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Deception (Part 2)

The Spirit of Deception Against the Church/ Prayer Groups

Are you a top praying church? Are you in a group of prayer warriors that meet daily to pray, intercede and do warfare? Servants of God and members of such churches/groups, please be warned, satan has it out for you! he knows that his work is greatly being hindered by the prayer of such saints who are in unity, so he will come to divide and scatter. Please remember that God is the one who put you in that particular place – in the Kingdom of God on earth where His will must be done as it is in heaven. You are determined to seek the Lord with all your heart. satan has tried his best to get to you but he could not pass through the mighty hedge of protection that God put over His house of prayer! Now, satan will try to deceive, cause you to leave so that once you are isolated, he will have a chance to get to you. At any cost, do not let him win: do not let him take you from such a praying church and do not allow him use you to bring any damage or division inside the group - This is about the Kingdom of God, do not look out for your own interest.

Each one of us must understand that THIS IS A WAR! We must stand, resist the devil with everything within us, fight and win. God never abandons His soldiers who are at war. God will always give victory to the soldiers who do not quit – Last week, He reminded us, “I AM BIG! I AM GOD!” Yes, Jesus alone is God! The enemy does not want a praying church – I am speaking to you Servants of God, ‘don’t let the devil win!” I am speaking to you Jesus flock, ‘refuse to leave such a church / group’. When it is time for you to move on, you will leave in peace, with the fruit of the spirit and there will be blessings.

Besides, satan does not want you to have your spiritual eyes open, he knows that once you can really see, you will tell. He knows that you will expose him and that people will then be able to protect themselves from a known enemy. satan does not want your spiritual eyes to be opened, for you to see heaven and hell and expose his secrets. He will come in prayer groups to steal, kill and destroy. He will also come to steal the gifts God gives us and to corrupt God’s people. I remember how one night the Lord warned me “But be aware – that the enemy will try to deceive and steal the gifts…” The Lord said these words, and right before my eyes, He showed me an example. One prayer warrior whose eyes are opened was in hell. Right then, she was being tormented by satan who had taken out her eyes and the Lord said “She has My eyes, but look, they are being eaten by the enemy.” Satan is not afraid to steal what is holy and belongs to the Lord. The Lord reminded us, “What is not guarded can be easily stolen!” It is important to guard the gifts God gives, to watch and to pray at all times.

When you are part of a powerful praying fire church – refuse to bow down to satan, refuse to leave! He will not have a chance to deceive those who are submitted to godly authority and are surrounded by true servants of God!

How the Spirit of Deception Move in the House of God

My house shall be called a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13)

A. Before Satan spies and he knows who are truly seeking God and those who are playing church. He also knows those who are weak and are incline to deception. Deceit happens quickly. Just like lightning that comes from nowhere, strike and is gone so does a spirit of deception move! It quickly comes and deceive people, convince them to leave a praying church/group and take them out. The reason why this spirit moves so quick is because the enemy knows there is power in fire praying churches, enough power to cast him out. So satan sends this spirit to do the job and quickly depart. The Lord taught us that the seed of deceit are planted very early on. A seed can lay dormant for many years, until it is fed, until it has light, heat and water. Jesus is the only one who can feed us with living water and give us the Bread of Life. satan feed the seed of deceit with darkness.

What Can Feed Deceit

  • pride and false humility

  • believing lies

  • not accepting correction and not submitting to spiritual authority

  • accumulating teachers for oneself that tickle their ears! Beware of false prophets!

  • not accepting discipline

  • being disobedient and walking in rebellion

  • being driven by selfish ambition and continually doing one’s own will

  • lack of discernment especially on those who have spiritual eyes open

  • open doors / unrepented sins

  • being too proud of own accomplishment, degrees, worldly riches and loving to talk about oneself

If one of these is found in us, we must quickly repent with genuine REPENTANCE.

“REPENTANCE unlocks the heart so the Lord can have access to it, go in and set the captive free” Uproot and eliminate any seed of deceit and avoid anything that can feed it.


Uproot and eliminate any seed of deceit and avoid anything that can feed it

To God’s flock: Do not leave a church or a prayer group quickly. When it is done quickly, it is usually not God because God is patient. God is not a God who rushes you but He wants you to test the spirits. He wants you to practice patience until He guides you. God gives you time to pray, to wait on Him. When the time comes, God will guide you and move your steps. Satan does not want you to pray about it and wait because he knows he will be found out. So cultivate patience. Also do not allow anyone to say negative things about a brethren.

