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We are a church deeply in love with Jesus. His surpassing blessings in our midst has caused many to visit us from all over the world! Currently we are in a transition before coming to visit please e-mail first!

On 1/14/13
Jesus spoke to me in a thundering voice and said "I am raising up an army and it begins with The Blazing Holy Fire Church! He said "Revival! I will pour out my spirit upon all of you and you will go together and be used in miracles, signs and wonders."

On 8/07/13 Jesus visitations to the church in His manifest presence began. Our lives would never be the same. Jesus said "I opened the gates of heaven to pour myself out onto you. I slammed the gates of hell! The gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL! My power is going to set you on fire, light you ablaze like a dry forest that gets hit with white hot lightening. You will never be the same! But, there is a price to pay. You will suffer greatly in order to serve me; you will be persecuted and badly abused by the people who you reach out to. But it will be worth it! The souls you will save and the experiences that you will have will be so great! They will be more powerful than the days that I walked the earth myself. My second coming will be much greater, much more powerful and even more glorious. That is why it will be so much more intense. Be excited! Come to prayer before me, cry out and give yourselves fully to me. For I am your King, and I am coming."


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