Exposing the Spirit of Halloween

Halloween: What is the Obvious?

Dear reader, we invite you to search, investigate and help us find an honest answer! Let us look at Halloween decorations and its theme. Let’s look at the dressing up, the celebration, parties and let’s point out the obvious! A picture is worth a thousand words! The Obvious: skulls, tombs, witchcraft, demons, satan, DEATH, MURDER, mayhem, destruction, fear, terror, evil, darkness, all forms of wickedness put together; in short, hell on earth!

Make no mistake, whatever you summon will come forth. If one calls death, death will come forth. If one chooses for life, life will be given. When people decorate their homes with skulls, death and evil spirits – they are summoning death and demons, and surely they come! Some people, including children, have acquired incurable diseases and accumulated many curses because they invite and welcome evil spirits into their homes. In the Bible, God laments, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6). But people say, ‘who is God that we should listen to Him?’ Well, God is the one who created you. He is your father, who loves you deeply. What kind of father does not have a right to speak to his children? What kind of father does not know what is good for his children? What kind of father does not teach their children in which way they should go?

Endangered Species

Humans were created by God and God alone. There is no one else who can give life. God created us in His own image and He made us special and very smart. Instead of celebrating blindly, shouldn’t we use our brain to search and examine, distinguish good from bad and then choose what is good! Hello there! 3+1=4!

Have you heard of endangered species? Many plants and animals are listed as “endangered species!” Today, God wants you, His creation to be awakened to the reality of what is going on behind the scene! The most endangered species of all is not plants or animals but – Humankind! There is no species on earth today that faces a more significant risk of extinction and annihilation to satan and hell like humans. God wants you to know that the invasive species are satan and his demons! satan and his demons must be stopped from invading the earth. God is calling humanity to rise up as one and stop satan from stealing, killing and destroying humans!

The Reality of Satan

The Bible says, "You shall fear only the LORD your God”, Deuteronomy 6:13. Who is satan that we should fear him; watch and let him destroy humanity? satan is a created fallen being who is the author of all evil and wickedness in the world today. All loss and heartbreaks you have known in this life, satan is the one behind it. satan, the author of death, murder and all misery in your life is working 24/7 to destroy everything that is good and enjoyable in your life! The one behind all sickness, diseases, hurts and family break-ups that you have ever experienced – that’s him! Does earth still have loving people out there who can rise up and stop satan from eliminating, annihilating and extinguishing humanity?

satan’s hatred for humanity is beyond compare. His goal is to take every single person he deceives to hell. satan is crafty at masquerading. When he gives you a viper, he presents it to you like a delicious fish. Satan presents Halloween (i.e. death) to humanity just like a beautiful present inside shiny wrapping paper, but behold, inside it is venomous snake. Have you ever heard of whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean?

satan is a fallen being without power, the only power he has is that which you can give him. He gets power from sin. The more sin committed the more power he has. If one day humanity wakes up and chooses not to sin, satan will be powerless! satan works to spread sin on earth so that he can gain more power, and one way he does that is through Halloween. So Halloween is not a harmless, cute and fun holiday! All Halloween decorations, the dressing up and celebration is all about worshiping satan. The worship gives him more power too. But why would you want to worship satan? Why would you want to worship a fallen being who will end up with those whom he deceives in hell? Why would you want to follow a wicked loser? But satan is devious at twisting things and having people blame God and be angry at Him. But God is love. God is so perfect – He is all for you and not against you. God, who forgives all the wrong and sins you have committed without a second thought – oh, how much He loves you! God loves you so very much and wants to share one life with you in heaven, what can you exchange with that? Is anything worth more than your soul? Jesus said, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26

God’s View on Halloween

Around October 31st 2013 - The Lord Jesus Christ, whom we had encountered face to face beginning the summer of 2013, held many conversations with us on numerous occasions. Jesus shared and revealed many things to us about Halloween. The Lord talked with us in the same way you would talk to a best friend, but only more so – His presence is of another realm – joy, peace and love overflowed as He visited us! When the Lord visits you, heaven comes down with Him. He allowed us to ask questions and converse with Him. He also shared His heart individually. This article is a result of those conversations.

The Lord let us know that all over America and all over the world sin is