To God’s servants: Because these spirits attack and move quickly, fight before they launch attacks on the flock.

  • Teach your flock very well about the spirit of deception

  • Set an example of a humble servant

  • Teach all your members to walk in true humility

Deceit Moves

It might start with a voice, a vision and many times influence by those who are deceived! Do not allow anyone to tell you something negative about a brethren. When you see a vision you must test the spirits because satan gives visions also. Any vision that is contrary to the word of God, any vision that does not display the fruit of the spirit, even if it comes from someone you trust – just trash it. Visions must line up with the word of God. exercise your discernment for any voice you hear or visions you see.

Deceit will isolate people. In the place of isolation, satan’s voice will start talking to them loud. The Lord is the one who has set hours for our prayer time. He has included time for breaks where we come together and fellowship. There is healing that takes place as we fellowship and we encourage one another. When someone is constantly isolating themselves, please pray for them and counsel them. If necessary, do deliverance.

Some Example of deception:

  • I heard a voice telling me to leave prayer right now…

  • I saw a demon in this church as I was praying so I must leave now (when God open your spiritual sight, you will see good and evil) so there is no need to leave because you saw demons on people or inside a church. They are almost everywhere nowadays.

  • The spirit of deception is accusatory and always seek to blame. When someone comes to pastor or leadership sharing a vision they had in which they accuse a brethren, “God showed me this on this brother but tell no one (accusing a brethren) please know that satan is at work… ”. In our midst, Jesus encourages us to not keep secrets except that which He tells us to keep. He has told us, “My children, I ask you to let me make you a clear and see through glass vase that I may fill up. I ask you to be my vessels.”

  • “Only the Holy Spirit is my teacher, I cannot listen to pastor anymore…” Luke 16:29

Beware of the voice that focuses you on yourself and shows you things are not fair for you and put you in self-pity and centeredness mode. The voice that focuses you on someone else… remember, it is not possible to focus on Jesus and on someone else. Jesus tells us every day, "Focus on Me. Focus on Me." You are safe from all dangers when you focus on Jesus.

Love, Pray, and Believe

If this spirits gets into the soul and is not taken care of and cast out, it crawls into the heart “during supper, the devil having already put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon to betray Him” John 13. Human beings carry out what they have decided to do in their heart. The heart wins. This is why it is important to be careful what you decide to do from your heart.

Those who are being deceived will often refuse to meet the pastor or leadership because godly counsel exposes such evil spirits. They refuse to rip the scales off their eyes. They refuse to repent and turn. Repentance is the key that unlocks the heart for the Lord to reach out but when they refuse to repent, they refuse to open their heart to Jesus. John 3:19 “This is the judgment that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light, for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed." (John 3:19-20)

No one is deceived without the Lord warning them over and over again. When they have been warned and they do not listen, their hearts will become hardened and continue to run towards deception. If they do not repent, the devil will take them out of the pasture in the place where he can devour them. John 10

Misery loves company, but sin cannot stand to be alone. The people who have been deceived deeply tend to deceive others and lead them astray. When satan does this, he knows who are weak in a church and He will send those who are deceived to the weak ones. Once a person is deceived and they won’t listen to leadership, bless them and release them. Because the spirit of deception also transfers, it is important for the flock to also bless them, release them and stay away from them until they repent.

“When deceit happens, love and pray for them powerfully. When you pray, remember that negative words are a hindrance to faith. Pray, believe and speak life in those who are being deceived.”

Danger of Deception: The Story of Jericho

There is a man called Jericho who is now serving satan and is among of 11 satanists disciples the Lord revealed to us (satan cannot have 12, only God can). The story as revealed to us is that this man used to be a Christian. He once walked in miracles, signs and wonders. He once was a follower of Jesus who prayed and danced before the Lord. Today, this man who once walked intimately with God is serving satan! We asked the Lord “Oh, Lord how can this be?” It was explained to us that it was because of deceit. This man got deceived, little by little he backslid, sank into deception until he gave himself to satan to serve him. Those who can be deceived now by satan can even be deceived during the time when the mark of the beast is being given. The Lord has warned us. Those who accept deception will take the mark of the beast in their deception thinking they are receiving something from the Lord. It is important to fight against this spirit and walk fully in the light of God and in His Truth. The spirit of deception has power to take people to hell and believers around the globe are called to rise up as one and fight deception.

Deception has power to land people in hell where they will never get out. Love the Truth, embrace the Truth, fight deception with everything within you!
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