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We are a church deeply in love with Jesus. His surpassing blessings in our midst has caused many to visit from all over the world!

Miracle Service - Sunday @10 am - Come receive from the heart of God!
Thursdays @ 7pm - Men's Prayer & Fellowship
Prayer Schedule: In revival training. Corporate prayer to all only Sat. 6pm & Sun. 10am

On 1/14/13 Jesus spoke to me in a thundering voice and said "I am raising up an army and it begins with The Blazing Holy Fire Church! He said "Revival! I will pour out my spirit upon all of you and you will go together and be used in miracles, signs and wonders."

On 8/07/14 Jesus visitations to the church in His manifest presence began. Our lives would never be the same.
Location: 13101 E Mississippi Avenue, Denver, CO 80012

We would love to have you visit our Blazing Holy Fire family! We are a church with a deep desire to go after God’s own heart – a presence based church, where we individually and corporately encounter God.  We believe in building the body to be that bride Christ died for and is coming for, without spot or blemish (Eph. 5:27).  We are a church that believes in following all of God’s Ten Commandments, including keeping the Sabbath Day holy (Ex. 20:8-11, Ex. 20:15, Is. 58:13-14). We are dedicated to reaching the lost. From pastor to all members of the church, we go in the streets and reach out to at least 500 people per week. We are also dedicated to training, equipping and releasing disciples; and imparting the fire of God.

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Blazing Holy Fire Church .
10940 S Parker Rd. #785 Parker, CO 80134-7440
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We greet you and welcome you in the name of Jesus. What God is doing in our midst is so pure and so holy. So holy that words fail to tell of the mighty deeds of the Lord in the midst of Blazing Holy Fire church.

God Almighty has granted us great power and the greatest revival we could ever thought about asking for! Presently, not by choice, nor by the will of any man, we found ourselves in the midst of a great ministry of spiritual revival and deliverance. This happened, we believe because of His powerful presence and power in our midst as we started seeking the Lord diligently in prayer every day beginning 2009. We meet and pray together every day without skipping a day ever since then. Here are the things worthy mentionning that the Lord is doing in our midst:

Jesus' Visitations: In the summer 2013, the Lord Jesus Christ came down to our little insignifican church and manifested Himself to 12 prayer warriors that met nightly and prayed together in one accord. From the month of August 2013, Jesus came and spoke to us face to face and to this day He comes and does not miss a day. Also Abba Papa - Yahweh, God on the throne has come to visit us numerous times. Abba Papa has told us that He rarely stands from His throne but that our worship, prayer and committment to the Lord has caught His attention. From then on, the Holy Trinity is in our midst. The Lord has given us a clear mission and personally trained us as His army that will soon bring forth a mighty revival. The Lord has shared His heart with us and continually shows Himself to us and shows us great and mighty things. Trips to heaven and hell and into the spiritual realm are frequent. We are forever thankful to the Lord for His great grace in our midst.

- Opening of spiritual sights: As we minister to the people either through deliverance or holy fire impartation, their spiritual sights start opening. People are witnessing the manifest presence of Jesus Christ, sometimes even visits to heaven or hell. Among them children whom the Lord is training as nameless apostles of Jesus Christ and we have some adults whose spiritual sights are open as well. These are all committed prayer warriors, we are together every night praying. 90+% of church members come to prayer every day. The result of our eyes opening is but TRANSFORMED LIVES! As we minister wherever the Lord sends us, people have their spiritual eyes opening where they see Jesus, angels, glory clouds, fire balls and the spiritual realm.

- Holy Dance: worship in spirit and in truth: We are a dancing church. When you come to our church services, men and women alike dance in spirit and in truth. God imparted the holy dance gifts to us using his servants pastor Kim Yong Doo and His church in South Korea. When we holy dance, the heavens are open. This is a very powerful gift, there are times that we have won spiritual battles that could not be won otherwise without this gift. It is a must! When we dance in spirit and in truth, Father in heaven is moved and rejoices, He watches us as we dance and pour out His blessings over us all.

Instant deliverance from demons & afflictions: It started happening that as people would enter through the door of our church, the presence of the Lord was so mighty and strong, to the point where many people started being healed, if oppressed they start manifesting demons which come out in fear and trembling as they enter through the door of our sanctuary without any music or instrument playing; even at times where there was no prayer going on and they are set free - we have had people enter in and start breaking in tears of joy, tears of repentance, receive healing even before we lay hands on them!!!

Laying on of Hands: This is not a revival where people are laying hands on people to each other. No! The command of the Lord to us is "Be very careful, let nothing or nothing corrupt the power I have put in you." Especially one month when He baptized us in Holy Electricity, He would not let us lay hands on people. Most of the time when we lay hands on people we do not touch them. God's power is so strong, without even touching people, they go under the power of God and receive fully from heaven. Laying on hands is very rare, only in cases of sickness and diseases. What God is doing in our midst is soo holy.

Besides, we are having people moving from different states to our church. They would simply share that they could not find any complete deliverance for the demons that were oppressing them and when they sought the Lord, He instructed them to move to our church. A WORD TO PASTORS AND LEADERS OF THE CHURCH: Please when you do deliverance on people, take time to get all the demons out in the name of Jesus. True and complete deliverance does not get done in 1 or 2 hours. There are times we have spent 6 hours in the night setting a person free; we do deliverance until a person is completely free from all demons. It can take from 1 hour to 1 week even to 1 month to completely get a personly who was oppressed totally free.

Counteless Spiritual Gifts: The Lord has given us numerous spiritual gifts including:
Tongues, Tongues Interpretation; Seeing Through; Prophecy; Visions; Dreams; gifts of deliverance and healing and so much more.
Counteless Baptisms of Holy Spirit, Holy Fire, Holy Electricity, Holy Dance


The Blazing Holy Fire Ministries . 13101 E Mississippi Ave . Aurora, CO 80012 | e-mail
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