Deception (Part 2)

The Spirit of Deception Against the Church/ Prayer Groups

Are you a top praying church? Are you in a group of prayer warriors that meet daily to pray, intercede and do warfare? Servants of God and members of such churches/groups, please be warned, satan has it out for you! he knows that his work is greatly being hindered by the prayer of such saints who are in unity, so he will come to divide and scatter. Please remember that God is the one who put you in that particular place – in the Kingdom of God on earth where His will must be done as it is in heaven. You are determined to seek the Lord with all your heart. satan has tried his best to get to you but he could not pass through the mighty hedge of protection that God put over His house of prayer! Now, satan will try to deceive, cause you to leave so that once you are isolated, he will have a chance to get to you. At any cost, do not let him win: do not let him take you from such a praying church and do not allow him use you to bring any damage or division inside the group - This is about the Kingdom of God, do not look out for your own interest.

Each one of us must understand that THIS IS A WAR! We must stand, resist the devil with everything within us, fight and win. God never abandons His soldiers who are at war. God will always give victory to the soldiers who do not quit – Last week, He reminded us, “I AM BIG! I AM GOD!” Yes, Jesus alone is God! The enemy does not want a praying church – I am speaking to you Servants of God, ‘don’t let the devil win!” I am speaking to you Jesus flock, ‘refuse to leave such a church / group’. When it is time for you to move on, you will leave in peace, with the fruit of the spirit and there will be blessings.

Besides, satan does not want you to have your spiritual eyes open, he knows that once you can really see, you will tell. He knows that you will expose him and that people will then be able to protect themselves from a known enemy. satan does not want your spiritual eyes to be opened, for you to see heaven and hell and expose his secrets. He will come in prayer groups to steal, kill and destroy. He will also come to steal the gifts God gives us and to corrupt God’s people. I remember how one night the Lord warned me “But be aware – that the enemy will try to deceive and steal the gifts…” The Lord said these words, and right before my eyes, He showed me an example. One prayer warrior whose eyes are opened was in hell. Right then, she was being tormented by satan who had taken out her eyes and the Lord said “She has My eyes, but look, they are being eaten by the enemy.” Satan is not afraid to steal what is holy and belongs to the Lord. The Lord reminded us, “What is not guarded can be easily stolen!” It is important to guard the gifts God gives, to watch and to pray at all times.

When you are part of a powerful praying fire church – refuse to bow down to satan, refuse to leave! He will not have a chance to deceive those who are submitted to godly authority and are surrounded by true servants of God!

How the Spirit of Deception Move in the House of God

My house shall be called a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13)

A. Before Satan spies and he knows who are truly seeking God and those who are playing church. He also knows those who are weak and are incline to deception. Deceit happens quickly. Just like lightning that comes from nowhere, strike and is gone so does a spirit of deception move! It quickly comes and deceive people, convince them to leave a praying church/group and take them out. The reason why this spirit moves so quick is because the enemy knows there is power in fire praying churches, enough power to cast him out. So satan sends this spirit to do the job and quickly depart. The Lord taught us that the seed of deceit are planted very early on. A seed can lay dormant for many years, until it is fed, until it has light, heat and water. Jesus is the only one who can feed us with living water and give us the Bread of Life. satan feed the seed of deceit with darkness.

What Can Feed Deceit

  • pride and false humility

  • believing lies

  • not accepting correction and not submitting to spiritual authority

  • accumulating teachers for oneself that tickle their ears! Beware of false prophets!

  • not accepting discipline

  • being disobedient and walking in rebellion

  • being driven by selfish ambition and continually doing one’s own will

  • lack of discernment especially on those who have spiritual eyes open