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Delivered from Mental Hospital & Demonic Powers

A Testimony of Daisy (Not her real name)

Summary:  At the beginning of 2016, our ministry was contacted by email by a woman named Daisy (not her real name). Daisy had been heavily oppressed for the past six months. She was a woman who used to be spirit filled, speaking in tongues but the tongues had gone away and all she had left were false tongues. She suffered from severe depression, anxiety and heard voices. At the time she contacted us, she had no control of her body and vocal – demons could move her to do different things. Her senses of thoughts, thinking and comprehension were no longer there. She had been to different mental health clinics and it had gotten only worse. She could no longer read the Word of God nor pray because when she would try, she would be attacked by serpents she saw with her spiritual eyes. She had sought help from everywhere but could not be helped. She testified the Lord led her to our website. She then contacted us asking for help.

Daisy speaks: It all started in March 2013 when I returned back to the Lord. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and I began speaking in unknown tongues. I was excited about finding Jesus! I started praying a lot every day but I did not know much about the word of God. A few months later, I started experiencing the spiritual realm. I started hearing voices that gave me commands such as “clean up”, “pay your bills”. I followed the instructions of a mighty deep voice that was giving me commands.  Then I received a visitation in my bedroom from the Lord asking me to pray.  I didn’t see His face but I heard His mighty audible voice. 

After that, I started devoting my time to do more prayers and reading the Word.  When I would want to make big decision in my life, I would dream. In my dream the voice would guide and tell me how to make the decision.  It was the voice of the Lord because I would hear the voice coming from the clouds with lightning flashing while He spoke.  In the meantime, I joined a group of Christians who have watched videos where they taught that people are going to hell because they wear pants, extensions wigs and waves, makeup, and bleaching of the skin.  They said Jesus is against anything that isn’t natural.  Later on I learned from Blazing Holy Fire that this was a false teaching, and believing these lies, with my spiritual eyes opened, I become too vulnerable and it opened a door for the father of lies to come into my life [Please see article ‘Women Wearing Pants, Lipsticks, Jewelry etc…’]from the blog.

So I stopped wearing all these things.  I naturally planted my hair without extensions and very soon, I started feeling movement on my head.  At first I thought it was the Lord’s anointing until I started feeling sea creatures crawling all over my body.  I was so afraid of the feelings.  I called my doctor and I also contacted some prophets to pray for me.  So many people prayed for me but I was still experiencing movements on my head.  When I would go to work, I felt something like serpent crawling all over my body.  I got really scared and I began to pray in the backroom of my workplace.  Eventually my management decided to fire me because of my frequent lateness. Later, I shaved my head because I thought it would have helped with the movement that I was experiencing on my head but it was in vain. 

I went to seek help at Mountain of Fire church. There, they told me to fast and pray at midnight for a month and I began to do this.  The more I prayed, the more I experienced the movement of serpents on my head.  When I would go to my computer, I would experience spirits around me ripping my back and placing serpents in my back.  I would ignore and just pray.  Eventually, I was so afraid to tell anybody of my experiences since it had to do with witchcraft.  I would see spirits looking at me and disappearing.  There was a spirit who appeared in my living room and touched my head with a selfish look on her face.  After she touched my head she looked at me in the eyes and I looked back at her, both of us said nothing to each other.  I dealt with the demonic experiences in my house from November 2013 through February 2014. 

During those times, I couldn’t sleep because when I tried to close my eyes, the snakes would wake me up to scare me.  I lost everything I had. I lost my house, my car, and my beautiful children whom I loved were taken away from me! Oh, what a life! Plus, I had no job to take care of myself and my kids!

In February 2014, I was told by a voice to go to a McDonald and eat there.  I went at the closet McDonald to eat.  After eating, the voice told me to leave my car keys on the table and walk in the streets and make frequent stops at businesses.  I was walking for hours until the staff at McDonald reported me missing.  I was all over the local news.  Eventually, during late night hours, the police found me and sent me to the mental hospital.  That was my first hospitalization due to mental illness.  I was seeing visions of hell and a Jewish man with long hair kept dancing for me in vision.  He would smile and dance before I sleep.  I hid my visions that I was seeing from the doctors because I was afraid they would drug me more. 

