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A Couple Who Had Miscarried Testifies!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023


A beloved brother joined our ministry a few years ago. This brother was desperately hungry for God and righteousness. He was going through intense warfare. Wife had miscarriages, I remember doing deliverance for her after the second miscarriage. God is great. His power transform lives...

Here below is our brother's testimony -


"Dear Pastor Christine Coleman,
God blessed us with a baby on 25 Aug 2021. But our journey has been a tough one. We lost two pregnancies prior to this. My wife had experienced miscarriages just as she advanced to the 3rd month of her pregnancy on both cases.
There was witchcraft involved as she kept seeing one of her aunt in nightmares a few day before losing the pregnancy. I joined Blazing Holy Fire at a time my wife was going through so much sickness, and later when she was pregnant with second child she lost the baby.
Nevertheless we didn't despair, I kept on showing up for prayer via Blazing Holy Fire zoom prayers where I was trained on battle.
On January 2021 the devil attacked my wife who by then was 2 month pregnant in a serious attack where she couldn't eat and would throw up any food she ate. She became so lean that I thought she'd die out of not eating properly. The BHF prayer warriors stood with us in prayers and she got delivered from this. I thank God because she never experienced any sickness to the point of her delivery.
When the day of her delivery came the devil tried again his last attempt and caused her to stay in hospital for 5 days with birth pangs, no delivery, but on 25 Aug 2021 the Lord blessed us with a son by way of CS. HALLELUJAH! Our son is called Praise G (praise God) Omondi, a name God gave us via a dream; initially to my wife over a year ago, and later confirmed to me in a dream 2 months prior to delivery. The BHF church led by Pastor Christine stood with us, encouraging and praying over us until this journey ended with a living testimony of God's goodness. Thank you Jesus!!!
Yours in Christ"
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