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Throne Encounters (Part 1) - Come and Meet My Brother, My King and My Lover!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Jesus Encounters: Come and Meet My Brother, My King and My Lover!

Beloved in the Lord: pastors, ministers of the Lord and laymen; those who know Jesus and those who do not – come closer, I want you to meet the man called Jesus! The one who created you and me! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! The one who is the answer to every problem you face. Come! I want to introduce to you the God whom you serve without seeing! A God whom most of us (if not all of us) has always put in a box! I want to introduce to you the Real Jesus, whom I and the congregation of Blazing Holy Fire church, have come to know in an intimate fellowship!

We are 12 prayer warriors. We all love Jesus! For about 4 years, we have been meeting every night for powerful prayer. In the summer of 2013, it pleased Father God, Son and Holy Spirit to come and meet with us in a special way. The Lord Jesus visibly came to us first in July 2013; at the beginning He was only showing visions to one of us. Starting the month of August 2013, our Father in heaven sent us a letter detailing the purpose of those visits: Jesus coming is very, very soon. We are to crucify the flesh and be His body that reaches to the lost world. God the Father promised us a revival and to open the spiritual sight for each one of us, so that we can behold the Lord face to face.  He promised to take us to the spiritual realm where we would finally see. He promised to take us to heaven and to hell, so that we can feel the intense sorrow and pain He feels for the lost.

Ever since then, the Lord comes in our midst. He never misses a night. He meets with us! We talk to Him sometimes individually and other times as a church family. We spend many hours fellowshipping with Him; sometimes He sits at the head of the table keeping us company as we eat and drink in His presence. When He came, He gave to each one of us heavenly names. He is definitely the person who knows you inside and outside. He knows everything about you. He knows your every thought. When we sit with Him, we are amazed to see how He answers. He will answer something that was on our mind, something we forgot to ask, or something we were going to ask. He loves you more than you can imagine! He thinks about you every second. Words do not do justice to describe His love for you! He told me “My love is deeper than any ocean; wider than any sky, and bigger than the universe. You cannot even handle a single fraction of my love. You cannot rub your mind around it.”  There is not a single person that He does not care for. There is not a single person that is forgotten or neglected by His sight.

He is a Jesus who loves to spend time with you! Every time you are on your knees, He is there. He desires for your eyes to open so that you can see Him face to face. Until that happens, He wants you to walk by faith and not by sight. He wants you to pray harder and press in so that one day soon you can meet Him. He wants to reveal Himself to many of you. This is not only for our church; this is available for anyone who is diligently seeking Him. When He came to us, regardless of how difficult situations were in marriages, or in the hard cases of salvation for our beloved ones - we found He is a God that is ready to come to their rescue!  No matter how impossible it seems to us.  You know of those relatives whom you had begged to receive Him; and how - the more you prayed, the worse it got, and the more they rejected Him!  And you know how you almost gave upon them – I have good news for you: Jesus did not give upon them! When He came to us He said “I will save them” and indeed we watched as He started to do a great work in them. We heard Him say "I will heal your marriage, do not worry!' Even in situations that were impossible! We saw Him move!  He showed us how He would do it, and then we would look and find that He is a great and mighty God - so loving and so kind; so cool is the real Jesus we had never known before!

Heaven – Your Permanent Home!

The Lord took us numerous times to heaven and showed us our mansions. Children of God, Jesus has a mansion with your name on it. For couples, your mansions are connected by a bridge. The family that prays together stays together – also we later on  learned that the family that prays together fights together! Wow! All the wealth and riches of this world put together could not even buy a single building in heaven! It is beyond beautiful. Every time you give a helping hand to those in need, every time you are serving God, every time you praise Him through worship, prayer, and dance for Jesus, and even when you bring joy and humor to your brothers and sister-materials are being sent to build your mansion in heaven. Two things that help you earn highest reward in heaven are:

  1. Witnessing

  2. Being the Bride of Christ

We are in the process of writing a book and will share more on this subject. When we were shown our mansions, we were shocked to see that no soul is forgotten by God.  Some of the congregation members who had had an abortion before they met the Lord- were surprised to be met by their children. The children were so happy and full of love. They would run to the parents to give them big hugs and say that they have been forgiven. When the Lord showed me my place in heaven, there were 4 mansions in total and on earth we are just 3: my husband, my son, and I. Then the Lord reminded me of my little girl whom I had aborted in 1996! I was shocked and speechless when He showed me this! A few weeks after this abortion, I was so devastated knowing that I had actually killed someone. The Lord found me right then, and I immediately gave Him my life. I also gave my aborted child the name Mercy. There is a heavenly language that the Lord has given to us; this is the language we use when we enter heaven. In this heavenly language, my daughter’s name is Kiata which translated in English means Mercy. There are more similar stories we can share that will be written in the book. There is a couple in our church that has had 3 miscarriages! Their babies are very happy in heaven waiting to be reunited with their parents, currently this couple was remembered by the Lord and He has blessed them with twins. In heaven, their 7 mansions are there waiting for them!