Eventually, my mom and dad came to get me from Michigan after they found out that I was in a mental hospital.  The doctors released me to my parents.  They took me to Michigan a few days later to care for me.  The same day I arrived in Michigan, the same voice told me to leave my parents’ home.  So I packed my suitcase and left my parents’ home at late night.  When my parents couldn’t find me, they called the police to report me missing again.  While I was walking the voice told me to call my older cousin to pick me up and take me to my second cousin’s home.  While at my cousins, my parents came to pick me up.  The voice told me to go to my parents but I didn’t go because I saw a vision that I was going to be chained in my parents basement and they would’ve beat me up.  So they called the ambulance and committed me to another mental hospital.  This time I could pray in tongues, see visions and hear voices of other people and spirits at the hospital. 

I was taken back home to Connecticut to be with my kids.  This time around I could hear the voices telling me about the trinity Gods.  For example, the voices would tell me “me and the father are one” continuously for three days.  After that I went driving and this time I knew I was being controlled.  The spirit took me to another mental hospital where I spent one more month.  I was seeing visions and still hearing voices.  The voices were nonstop.  Telling me about my entire life that I lived.  Giving me dreams that would scare me to death.  After a year of the voices continuous in my head and my ears, I started seeing the actual snakes that I used to feel while living alone.  It was black and the other is light colors, huge serpents that can surround an apartment building.  It scared me.  Then the voices told me we are collecting evidence.  They told me stories of lies about heaven and hell.  The spirits told me that my spirit was currently in hell for all the bad things I’ve done in my life.  Eventually they told me stories about my bloodline from my past generations.  After the stories and visions were told then I saw a mighty man dressed in a white dress pouring gasoline on my body saying he is about to burn me alive with my kids.  That was when I called the police right away.  I told them what was happening to me (it was my first time telling anyone about my problem.) 

They admitted me again to the mental hospital.  While there the spirits told me stories of lies, about my mother and my generations.  They told me that I was married in the spirit.  I saw tall beings looking like angels saying they’re there to protect me.  They said all source of things about my so called spirit husband.  They included my children spirits explaining that my older son is mad at me and the other son visiting me in the spirit at the hospital.  I was at the mental hospital for one month because I was in grave danger.  I could feel my spirit tearing off my body because the spirit said I would be happier with my spirit husband.  They said I have a thorn and I was extremely powerful in the spirit in heaven.  They told me a lot of lies. 

After I left the mental hospital, the Lord led me to Blazing Holy Fire website. After reading it, I decided to contact the church by email and I gave them my phone number. In due time Blazing Holy Fire responded back. They gave me a prayer warrior who was assigned to my case.

BHF Pray Warrior speaks I called Daisy and listened to the problems she was going through. The Lord led us to build her prayer life first before starting deliverance. It would not be possible to do deliverance for someone who cannot pray afterwards. Praying together, we found out she was a mighty fighter who was willing to do whatever it takes to get out of the condition she was in. Prayer of fire, combined with Spirit Led counseling and the Lord Jesus being present in every session over the phone, the heavens were opened and God almighty stood up and fought for His daughter. The Lord instructed us to pray with her a few times a week. One day while I was praying with Daisy, her tongue started flowing out of her mouth like a miracle. The Lord restored her tongues back! From that moment on she was able to pray and if attacked, she would use her tongues to fight and pray. Little by little, every week as we prayed, there was victory. She started listening to audio Bible and we continued to work and mentor her. Soon enough, she was able to read the Bible on her own. Our church mightily prayed for her also. Soon enough, the Lord delivered Daisy from all deception, oppressions and mental issues.

Daisy Attend Our Revival – Her Deliverance is Completed and Sealed Early this year, as we held our revival, everyone was eager to meet Daisy. She was the most person excited to be in the revival. She says, “I was very happy as I flew to Colorado.  There, I was met with people who have a heart of Jesus! I did not have to worry about anything. There was powerful ministry of worship, prayer, the word and the fellowship. When it was time to pray, I would hear the voice telling me, “you are blessed child”. I was joyful the whole time! I was in the spirit and the Lord was speaking privately to me.  The revival was powerful and wonderful!  I really enjoyed myself there. 

