, I would like you to say, ‘Jesus, I put my trust in you. You are the King of glory. You will never disappoint me.” In our story that I’ve told you about Elijah, when He heard the voice of Jezebel it said, “I will kill you”.

Cause of Depression B: Believing what the devil says

He heard the lies of the enemy. He believed it. He ran away. However, it never came to pass! This is here to teach us that anything that inspires fear in us, it never come to pass, and unless you would put your trust in that thing 100%. So today as God would be speaking to us, it would be the time to abandon fear, it would be time to walk away from anything that would cause you to doubt and to be confused.

Cause of Depression C: Isolating Himself

The problem that we see, with Elijah, is that He began to isolate himself, and He left his servant behind him, and He ran away. When the enemy wants to corner you, and to put you under depression, He will try to have you to just be all about yourself. So when depression hits people, they will tend to isolated themselves, and this is not what God wants for us.

Defeat depression refusing to isolate yourself. Choose to fellowship. It is biblical! If you have a home the church, it would be so important that you would get involved and you would go to prayer, that you would trust that God will not abandon you. When she was hit by depression it shocked many people because, after all she was a woman full of the Holy Spirit. And she spoke in tongues. She told me before the depression came she began to prophesy and many things would come to pass. And she began to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit giving her words to share with people, things will come to pass. She was a new believer however and did not have the right mentorship. Though she heard the voice, she did not know how to discern it. One day she heard a voice that told her, ‘now I need you to leave work. I need you to give away your inheritance. God will take care of you” So she left without a plan of full time ministry. It turns out, the voice was actually the voice of the enemy and she gave up everything she was left with no money.

Depression Pushes You Into Hopelessness She was left without a job. Very soon she became homeless, and she was waiting for provision and full time ministy to come up and nothing showed up and then she fell into hopelessness. This is what the enemy does, He wants to push you into that place where you will see no hope. But my friend, our hope is in the Lord. God wants you to not trust what you feel, but to trust him who is unseen.

Our faith is not in what we see in our faith is in the promise that God has given to us through his Word, hallelujah. So we are going to defeat depression, because number one, Jesus -- when He went to the cross, He took the beating, He shed the blood, He died, the Lord spoke to me, He said, “tell my people when I died it was not only for salvation for the soul, but it was also salvation from depression. Salvation from sickness and disease, salvation from anything that would not be a blessing”, you know, the Bible says--that God wants your spirit, your soul, and your body to prosper altogether. God wants you to be whole.

Jesus Is Coming to Set You Free

Jesus is now going to lead you and set you free. We are living in the age of the Holy Spirit, the power of God is unlimited. The Holy Spirit is with us. When you go to pray, even when you cannot see God, even when you cannot feel him, please know, that the Lord is always there. We will be praying very soon, I want you to prepare your heart as we go into worship. God wants us to worship him in spirit and in truth. CURE 1 FOR DEPRESSION: One of the best medicicine for depression, t is praise and worship. So my friend, let's do that right now.

Vision of the King: Song by Julie Meyer: God as I pray and as I sing, give me a vision of the King. Open up my eyes that I might see. That I would see the King in all of his glory. In all of his strength and beauty. God, as you listen and look down, to hear the song that I sing out. I know that you will answer me. And I will see the King in all of his glory. In all of his strength. so, please consume me, oh, overwhelm me. Come, possess me. For I am yours. I will be yours. And it is forever. Yes. And it is forever.

God's glory, and God's presence is in our midst, as we worship God together. Jesus wants you to open your heart and believe again, He says, ‘no matter how deep would be your depression, and no matter how big will it be the mountain, Jesus, He is good, and He is holding you up, and causing the mountain to be no more. My friend, will you receive the freedom He brings for you. We do not serve a dead God. We do not serve a weak God. He is a powerful powerful great mighty God.

And He is mighty to save! Right now, as you lift up your hands to heaven, let's pray together. Father God, I lift up my hands before your holy throne. Praying for the people who need your help, for those people who would be lifting up their hearts and hands to glorify you, oh God, I ask you today ‘do not pass them by’. Oh, father I'm asking you, today, that you would break every chain, and everything that would be entangling them! Oh Father God, we declare that in the name of Jesus, that you would be mighty to save. We send the light of God where there is the darkness. And we send the fire of God over every stronghold. I pray for the Lord to bring you healing, He will bring you to his place where there would be freedom. Where there would be joy, I have taught you that today, heaven is smiling down on us because you know God loves us. Receive the joy impartation! Receive abundant life!

Absolutely, every chain must be broken. It is a new day. You have the right to put on the songs of worship, and to sing and to praise him, and to dance and jump for joy and to do whatever the Holy Spirit would be telling you, you to do. Our God is a great God. Encounter the real Jesus! Believe in God again and again – Always and forever! My friend, God is not too far from you. He is right there, with you. Today I must take my leave, remember that Jesus loves you, and i'll be back next week. Invite all of your friends, thank you so very much for watching, God bless you, my friend, thank you.


1. when Christians learn to pray effectively the devil will be in trouble all over the world. He will lose in your household. He will lose in your neighborhoods and your city and your state. The whole nation will be transformed. For the gift of any size to this ministry, we will send you, "praying deeply." a prayer training manual as taught by the Lord to pastor Christine, through a face to face encounter.

2. We are in the age of the Holy Spirit. The power of God is unlimited. The anointing that breaks the yolk rests upon our ministry, people are encountering the real Jesus in our services. Those who are depressed and oppressed, are receiving deliverance and healing. Sinners are turning back to God. Together we are experiencing the great move of God. The Lord spoke to us, “my children take my message out to the people faster than the eagle soars and faster than the gazelle runs.

Donate today and be a part of the team that would get things done. Together, let's slam the gates of hell. Together let's bring God's kingdom to every home. Send your gift and love offering to Blazing Holy Fire, 10940 S. Parker Rd., #785. Parker, Colorado. 80134-7440. Or give online at

Encounter the real Jesus, it is brought to you by Christine Coleman, and blazing holy church where you will find healing and deliverance and intimacy with God. You can join our revival service every Sunday @ 7 PM revival services, 9250 E. Bellevue Ave., Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80111. For mobile giving you can text 720-586-4390. Or you can visit us online Until next time Jesus says, “SMILE AND BE HAPPY.”

Encounter The Real Jesus,

Pastor Christine Coleman (c)

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