Heaven is a place for fun and lots of fun!

In heaven we get to have so much fun. The Lord lets us fly with angels, and ride inside the chariots of fire. In my mansion there is a tiger I got to ride on. There is a huge lion that follows Jesus around in heaven, one of the prayer warriors got to ride it when she won a battle she had fought in hell, a battle with satan! In heaven, we got to worship and holy danced before God, all together with the saints in heaven. We got to meet Apostle Paul, Peter, John and other disciples.

When we met with the saints, the Lord would allow them sometimes to give us a world of wisdom, or advice. We got to meet with many saints from Bible times but also some saints such as Choo Thomas. She is on the third level of heaven and her mansion is very close to the throne of God, she is very happy. The saints would sometimes give us an impartation.  There was a time I asked the Lord if He could leave this window of opportunity open, so I could ask questions that I might have in taking care of His flock. The Lord joked about it and said “Why do you ask so little, why don’t you ask of me something big? Something-such as a door? …” He then promised me that He will let me ask questions anytime, but He warned me “you might not always understand my answers.” Immediately after He said this, King Solomon appeared and gave me wisdom/understanding impartation. Many times prayer warriors have received impartation from Esther and other saints. When I am in heaven, one of the saints that I had met with often was Elijah. He would give me a fire impartation and would caution me “Use the fire well.” In heaven there is always worship. There is so much fun! And there are so many places to go!

Sometimes the Lord would take us to heaven as a whole church; but most of the time He takes us in a small group or one person at a time. In the beginning we went without our eyes spiritually opened, but those whose spiritual eyes were open would lead the way. As they looked at us in heaven, they said we looked as if our eyes were closed, or like we were blind. They would tell us how we would bump into things, or appear clumsy, but God is merciful and He continued to guide us. These were joyful and humorous experiences. We also learned about, how in heaven, we do not wear earthly cloths, but instead change into heavenly garments. There are times the Lord would show us how He paints the sky. Each day He is the one who decides how the sky looks; how the clouds lay, how the light streaks, how the colors mix, and how it would appear at each moment in time. Not only did He let us watch Him, but He even taught us how to create with Him. There are many times when He would make a flower, then have us mimic Him. We were able to create flowers also. He is a God who wants us to rule and reign with Him (Revelation 20:6). As we talk to Him daily, we see love flowing out from His heart to us, and to His children all over the world.  He often tells us “Just mimic me…”

Jesus’ City & Father God’s House

There are times that the Lord would take us to His city where He has His castle. The Lord said that those whose eyes were already open could tour the place, but those whose eyes had yet to be opened could not enter into His holy city.  Since the Lord was in the process of opening all of our eyes, those with opened eyes said “No, we will wait for the whole family so we can tour it together.” Also, there have been many times when those whose eyes had already been opened got to see Father God on His throne. Before His throne, everyone and anyone is forced to lay prostate on their face.  The further you get from the throne, the higher you can raise your head.  Eventually, people can stand and worship. When the Lord sends a message to the church regarding the affairs of the church, regarding which battles we will fight in the spiritual realm, or sometimes words regarding an individual- they are given from the throne of Abba Papa – Father Yahweh. Jesus and the angels escort that person to Father God’s private kingly chamber where the person(s) receive the message. When the individual is there we all can tell from the church. They are facedown. From this we have learned that you can converse with Jesus standing, sitting, and sometimes He takes us for walks but before Father God you have to fall prostrate.

