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Rosh Hashanah: Intimate Relationship With Jesus

Do you know my Jesus? Do you know the Jesus who is intimate? The Jesus who dances with His bride? Do you know the man who dances with His wife? Do you know the Jesus who marries His bride? Do you know this Jesus?

Here I share with you my wedding vows to Jesus - So that all God's children from all over the world will be stirred up to pursue a deep relationship with Jesus. Not only is Jesus your God, your Creator and Savior but He can be your best friend! A friend that sticks closer than a brother. Besides, Jesus is also a Great Lover, a Bridegroom King who desires to have deep intimacy with His bride.

Not every Christian is a bride, but every Christian has potential to become Jesus Bride. You too can become Jesus bride! Grow in Him! Commune with Him! Learn to love Him. Do not settle for a childish relationship, simple friends relationship but seek to have an intimate relationship with the King. A  deeper relationship where you will be able to share burdens, pains, laughter and love with Him. Do you know what it is to hear God opening His heart telling you what's on His mind? Pursue Him deeply!

Jesus has been visiting our church since summer 2013.Ever Since then, Jesus in our midst every day.  On Rosh Hashana we 2013, we had a wedding ceremonies with Him and as a church, we renewed our vows to Him. Our vows were spoken out loud as we stood as a bride next to Jesus under the chuppah. After we said our vows, Jesus also vowed. As you listen to the vows, please know that Jesus is extending the invitation to you to become His bride. He spoke to me and said "My wedding day does not have to be only on Rosh Hashana. It can be any day. The ones who hear these vows and want that with Me, they can also have a ceremony  and I will meet them. And if they want an interpreter they can have one". Please allow time because there will be many requests coming in. Vows are promise made and they are meant to be kept. They reach the heart. When have you been to a wedding and the vows did not reach your heart?"

Our goal: Lead one person to Jesus per day.

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