Miracles after the revival After I came back from the revival, miracles started happening to me one by one!  Someone bought me an almost brand new car! Miracles after miracles happened to me. I stopped seeing visions continuously!  My Doctor stopped two medications I was taking and instead of seeing me every month, she would see me every three months! She said I was getting better. Hallelujah, praise God! I have my own place now and I can drive! I can now play with my kids without knocking myself away from them.  Many changes have occurred!  I no longer hear voices telling me what to do.  I no longer see many spirits around me pretending to be angels.  I am very happy that I am gradually healing. I am thankful to God Almighty for delivering me! I am also grateful for the Blazing Holy Fire Church for all they have done for me. I am excited and thank you readers for letting me share my happiness with you, I hope my testimony will be an encouragement to many out there! To those who are in the same condition, there is hope in Jesus. Do not give up. Also do not hesitate to contact Blazing Holy Fire for prayer and deliverance – they are the best team that has been trained by Jesus in person and can be there for you selflessly and lovingly to the very end.

Word from the Pastor This is a powerful testimony and I am so happy for Daisy. This is one of the many hundreds of deliverances we have done! It is an honor to serve God in this way. I am so thankful to our Lord Jesus for His great love and power. His power is unlimited! Such a great power, powerful enough to empty every mental hospital! Powerful enough to empty all hospitals and to set free all His children who are bound. What binds them though? It is deception. It is the lies that they have been taught and believed! Do not play with deception for it is real and there are many in mental hospitals because of it! Look where humanity is today because of a single deception from satan to Adam! Deception is real and it always leads into spiritual problems. Nowadays, there are many false teachers / prophets who are experts to notice! The only way you can know them is when you have discernment and deep discernment! When once you walked in the truth of the word of God but start listening to those expert false prophets, spiritual problems will occur and grow worse day by day. So it is important when you see spiritual problems occurring, to go back to the source of when things started going wrong, repent and mend your ways. Be careful of hyper-grace messages. Be careful of the wolves in the midst of sheep (John 10). Let the Bible be your most favorite spiritual book over any other spiritual books. Read the Bible more than you read the books of the supernatural. Read the Bible every day continually and carry out the word of God. God wants to set free all those who are bound by deception and all those who are in mental hospitals! How did Daisy get set free? By the Truth! “and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." It is the Truth of the word of God that can uproot the lies of satan.

To those who are thinking about seeking deliverance from our ministry, I want you to know that there is no case that the Lord is not able to solve. The Lord trained us with hands on how to do deliverance of all manners. Every time we have a deliverance session, Jesus is there with us directing everything that goes on. We dare not do deliverance on our own, we dare not. There is not a case when someone did everything Jesus spoke through our team and they were not set free! Wherever there is obedience to Jesus, there is victory. Jesus mother told the servants, " Whatever He says to you, do it." One thing He requires for those who come seeking deliverance is simply to obey and have faith like a child’s. Daisy was a determined fighter, willing to obey whatever the Lord said. Because of her obedience, her deliverance was quick and amazing. Seeking counseling from those who are not trained in spiritual warfare and do not know how satan moves and works and have no discernment can be a great stumbling block. You do not let anyone operate on you, you do not let anyone do surgery on you. It has to be a certified Doctor. The same applies to deliverance. We will share more testimonies soon, of the great wonders of the Lord in our midst here.

God has a job for you It is God’s desire to set free all those who have mental and all spiritual problems, but He uses you and me. Are you willing to be trained to do this job? Are you willing to go? We have raised a team of prayer warriors who are serving the Lord setting the captive free all over the world and one day soon, we will be doing another online mentoring class to Raise True Prayer Warriors because the demand is high. Those whom we train, per God instruction, we get them baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire. These will carry out such works of deliverances all over the world, the same kind that we are doing here at BHF headquarter. God has given us a strategy to set them free all over the world – distance will no longer be a barrier. We will do this work and soon the whole world will be changed! Will you link arms with us as we do this? Would you like to be Jesus extended arm that reaches out and save the lost? Let me hear AMEN from you!

Hallelujah! Amen! God bless you all!

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