Experiencing God’s Great Love

The Lord is very loving. Words do not do justice to describe His love for you! He is not a God who is sitting on the throne counting your sins and looking for the next moment to hit you, judge you, or condemn you. Every single second, His heart is beating for each of us. Especially for sinners, He is begging them to come to repentance. If they don’t repent, they will end up in Hell.  He desperately does not want any of His children to go there. We have found Him to be a God that each one of us has put in some sort of a box. I thought I was a pastor who was generous with freedom, I tried my best to let go and always allow the Holy Spirit to flow. After spending much time with the Lord, and after several visits to heaven, we fell so deeply in love with Jesus.  He would spend most of the time talking to us and giving us instructions. Our everyday meetings consist of powerful prayer, heaven and hell and the Lord comes to us and we ask Him questions and talk to Him. When it was my turn to ask questions, the moment I finished with the things regarding the ministry, I would run out of what to ask. Then He told me that I could ask anything. I thought to myself “Anything, I could not do that! He is my God and my King”. He told me that I had put Him in a box for too long! That day for 45 minutes he kept telling me “Talk to me! Ask me questions. Ask me anything.” I love to talk to Him. Once you hear His voice, it is sweeter than honey, you cannot live without it! The Lord taught us that there are 3 types of love that He shows us. There are times He wants us to be funny and share humor. There are times where He is a King and His majesty is overflowing.  Sometimes we converse with Him as:

1. Brother and Friend

Those who are young in our midst; teenagers and early twenties, had so much fun with Him while He was showing this type of love. Young people seem to connect with Him in that area. He would not be offended for example when some of them would ask: “Lord, how old are you?”. He would actually answer them! One even asked if Adam and Eve had belly buttons! Last night one of us asked what size shoe He wears, knowing it would be big because He is so gigantic. He said in earthly terms, around a 22 men’s shoe size. The Lord is very, very patient. I have a little boy who is 5 years. There are times the Lord calls me to talk and it is almost time to send my son to sleep. In this case, the Lord waits patiently for me. There are times people go to him with pages of questions or asking words to give to the people. He is always very patient. When we apologize for our long questions, He says “I have patience.” There are times some people would ask Him the same questions they had asked the day before! The Lord still gives them the answer without judgment. When He meets with those who are weak, He does not criticize, but strengthens them. When he meets with those who need encouragement, He does brings them joy and hope; and teaches them how to stay strong in Him. The Lord gives us always compliments and tells us from His heart what He thinks about certain words we shared with Him. He is also playful and sometimes when we ask questions, He let us guess so that we can play with Him. There are many questions He does not answer directly; instead He says “I am a God of mystery.” Though He is a God who is playful, He is also a King and He always asserts His authority

2. Father and King

He has so much love for us as a father. When we are in His presence, we are His children. He takes care of us and He does not want anyone of us to worry about anything. He says “Bring me the worries, bring me the burden.” As a praying church for many years, we had so much warfare. In our midst, there were hard cases of relatives whom we had almost given up on. When we took their names to the Lord and asked Him to please save them, He will always say “Yes, I will save that person. I am watching the sins they are making but because of your prayers, I will bring them on their knees”. So dear God’s children, pray without ceasing. Where there were impossible marriage problems, He will converse with us and He would say, “I will heal your marriage”. There was not a single case where He said ‘no, I cannot save that person, I cannot heal, I cannot intervene.” We found out many times we did not have because we asked not. When we would ask Him how to reach out to the people, He would guide us and give us words to tell them in the most profound wisdom there can be. It is all summed up in this, “Tell them about me. Tell them how loving I am. Tell them how good and kind I am. Tell them that I do not want them to go to hell. Tell them about the rewards awaiting them. Keep telling them about me. Introduce me to them.” He has a great heart for the lost. When we go in the street, He accompanies us and at the end of the day when we fellowship with Him, He would tell us how many people were saved that day. How many will make it in the rapture and how many will be left behind.

Jesus Loves the Pastors

Jesus loves the pastors. He desires to meet them face to face but He said many pastors are backsliding. He said “I love them so very much. But they are jumping out of my hand. Many of them don’t want to be held by me. They don’t want to have the patience and the perseverance to stand by me when things get hard. They are turning away from me. They are tired of waiting on me but I want them to endure. I want them to know I have great rewards for the pastors”. Jesus loves you pastors! He sees every battle you are in. Please don’t give up, keep up your hope. He knows every battle you have been in and He is coming for you but you must hold on and not give up. The Lord does not want anyone of His children going to hell. He has shared with me how His heart will be always burdened by those He loves but are lost to hell. Those in hell were His children! He does not want even a single person to go there. He shared with me that once the judgment is set at the end of the age, His heart will still be burdened by those lost forever in hell.  But when we enter into the joy of eternity, His burden will lighten because we will enter into His safety and that will bring Him more joy and peace than we are able to comprehend; all because He will see us happy and finally at home.             

