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Many have heard of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide, but few know that the organized slaughter of Christian, Hutu, and Tutsi critics is still happening today. The insidious bloodlust began the moment one man with a horrific agenda stepped foot onto Rwanda in
1990. This man, who the world sees as Rwanda’s protector, is now exposed for who he really is.

Millions have died during the 30-year apocalypse that turned an innocent and peaceful country into one with blood soaking into every inch of soil.

In this book, Christine brings us the other side of the Rwanda story which the mastermind perpetrators have killed to keep the international community from finding out. As a survivor of the Rwanda and DRC Congo genocides, wars, and dictatorship, Christine shares her experiences, showing you the real Rwanda, the one that is never advertised nor shown to the outside world.

Help free the voices of those who have been silenced before their time. Understand today’s Rwanda and give freedom to those trapped by a regime that is only interested in power. Remove the blinds placed on the west by a cruel dictator who hates his own people.

• Kizito Mihigo’s persecution and martyrdom
• Silent, yet real, persecution of the clergy, Christians, and the people of
• Stories of victims and survivors of massive and systematic killings
• Details inside Rwanda prisons, safe houses, and torture chambers
• Leaked conversation between RPF top officials
• Targeting and pursuing dissidents abroad
This book is an appeal to the whole world.
Renounce this evil! Come to the rescue of the
helpless beautiful people who have had their
basic human rights stripped from them and taken
by force

SOS Rwanda’s 30-Year Apocalypse (Under Construction)

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