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Deception (Part 1)

In the summer of 2013, the Lord started appearing to 12 prayer warriors from The Blazing Holy Fire Church, speaking to them of the things concerning the Kingdom of God, teaching and training them as His End Time Army. For many nights, the Lord Himself talked to us about deception. The teaching series on deception are a result of these encounters combined with many years of first hand experience. Please take these teachings on DECEPTION seriously and apply in your life!

The Lord said, “Deception is satan’s strongest weapon. He is the father of lies! Warn them clearly!”


Deception - ‘One of the Lord’s Most Hated Enemy’ is a spirit from satan which is assigned against the people who are seeking God diligently. Among them are people who have their spiritual eyes open and have encounters from the Lord; people who read the books on heaven and hell; those in the fire ministry & revival movement; those who are serving the Lord and anyone who is seeking to go deep with God. satan is a liar and the father of lies (John) and his most powerful weapon right now against you who are called to see greater things is DECEPTION. satan knows very well that many lives are being changed through the books of heaven and hell, his secrets are being exposed by those who have God’s face to face encounters, and so he is using this spirit to lead astray the elect. So far, Deception has been working very well for him! As a pastor, many times I have seen people who had true face to face encounters with the Lord being deceived, taken away from the Lord and started following the devil. I have seen this spirit overpowering those who prayed many hours a day; I have seen this spirit deceiving those who were on long fasts; those who loved God and were in the house of God every day! More are those who became victims of this spirit than those who exercised their discernment and defeated the devil. This is why the Lord instructed me to write and expose the spirit of deception and warn you.

“Good News: DECEIVING spirit has no chance to overpower those who walk in humility, submitted to Godly authority and have obedience unto death.”

As a group, the first time we witnessed the Lord shedding tears in all His visits to us was when we asked Him about the spirit of deception. The Lord shed His tears remembering those whom He lost to the spirit of deception – in one case where there was a boy who in the beginning had true encounters, the Lord said “I loved him so much and it broke my heart to see my baby boy stolen from my very arms willingly!” He remembered many more who were His true children but got deceived. He told us that He warned them all! Every single one of them, He fought for them! He, as a loving father would go to each one to bring them back in His loving arms but instead they will run and cling to the father of lies! Why? Because the spirit of deception moves very quick and once it enters, it kills hearing and discernment from God. DECEPTION is caused by pride. Pride destroy people’s hearing and when deceit has crawled into their heart, they cannot not hear the Lord anymore nor obey Him. – Oh, the pain of a Father going to get His children but instead they run into the arms of the father of lies, who pays them nothing but hell! The Lord’s heart was broken, so much broken that night! He had one of us catch his tears. The Lord said that for those who have been deceived, ‘To escape deception is a miracle’. Having seen this many time I can testify, “Yes, to escape deception, it is a great miracle.” The time to uproot deception is before it crawls into the heart of people.

What is Deception?

Being deceived is to believe the lies of the devil over the Truth. Those who believe the lies of the devil are bound, they get scales over their eyes that they can’t see nor hear. They refuse the truth.

“… and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." John 8:32

“Deception and lies reflect blame on the innocent and kind servant. Satan is the Father of lies. Deception is the devil strongest weapon”

Therefore, when you read an article dedicated into blaming a believer, a servant of God, engaging into gossip and slander and criticizing – know that you are stepping into the field of deception. When you see such article, trash it and run as fast as you can from that website, book, article or fellowship. The Lord has told us over and over again that He is a personal God. His Holy Spirit convicts His children on a personal basis. We are called to expose the devil and sin but we are not called to expose the sinner without Giving Jesus as the redemption.

Door to Deception

Pride is the open door. Pride and deceit walk hands in hands together. They are best friend! satan is the one who unlocks the door of pride and throws away the key so that those who have pride cannot find it again. Jesus reminded us “It is a good thing that I am not afraid to dumpster dive”, this means that He is not afraid to go find the key and set free those who have pride. But they must have genuine REPENTANCE.

“REPENTANCE unlocks the heart so the Lord can have access to it, go in and set the captive free.”

Pride can come in many forms and sometimes it comes as false humility. Pride and false humility lead to each other!

“Do not let pride be an open door or deceit will run straight through it.”

What Is Pride?

Self-praising (Luke 18:9-11). It compares and come to the conclusion ‘I am the greatest, the best and superior than everyone else.” To discern pride: Look at where the spotlight shines. Is it on Jesus or on them? And which more often? Who gets the glory? Who is the most important? God or them? Who takes credit? Who takes responsibility?

Solution to Deception for Individual

The Lord reminded us that ‘Believing deceit is a choice and I give choice to my children.” Children of God, remember that He wants you to exercise your discernment. When you hear things (from people or voices speaking to you),when you read things remember to exercise your discernment.

1. Submit to:

a) Godly authority (He often says ‘I am a God of order’)

b) Godly counsel

  • When you hear things (from people or voices speaking to you),when you read or watch things

  • Make sure it lines up with the Bible

  • If it is from God, it t will not point the blame and the accusation against someone without Giving Jesus as the redemption

  • If you are the one who blamed, be sure you are willing to pray about this, be sure that you are willing to let this be known that it was you who pointed it out.

c) God’s Word (BIBLE)

2. Repent

Have a genuine repentance for pride and deception.

“Remember to exercise your discernment”

Solution to Uproot Pride for those You are in Charge of

(This is for you pastors, leaders & authority established by God)

To uproot pride, you must have a SHOVEL OF HUMILITY that the Lord gives you! Anyone who humbles themselves before God and walk humbly before Him will receive this tool. Before you can be used to uproot pride, YOU MUST BE HUMBLE.


The Lord said, "A humble heart is a Godly heart.”

True humility is from the depths of the most inner mind and soul. True humility will be meek and often hidden from the spotlight – the Lord said “done in the privacy of only my eyes. Humility – give Me and others credit even when it does not belong to them”.

A humble person will repent in a true and bold and unashamed way. A humble person is: A servant: who washes the feet of the lowest.

Obedient: No matter what is the cost, a humble person will obey and submit to

a) godly authority b) godly counsel c) to My word (BIBLE)

The Lord said, “You cannot just pull a strong growing hard tree by the root. Can you? You have to dig out the root of pride using the shovel of humility. What are they prideful for? I am not a God who is prideful. I am the one who is worthy of the praise but I am not prideful. I washed the servants’ feet. I am not afraid of hard work. My children must be the same. Pride is hard to break, the way you dig down to it, is by digging with the shovel of humility, down in the dirt. Walk a life in humility. Set an example for those who are prideful. Treat them with humility. Point out humility and make it clearly obvious. When they say something that is self-praising, go, ‘Glory to God!’ Point it to Me.”

You have to dig out the root of pride using the shovel of humility.
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