3. Lover, Bridegroom

On Tuesday September 3rd 2013, Jesus came to me and when I asked Him of what He thought about Rosha Hashana He said “Rosh Hashana is My Wedding Day”. As a church, we have always celebrated this holy day but this time it was going to be much different. Per His instructions, all the prayer warriors who are already brides to Him were to renew their vows but especially 2 in our midst were going to get married to Him on the last day of Rosh Hashanah (September 6). Jesus took this day very serious. He came on the first day of Rosh Hashana dressed in white, on the 2nd day He came back also dressed in white with a crown on His head. He asked me to tell Him about the plans for the wedding day. When I shared, He said that it was an outline. He asked me what was to be the plan for the feast. I had not thought about it as a feast. He said “Have you been to a wedding without a feast? Why would it be any different for me?”  With this, we had a quick meeting and we made better plans for the wedding day. He made provision for everything we needed. He picked wedding cloths for each one of us. We were dressed very nicely. When people went shopping the angels would go with them and Jesus would accompany us. He told us He literally picked cloths for each of His children.

The men had questions for Him regarding men being His brides! The Lord spoke to me and said: “Tell them that physical appearance does not make a bride beautiful to me. Male and female does not matter in how I consider someone a bride. It is humbling for man to be my bride, because on earth they are held superior in authority to women; but I want them to let go of the standards they hold on earth. They are not the standards I have set for them. Tell those who do not feel like they are yet able to relate to me in a bridal way,  to look at these vows as a contract between brothers, a business deal that binds them to me, but one made out of kinship and love. These vows are contracts; they complete and solidify the intimate and deep friendship they have with me.” He made us laugh when He said, “I created man first! Man should connect more intimately with me but some do not.”

Intimate Wedding Ceremony

When the wedding day arrived, it was Friday September 6th 2013. The wedding feast started at 7pm and lasted till 3 am. The Lord was with us the whole time. Two brides were married to Him in a beautiful ceremony in front of many witnesses. Vows were to be said out loud. One by one, we stood as a bride next to Him under the chuppah. By 7pm, the Lord was already on the platform of the sanctuary. We were not to wear high heels on the altar, only sandals. When it was time for our vows, it was the most moving moment in our lives. As we faced the Lord, one by one, we said our vows - He looked at each bride and spoke vows back. The Lord is very romantic and a true lover. His vows to us are a great treasure, they moved us powerfully. It was a moment of great celebration. After our vows, He gave each of us an individual gift. A true treasure: He took out our own human heart and gave us His own heart and declared

From now on,                                                                                                                         The heart that beats in you is not your own anymore It is my heart It will beat for me and for me alone

The truth indeed, ever since receiving this heart – we have changed greatly. With this heart, you think about the Lord 24x7! And in most intimate ways, like newlyweds think about each other, and just overflow with sweet love. It has been almost a week since saying our vows but love is in the air, it daily showers us with its richness. For the first time ever, we all understood what it means to be a Bride of Christ. He told me “A bride’s heart should always be turned towards her bridegroom!” That night, we sat and celebrated in the presence of the King. He stayed with us the whole time. We danced songs of love. We laughed and cried with the Lord. The day after Rosh Hashanah, His heart was full of joy. We asked Him if we were indeed taking care of His house – The Blazing Holy Fire Church. He shared with us “The physical building in itself is not that fancy but in the spiritual realm, the entire building sparkles.” Revelation 19:7-8.  He continued “In the spiritual realm, the building is still covered with white roses from the wedding”. After expressing His love to us, He commended us for standing and being strong warriors, on our knees truly seeking His face, the Lord shared “There are many angels guarding this house, currently they have to take shifts because the warfare are intense as we powerfully pray.” In the near future, we will share with you our battles with satan namely the famous 13 battles in one night in which God gave us a victory for each battle.

Now that you have met my Jesus – Introduce Him to others!

This we have shared with each one of you because the Lord wants you to know that “He loves you.” Everything that is happening in our church is available for you and can happen anywhere. For many years we diligently prayed and all we got was major warfare and many losses, but the Lord was with us every moment. Beloved Pastors, ministers, brothers and sisters, do not grow weary in your seeking of God. No matter what, do not let go of the string of prayer. Do not give up, keep up hope! Continue to seek God, regardless of how much warfare you will face. Continue to seek His holy face regardless of what surrounds you. Jesus wants you to pray harder – this means to pray with all your heart fully focused on him, fully connected to Him, fully devoted to Him. Do not let your heart, mind, body, or soul wonder away from Him. He keeps reminding us that with the little time we have left, praying hard is a must. He keeps reminding us that He is coming soon and that we must do His work of reaching out to the lost in the name of the Lord. As I close, I invite you to join us. Lead one person each day to the Lord. Talk to the people and tell them about Jesus. "Remember the word that I said to you, 'A slave is not greater than his master.' If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you; if they kept My word, they will keep yours also.” John 15:20

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